MIAMI (CBS4) – A Miami-Dade woman said her son’s teacher made a big mistake ridiculing her son, but the district said there was an explanation for what happened to the student at W.J. Bryan Elementary School.

“This is totally wrong. This is inappropriate. This is ethically wrong,” Rose Innocent said about what happened to her second-grade son at school. She claims that his teacher humiliated her son by stapling a disciplinary note to his shirt for talking in class.

“He was upset, he said the kids had been laughing at him,” Innocent said. “He was embarrassed and humiliated.”

“Everyone was starting to laugh at me,” the child said. “That’s when I got the feeling; I was angry and mad.”

Innocent said the teacher’s reasoning for stapling the note was to make sure the parents received the note because the teacher felt the child hadn’t been taking home progress and disciplinary reports requested by his parents.

Innocent said she had been getting those reports. She said she believes the teacher was upset over the child talking and embarrassed him on purpose. The mother also said she never got an apology from the teacher.

“The words that came out of her mouth were, ‘if the shirt is the problem, I will go ahead and replace the shirt for you,’” Innocent said. “I didn’t get, ‘I apologize I shouldn’t have done that.’”

Miami-Dade Schools released a statement saying: To make sure that the note reached home, the teacher fastened the note to the child’s shirt, then placed the child’s sweatshirt over it, so that the note would not cause any undue attention.

Innocent told CBS4’s Gwen Belton that she has taken her child out of that classroom and is contemplating taking the child out of the school completely.

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  1. gary liv says:

    But then again the teacher should just have made a telephone call to the parents of the child which is the proper way to go about things you just dont go around stapling notes on childrens clothes that to me is very unprofessional of a teacher and of course it would make the child create a complex by having all the other children make fun of him i really believe that teacher should render an apology to the parents and the school shold take repremendatory comments to the teacher not just allow something like that to happen

    1. David says:

      totally agree, and this teacher needs to be replaced. Imagine if he/she is willing to allow a small child to be ridiculed by his classmates FOR TALKING, what is she willing to do later? I am the first to stand up for teachers but not this one, there are plenty of good teachers out there looking for work. This boy was 7 yrs old, if this teacher doesn’t know how to motivate kids at this age he/she needs to get another profession.

      1. William Newsreader says:

        David – I dont think “motivation” is the problem here… Guess what? Speaking out of turn is very rude and we SHOULD FEEL EMBARRASED when doing so. Apparently the kid is not used being embarassed for acting like a fool. I’d say it’s time he started learning.

      2. JMH says:

        Preach it!

      3. Sharon says:

        Hey and this is none of my business? Had that been my child? The teacher and the district best give their soul to God cause their butt would be mine. I had a teacher in the 5th grade that grabbed me and threw me up against the desk cause I had gone up there to tell her my homework fell out of my book and I was sorry. She was angry at two other little boys and grabbed me and slung me up against the desk. Resulting in brusiing and embarrassement. There was no excuse for this..Has the teacher thought of a telephone? they were in everyones home by the 50’s. I will not condone this, I will never condone it. I do not care what the school says. They have to back the teachers…My mom never calmed down enough to talk to the teacher that did that to me…
        My daughter’s teachers knew, PUT YOUR HANDS ON MY CHILD and we go outside……NO EXCUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we staple stupid to her? and make her wear it for a month?

      4. Ann Stuetzer says:

        I had notes pinned on me all the time as a young elementary student. This woman needs to GET OVER IT! What an idiot!!

    2. junior says:

      Oh please. This teacher was sending home reports to which the lazy parents did not respond and now you think the teacher should have to take MORE personal time to deal with deadbeat parents. Her kid was a brat, end of story. The mom owes the teacher an apology for not teaching her brat how to act in public.

      1. Peggy says:

        Totally agree. He had been causing her enough grief, and had gotten no help from the parents.

      2. Cathy says:

        I totally agree too. The mother seems to have an attitude problem herself. What is the big to do?

      3. Cathy says:

        Actually, I think Channel 4 should be ashamed for reporting on such a ridiculous story and trying to make a big fuss over nothing. I wonder if this is actually an unbiased report?
        I think there a lot more important things to report on the news than give credit to this pity party.

      4. Brandi Burger says:

        give it a rest people this child is only in second grade hes not a high schooler or a kid in jr high HE IS A CHILD how many adults do u know that are rude i know plenty…….but this child is just that a child………they are going to speak out of turn duhhhh…..its up to the parents and teachers to teach the child its not appropriate… dont do that by stapling a disciplinary note to the shirt….that was ridiculous……….

    3. Barlow says:

      Some parents don’t have phones. Oh and a little humiliation at a young age may be what keeps the kid in line the rest of his schooling. It is called motivation to behave. Mine is to not go to jail. Kids that are never shown consequences will never fear them. Real world. For every action an equal and opposite reaction.

    4. Lady Vols ! says:

      Have you tried to call parents lately? The phones are disconnected or the numbers have been changed or they can’t be reached at normal hours. If you read the article you can see that the teacher put a sweater over the note so no one would see it… The little kid probably pulled the note our to show everyone he knew. IIn my day if a teacher had sent a note home on my clothing my dad would have spanked me and asked what did I do to upset the teacher… In our society the teachers are made to be scapegoats and the poor little kid get’s his feelings hurt for being disrespectful and unruly at school.

      1. Elfinn Magic says:

        The teacher put a SWEATER over the note.

        Then this was NOT about humiliation and that mother should be ashamed of herself.

      2. Jennifer Minahan Pearson says:

        Elfinn Magic — The school district SAYS the teacher put a sweater over it. The child says he had a jacket and was forced to remove it. Without being there yourself, you really can’t know, now can you?

      3. Gio says:

        Totally agree. Sharon has no idea what she is talking about. She was abused in her class and that is not good however this kid was not abused. If he doesnt talk in class then this doesnt happen. Obiously it wasnt the first time since she has sent notes home in the past. This kid deserved it and the mom is stupid for condoning the behavior. This is whats wrong with America, just too soft of a country. Blame everybody or anything but the person responsible.

    5. Barbara says:

      I am so sick of everyone overprotecting kids from “humiliation”. We are creating a bunch of punks. Everyone looking at this story has been embarrassed a time or two and we are all living….it didnt kill us. If the parent had responded in a timely manner to the previous requests for a conference, like a good parent should, then the incident would have never happened. I am a teacher and we dont have time to hunt down unresponsive parents. We have too much work to do. Talking in class may seem minor to you but any minutes dealing with a disruptive child is a minute I cant teach. If you want to be helicopter parents protecting them from whats foes on in the real world eeryday then home school them. We are preparing kids for the real world…and a backbone comes in handy there.

      1. mandi1225 says:

        Amen and amen again. I am a teacher as well and you are soooo RIGHT!

      2. Marquita says:

        Preach it!!!!!!! Tell ’em again!

      3. Shan says:

        Thank you!!!

      4. Lo says:

        I was a kid once and what I wouldn’t give to go back in time and ring my teachers neck for embarrassing me or singling me out for a group issue. You are all power hungry mongers! They are just kids. Everyone notices the nice new teacher who is fun and bubbly then by 2 or 3 years of teaching you can tell the toll it has taken. They become bitter…

      5. Jennifer Minahan Pearson says:

        Barbara – embarrassment and humiliation are two different things, as are either of those happening by accident or on purpose. You’re right, embarrassment doesn’t kill us, but being humiliated (on PURPOSE) by someone whose job it is to foster a positive learning environment for us (i.e. someone who is supposed to CARE for us) is potentially damaging… like having a parent that we don’t feel loves us. You shouldn’t have to hunt down unresponsive parents, but for eight hours a day, YOU are like a parent to those children, and you should know your students (and various teaching/learning strategies) well enough to try something different for the students that the “same old thing” just doesn’t work for. The only way for kids to “build a backbone”, as you said, is for them to feel confident enough in their own decision-making to stand up for themselves and their opinions.
        That being said, maybe you need to attend some workshops on alternative teaching strategies.
        Or, if you’d rather leave the one sheep behind and go on with your 99, so to speak (from a Biblical perspective), then maybe you’d better find a different occupation. Whatever happened to “No Child Left Behind”?

    6. x says:

      I spent 55 minutes last week trying to reach a parent. Parents don’t answer the phone, have their phones disconnected and so forth. The only way to get the parent to answer is to use the child’s cell phone.

    7. jake byas says:

      did you even read the article in which it stated the teacher placed a sweatshirt over the shirt and NOTE to not draw attention to the child?
      and if anyone needs an apology it should be the teacher for having to deal with such an unruly child whose parents will not discipline him.

      “discipline is not the enemy of enthusiasm”

      1. Jennifer Minahan Pearson says:

        If you listened to video, you’d also know that there were conflicting stories regarding the sweater/jacket being over the note, where the school board claimed the teacher put it over it, but the child claimed she made him remove it.
        I think that without being there personally, or without getting the story of the other children, that it’s not possible to know who is telling the truth regarding that, and is therefore best not to take sides on the sweater issue without having complete information.

      2. Ms. Cindy says:

        Maybe classrooms should have cameras in them, so that its nolong a who did or did not comply with the school regulations. If your child is unruly than take the proper steps to improve the situation.

        if you know school policy that states notices like this one are fastened to the child, ( I would question stapling it, saftey pin would be better) then, you either did not read the notices that came with your child or did not respond the fault lies with you. The teacher offering to buy another shirt was strange as well as this article.

    8. buttered toast says:

      If the parents got the previous notes about their child’s bad behavior, they should have responded. The mother of the child says that she received previous notes about her child’s behavior but did nothing. This means that the mother herself bears responsibility for her child’s continued bad behavior. Sadly, you can’t fire irresponsible parents.

      We also don’t know if the teacher did try to call home and got no answer. My guess is that if the teacher got to this level of frustration, she probably had tried several times to call the parents, but never reached them. I know many teachers who call parents of troubled students multiple times, leave messages, and get no response. If the parents don’t respond, there’s not much else a teacher can do. Here again, the onus is on the parents to do the right thing.

      The little boy did not deserve to have a note stapled to his clothing, but his mother certainly did. Perhaps the next time, the teacher can make a home visit and apply a stapler to Mama’s blouse. Maybe this time, that irresponsible parent will get the message.

      1. Jennifer Minahan Pearson says:

        I actually like your comment. But I would like to point out, we don’t know what the child’s previous notes home were for. Some teachers are likely to write notes home for looking at you funny. Not all, but some, for sure. Also, we don’t know what hours the mother works, etc. and truthfully, teachers are trained (or at least early childhood ones are, not sure about elementary ones) to adapt to different learning styles and/or disabilities. I think the biggest problem here is that we, being on the outside, don’t know the whole story or history behind this.

    9. Props to the teacher says:

      children need to learn how to behave at HOME, if they dont, then they become a teachers problem and the teacher has to put up with that crap.. hell no. Props to that teacher.

    10. Natalie says:


      Why do you think the parents have PHONES. They might not be able to afford the cost. On top of that – hello caller ID! If you KNEW your kid was always in trouble after a while parents just stop returning calls because they believe their kid over the adult. Caller ID just means they can avoid the teacher all day long. Plus who is supposed to watch those kids while the teacher is calling 1 parent?! The janitor?

      As for the poor child being embarrassed, this kid is always in class giving issues to the teacher. What about causing the TEACHER embarrassment and heartbreak? Or what about this BRAT taking time and teacher’s interest towards himself and away from the kids that are NOT causing an issue? That kid who will NOT behave in the classroom is taking precious resources for himself and taking it from GOOD kids.

      I believe the teacher should apologize to the parent. i believe MORE though that the PARENT should APOLOGIZE to the TEACHER for having their child disrupting the class. Plus that parent should APOLOGIZE to every parent who has a child in that class!

      1. Jennifer Minahan Pearson says:

        I don’t believe it embarrasses the teacher when a child disrupts class, but I can see where it might break their hearts a little… if they actually care about their students. But my question to you is: how do you know the kid is a brat, and that his issues aren’t the symptoms of a deeper-rooted cause? He could have a learning disability, and maybe his way of not having that noticed is to divert attention from it by misbehaving. Or he could have parents that hardly talk to him (just because she’s mad about this doesn’t mean she usually pays much attention to him). The point is, teachers and parents need to communicate and work together more. The other point is that we don’t know the whole story.

    11. teach123 says:

      As a teacher, I try to make phone calls home for any behavioral issues. However, a VERY common problem is phone numbers being disconnected. I do not think that stapling a note to a child’s shirt is the best choice. But why is it that this is the first time the mother is getting back to the teacher. If she was receiving the discipline notices (plural), then why didn’t she try to work out a plan to help her kid be successful. It sounds to me like the teacher made a mistake, but the mom did as well. Everything could have been avoided if she would have communicated with the teacher.

    12. Lo says:

      Seriously its called parent teacher conference! If you can’t get ahold of the parent via telephone take it to a higher power in the school. IF its that big of an issue!

    13. Suzanne Jackson says:

      From experience if the teacher called she would not have gotten an answer or a return call if she left a message. Sometimes you have to be creative in getting your point across.

  2. tim3500 says:

    Both mother and kid need a whooping…

    1. richcady says:

      Next they will want to sue the teacher, school, & school board for humiliating her 7 year old brat!

      1. SF says:

        They should!!!

      2. Sharon says:

        I was far from a brat. I was caught in the middle. If in fact, keeping in mind my mom worked for southern bell for over 30 years, there was no contact between the teacher or parents, then a meeting was in order. I am sorry but I side with the child. He is not a bad child bad people he is around. No child is bad….It is the other students and parents, not to mention the teachers. They are far from angels. So just because half of you went to the principles office does not mean all of us did. I was never in trouble and that happened to me. doctor documented too. She was older. But an I’m Sorry? is far from enough .. His classes should be changed. I will not side with anyone but the child.

    2. swell says:

      The teacher was out of line. Contact the parent – yes. Damage property – no. Emotionally abuse the kid – no. The teacher had a great many options to choose from in this situation and she chose poorly. She could have held the kid in from recess and worked on “being quiet in class” (the way my teachers 30 years ago did). How hard is it to pick up a phone or write an e-mail. For crying out loud, if she thought the kid wasn’t delivering notes, she could have snail-mailed them! If she thought the mother wasn’t taking the notes seriously or wasn’t receiving them, she should have arranged a conference.

      1. ZZt0p says:

        Emotionally abuse the kid? You AREN’T serious are you!

      2. What? says:

        My teachers 30 years ago would have wolloped him on his behind. Damage property…gimmee a break. Emotionally abuse the kid? I can’t even believe you said that. You know when your child is acting up in school, as did this mother since she requested the notes be sent home. So why in the frog biscuits is she upset b/c she was informed by a note that made it home that he was being a pain? Discipline him @ home so the teacher doesn’t have to. Geesh…that’s the part that isn’t that hard…and parents have a variety of ways to that too…for crying out loud.

      3. Lormula says:

        How exactly does a staple through a shirt constitute property damage? It’s the same puncture a safety pin would make. As to emotional abuse, read the statement from the school: “Miami-Dade Schools released a statement saying: To make sure that the note reached home, the teacher fastened the note to the child’s shirt, then placed the child’s sweatshirt over it, so that the note would not cause any undue attention.” It sounds to me as though the teacher did what she could to ensure the note made it home with the child, and if the sweatshirt covered it, there should have been no problem. If the kid took the sweatshirt off, well . . . he knew the note was under there. I think the mother needs to take a step back and just calm down. There is no wrongdoing here.

      4. Cate says:

        Do we know that the parent has email? Do we know that the parent would pick up the phone when the school called? I often times had to block the phone number of the school so that parents would actually answer their phones. Sad when you have to track the parents down about their joyful little spawn.

      5. Charlie says:

        hahaha, damage property? hahaha, get a life!! Forming a “Support the Teacher” group here! Anyone else want to be an adult and join with me?

      6. Lady Vols1 says:

        R U Serious?!!! How do you know the teacher had not exhaused all the options? Have you tried to call a parent lately? No home phone, only a cell nuimber which is out of minutes or goes right to voice mail. When was the last time you kept a kid out of PE for 3o min. or Recess? You do know teachers have been mandated to make their students get some type of physical activity for 90 minutes per week in K-12 don’t you…. Do not take a child out of recess, ever they will eat you alive when they get back into the classroom from excess energy and highblood sugar from the lunches. Snail mail… Oh yes, let me see… Your son misbehaved in my class again today. Please call me. Three days later the letter arrives and goes on top of all the other letters. 6 months later… Hey Mrs, Doe, I just read this letter from you that said Danny was misbehaving. Why didn’t you send a note home? LOL.. Get Real… You don’t teach do you Swell?

      7. auburn sux says:

        Ever thought the parent might not be reachable by phone? Look, I’m not condoning the action. I spent 12 years in education and dealt with my share of problem students. I would love to hear the teacher and other staff at the school be able to tell what the kid is really like. I would bet my salary that he isn’t the model child. I would also bet the parent has never been reachable until now….until a camera is shoved in her face and she smells lawsuit.

      8. Tempest says:

        Attitudes like yours are why our prisons are so full! Emotional abuse??? Please! Maybe the other parents should sue this woman for allowing her kid to disrupt their kids right to an education without the class being continuously disrupted by this little heathen brat!! This kid needs to be taught to take responsibility for his actions and he’s obviously not being taught much in his home except how to misbehave and blame others!

        If this is what the teacher resorted to then she was obviously at the end of her rope and had tried other means which did NOT work! The parents are obviously lazy and neglectful, and they obviously have not taught this brat how to behave properly in public and probably ignored the teachers previous reports! There were kids like this brat in school with me over 30 years ago and whom went to school with my kids, and parents of kids like this one just don’t give a crap how the kid behaves and are toooo LAZY to teach him to how behave in public! He’s obviously acting out due to having a poor home life, normal kids with loving caring home lives don’t act this way!!!!

      9. SJ says:

        Just out of curiosity, how much free time do you think teachers have? If you work in an office, it’s not at all difficult to pick up the phone to call someone. However, when you are in charge of 30 children, you can’t just wander down to the office every time you need to make a phone call. I would love to be able to call the parents of my students every time there was a problem, but I only get 35 “free” minutes a day, and I’m somehow supposed to get all of my grading and lesson planning done in that time Personal phone calls are just not realistic, and parents who are involved at school understand that.

        In an ideal world the teacher could keep the one disrespectful student in at recess and “work on” their behavior, but it probably is not just one disrespectful student, and at some point the teacher would probably like to eat her lunch or use the bathroom.

        Where is your list of the things that the parent could have done differently? It’s very easy to blame the teachers, but educating children is a two-way street. The responsibility cannot be solely on the teachers.

      10. ireaddaily says:

        swell, obviously you haven’t spent any time in a classroom recently. First of all this is not abuse. Second, if the child was so upset maybe he shouldn’t have been talking in class. Third, the parents hadn’t responded to previous notes sent home. Maybe if they had addressed the problem the note wouldn’t have been sent home this way. The parents had requested progress reports yet didn’t respond to them.

        I’m also wondering why this made national news…… It seems as if someone is looking for a payout for being a lousy parent. I’m tired of teachers being scapegoated when parents aren’t doing their jobs. By the way, when I was in grammar school, eons ago, all of our notes came home pinned to our shirts.

    3. Brian, Detroit, MI says:


  3. Shelly says:

    Really getting tired of these parents and kids that can’t behave. Shape up or ship out. And, as for this mother she can take the kid and leave it will allow the rest of the kids who want to learn a chance to do so. I feel for all the teachers out there and I feel bad that kids now a days have all this BS that interfere with education. Get real!

    1. David says:

      you are either child-less or a teacher who can’t cut it. You are dead wrong, this 7yr old did not deserve this and even the teacher’s excuse points out she had enough with this kid, which is WRONG no matter what. Seriously, if she had a problem communicating with the parents she should have talk to the school admin, they can always get in touch, she could have setup a parent/teacher or a parent/counsellor meeting to resolve issues, instead, she punishes this 7 yr old, this teacher should work at mcdonalds, and I dont mean the drive thru window, maybe a broom job…

    2. Witty Wife says:

      I am a mother of two, and honestly, I have no problem with this. When I was a kid, we loved our teachers, but we were also afraid of them. Not only that, we knew if they called or sent a note home, our parents would immediately take the side of the teacher.

      So, the kid was embarrassed? He SHOULD be embarrassed for misbehaving in class. He SHOULD be humbled. Mom should have responded to the other discipline reports that were sent home. Be a parent. The problem today is that kids aren’t humble at all; they feel entitled. Try hiring a kid out of college for an entry level position; they want the corner office with 5 weeks vacation and an expense account. And it all starts when these kids are young like this. Parents who tell their kids that can have anything or do anything.

      Embarrassing a kid in front of his peers is not abuse. It’s real life. I agree with Miss D. below – if my son came home with a note pinned to him, I’d ask him how many times the teacher had to ask him to behave before she pinned the note to him. And then I’d tell him I’m calling the teacher to give her permission to pin a note to him again if he misbehaves in class.

      Seriously, when did we all start becoming afraid of our children?? I’m not an advocate of ‘children should be seen and not heard’, but my goodness, let’s not forget that we’re parents and teachers and adults, and they are children who need to learn humility, humbleness, respect, and how to behave.

      1. NYC Teach says:

        As a mother, no one can tell you how to raise your child. You are RIGHT that this might be how YOU would treat your child, but each parent is different. We live in a country 300 million people and procedures are in place to ensure that children are disciplined appropriately. If this is the Miami-Dade school district policy and they can defend it in court, that’s fine. But if it’s not, as a professional, it is not worth risking your job by putting your implementing your personal beliefs on how a child should be discipline. Policies and procedures are in place to protect both teacher, and the children/families they serve.

    3. nina says:

      I agree. If parents don’t want their schoolteachers to discipline, they should home school. Oh, they can’t because they have to work ? then they need to let teachers do their jobs and quit whining!

  4. Jason White says:

    the mom should thank this teacher !

  5. Gerald says:

    If the mother was in fact receiving the progress and disciplinary reports and never got in touch with the teacher, the mother should probably apologize to the teacher, not the other way around. If the mother takes the appropriate steps to discipline her child at home, and if disciplinary reports continue to come in, the mother contacts the teacher to talk about it, nothing like this would have been necessary.

    Too many parents fail to take any responsibility for, or play any active role in their child’s development in school. But they are quick to jump on the teacher when the teacher tries to fill that role.

    I am happy to see that the county is standing behind the teacher on this one, at least on the surface.

    1. David says:

      you’re right, when teachers are not smart enough to leave communications issues up the SCHOOL ADMIN they should just resort to humiliation of the student, wow, you are brilliant, and probably have no kids, or teach poorly.

  6. via says:

    The teacher was wrong in stapling a note to the child’s shirt. There is not enough information here to discern whether the parent was irresponsible or not. Stapling the note to a shirt is destructive, inappropriate, and humiliating for the child.

    1. Gerald says:

      Oh no we mustn’t humiliate an unruly and disruptive child. Even if it’s an invented humiliation. (the teacher put his sweatshirt on over it so what was he to be humiliated about? Having a note that nobody could see?)

      Destructive maybe. But the teacher seems quite prepared to pay for the shirt and the parent quite unconcerned about the shirt.

      1. david says:

        this is not about the shirt Gerald, you are somehow overlooking that humiliating a child for any reason is not appropriate by a parent, let alone a teacher. You have no kids, if you do, I pray for them. A disruptive child needs to be sent to the office, thats it, that is where the teachers responsibilities end, humiliation is not acceptable, this boy is 7yrs old…if you don’t see the problem with what the teacher did you shouldn’t teach or be a parent. and we hit in the 80s yesterday, you want your kid wearing a SWEATER in that???

      2. LeslieK says:

        I agree with Gerald. @ David–obviously you don’t know much about teaching. When there are 30 kids in a class, and there are repetitive issues & the parent hasn’t responded–just “send the kid to the office” doesn’t always work. First of all, there’s not enough room in the office for all of those kids! Second of all, how do you know where this teacher’s responsibility ends? Teachers are responsible for the behavior in their classroom, and if this child is unruly, it affects ALL of the students in the classroom, and can prevent them from learning…so we’re supposed to save the “fragile ego” of the unruly child so that the others will suffer? Do you have kids? I pray for them. Many children today do not know what the word “fair” means, and exaggerate discipline into something far worse than it is; a lesson learned.

    2. Connie Salomone says:

      I agree , I am a mother of 4 and grandmother of 6 . tis is getting out of control in classrooms everywhere..these things are done to the child by the ‘person in control’ so kids in class get this lesson .. and we wonder why our children are bullied..

    3. ladyvols1 says:

      It didn’t destroy anything, it might have pushed the envelope as to how appropriate it was. The teacher was probably on her last leg in trying to get hold of this parent and if anyone saw the note the child showed them the note because the teacher placed a sweater over the note so no one would see it but the mother when she took off the child’s sweater. Via, been in a classroom lately?

  7. Pati says:

    Parents do not get involved in their childen education. Always trying to blame someone else. Teachers are there to educate and parents should support teachers. Why didn’t she respond to the progress reports. MOM, take some responsability

    1. david says:

      ok pati, when your kids teacher beats your kid, I hope you feel the same way? the issue with that boys parent not communicating is crap, and an excuse for bad behavior by the teacher, miami school board sucks, they are not good, and rank crap, why? because they put up with teachers like that.

  8. omgjsc says:

    Parent should have contacted the teacher either by e-mail or phone upon receiving ANY disciplinary note. If this was being done, the teacher would not have had to resort to this method. It says that the parents had requested notes to be sent home….why not respond to the teacher when one was received?
    WHY is this even news?!!!

    1. david says:

      it is news because regardless of why the teacher couldnt communicate with the parents, child humilitation is abuse and if the teacher didnt see that then she shouldnt be around kids. its not about parent-teacher communication, this is a diversion, under no circumstance is a teacher allowed to humiliate a child, NONE, NOT ONE, NONE.

  9. Robert Squire says:

    In ten years or so lets see the kid humiliate his mother, then lets see her responce. If not now then when do we teach our kid to behave?

  10. david says:

    no matter the excuse, a teacher NEVER has the right to humiliate a child and if this teacher didn’t see how this was humiliation then she is in the wrong line of work. This boy is 7 yrs old. The ends do not justify the means. This boy will probably never live this down and if you think he had problems before, wait until later, now that he can’t feel like school is a safe place to go. This child needs counseling that miami dade should pay for since they are responsible for hiring this bad teacher. If this was my kid, the school board would be in court, and nothing short of this teacher being fired would be acceptable.

    If parent communication is a problem, you let the school administration deal with it, that is THEIR JOB.

    If the child is disruptive, you send the kid to the principles office, that is THEIR JOB.

    If a child needs a safe place to be instructed, where they are protected equally among the classmates, then that is the TEACHERS JOB.

    This child was singled out, humiliated and abused by this teacher because this teacher doesn’t have the skills needed to teach children, kids that are 6 or 7 yrs old, maybe she should try another line of work if a child talking sets her on tilt.

    The worst part, and the best part about this article is that it demonstrates who bad the miami school board is, they are actually defending this teachers ABUSE of a 7yr old. It’s time for change, and with less and less education funding, we need to weed out these bad apples, they are simply not worth keeping around, even for aftercare babysitting.

    1. Jamie says:

      As a teacher, I understand the need to rely on administration. However, when we are constantly required to handle it ourselves, what other means are left to us? Perhaps this was the only way to get the attention of the child and the parent. How many times did the teacher try something else before resorting to this? Not everything is the teacher’s fault! We have to put up with 25 different personalities all day long AND teach the material. The parents should be embarrassed, not the child, that they cannot teach their child how to behave. This is not even the responsibility of the teacher, but it has become that way because the parents do not do it. You try coming into the classroom with all of the excuses that come with the parents, the school board, etc., and we will see how you do then.

      1. MarkinFLA says:

        Many school administrations will not get involved with anything less than a knife fight. The teachers are left on their own while not being allowed to do anything to discipline a child. The parents do not teach their child and then yell at the teacher for not doing their jobs when their kid gets in trouble. I am not a teacher, just a parent of two that has seen this happen time and again in my kids schools. The schools hands are mostly tied when it comes to disruptive kids.

      2. ZZt0p says:


    2. MarkinFLA says:

      Besides overstating the level of embarrassment caused by a note being attached to his shirt. (Counseling? Please)
      You should learn a little about modern schools. Many offices/administrations will do nothing if the offense is anything short of a knife fight. Teachers are left on their own to discipline and contact parents. Of course there is not anything they can actually do about a disruptive kid. With parents never setting any boundaries the kids behave however they feel like it at school and no amount of discipline within the range a teacher is allowed will change the kid’s behavior.

      This is hardly abuse. Perhaps not the best way to handle it sure. A little embarrassing, yes. Traumatic? No.

    3. 4SILVAS says:

      David Thank you for your wise words; a child should NEVER BE HUMILIATED!!! The Teacher is setting an example that it is okay to humiliate and treat people badly and the whole class laughing at him and nothing gets done; AND WE WONDER WHY BULLYING IS OUT OF CONTROL AND PRECIOUS CHILDREN LIVES ARE BEING TAKEN BY SUICIDE!!!!!!






      1. Zumaque 1 says:

        4silvas you have never done anything with more than 4 children at a time. You have not suffered the indignities of watching despoiling by helicopter parents. If that kid commits suicide it is because he was convinced that he was humiliated after endless instruction by the parent as to why the teacher was wrong and he was just being who he was. If he was properly embarrassed he would have left the sweatshirt on, he chose to display his badge of honor to get attention from his classmates and loyalty from his MOM.

        Been there, done that, Kudo’s teach, you are paid to teach not social services for an uneducated feel-good mom.


      2. Barlow says:

        So what about those parents that do not work and do not have phones. Yes they exist. Believe me. In three years of teaching I have ran into five of them already. Yea. It is so easy to get a hold of these people. Oh wait. They don’t care what their kid is doing in school. They gave up on disciplining the kid by the age of three. Those kids are out there. It is the new age of parenting. Have them and let them loose and how dare you discipline that kid

      3. Lady Vols 1 says:

        Haaaaa,Haaaa,Haaaa. I live in an area where the majority of people do not have e-mail and many do not have phones. 4 you are making a boatload of assumptions and believe me the only one who is getting what they want out of this is the parent…. her 15 min of fame. The kid is ballsy enough to disrespect and disobey, but he is traumatized for life because a teacher stuck a note to his shirt… UNDER his sweater… Give me a break!!!

    4. Eribev says:

      David, what are the parent responsibilities? I appreciate your passion but your statements are based on living in a utopian society and maybe based on middle/upper class norms. It’s normal for parents who are middle/upper class to have working phone numbers, email addresses, attend conferences, send back notes, and maintain a relationship with your child’s teacher. However, in some schools because of the socioeconomic status there are rarely any working numbers, no computers are even in the home, and parents never attend one meeting. As far as administration, they keep a file at my school of the number of write ups a teacher sends and after a certain number the teacher is referred to a classroom management class. I sent a write up the other day when a student threatened to murder another student, do you think the student was ever called to the office, suspended, parent contacted? No! So, what do you tell the teacher who has tried everything? Your views are appreciated but unrealistic.

  11. dbart91 says:

    I’ve taught for 14 years, and what I know about situations like this is that if you’re the teacher and you’re not sure that the reports are getting home, you CALL the parent. I can empathize with the obvious frustration this teacher is feeling, but I would NEVER have stapled the note to a child’s shirt. As silly as it may seem, did you know the act can be considered legally as the destruction of the child’s property? Beyond that, it is just plain humiliating to the child and unprofessional. There were many other appropriate ways to handle this. It’s not enough of a violation to warrant the teacher’s firing, so I don’t support that idea. But I do think some measure of corrective action should be taken-perhaps this teacher should be made to attend classes or workshops on effective behavior management, which could help her.
    As for the teacher’s side, it is getting harder and harder to maintain a calm, focused learning environment for our students, because certain parents refuse to get involved when it comes to their children needing discipline. They don’t get involved at all, until they feel the need to complain about the way their child’s behavior is being dealt with by the teacher. Then you hear from them.
    With collective bargaining going down the drain, and no pay raises for years now, I fail to see why anyone would want to enter this profession anymore. The pay is low, the benefits are getting more limited and costing more out-of-pocket, there’s no funding for supplies, so you have to spend your own money to make sure you have what you need for the kids (imagine people in the private sector having to put up with that!) You get very little respect and very little cooperation from many parents (not all-some are absolutely WONDERFUL), and most times the county doesn’t have your back.
    Listen up, Florida: if changes don’t come around soon, we’re going to lose many great teachers, and we’ll slide even further down into the education gap.

  12. Miss D says:

    Now his little behind will know when he enters the classroom not to talk or he gets another note pin on his shirt for misbehaving. And what the mom should have done was asked her son how many times did the teacher say “stop talking” before pinning the note on his shirt. And if the response was more than once, the mom should have spanked his behind.

    1. Witty Wife says:


      I have kids, and if my son came home with a note pinned to him, I’d call the teacher and tell her to do it again if he misbehaves again.

      1. Barlow says:

        Like. There is the answer my mom would have given. To her a phone call home was emberrassing to her. And I’d hear about. I didn’t fear my teachers I feared my parents and that is missing in today’s society.

  13. Witty Wife says:


    I have two kids.

    I’d side with the teacher and tell my son not to misbehave again. Then I’d give the teacher permission to staple a note to him again.

    1. "old" mom says:

      I completely agree. And I realize that corporal punishment is frowned on these days, but if MY kids had ever done something to deserve getting a note stapled to their shirt, they wouldn’t have had me blaming the school, and WOULD have had a slap across the rear end! There is a BIG difference between discipline and abuse; I DO NOT advocate abuse, but a smack on the rear is an attention getter. BTW my kids are adults now, and can’t believe how badly some of today’s kids behave, mainly because their parents defend them on stupid issues such as this, and do not enforce any discipline.

  14. Michelle Robbins says:

    No, David, it is people like you who allow this children to consistently misbehave and disrupt others. Take the kid out of the class and school, it’s better for everyone else in the long run. The teacher was in the right.

    1. Shan says:

      I sooooo agree with you!!

  15. WakeUpPeople says:

    You have never been a teacher, it is obvious!!!! Don’t say anything if you do not know the WHOLE story. Children do not always tell the whole story or the truth!!

    1. 4silvas says:

      they might not rember exactly what you said or did but THEY WILL REMEMBER HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL — WakeUPPeople you need to wake up and stop teaching if you do not know how to INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE becuase we do not need more people acting just like you through your teachings so do us a favor and go read a huge book on how to teach virtues

      1. Jess says:

        Not that I’m trying to bring religion into this, but one of the biggest books on virtue you can read is called the Bible. And it says that disciplining a child will cure their foolish acting. As the mother of 4 boys, 3 of them in elementary school, I inspire and motivate my children every single day to succeed. They are honor roll students. They also know how to sit down and be quiet in class because I have done MY job as a parent and they know that there are consequences for every action. This teacher was most likely at her wits end with a parent who hadn’t done her job and a student who thinks it’s funny to be bad in class.

  16. William Newsreader says:

    Your crazy. I have three kids and a little bit of embarassment can go long way to teach a kid a lesson in life. I never hit my kids but instead do my best to let them know in other ways. Forcing them to be embarrassed about behaing poorly is very constructive. How would the mother recommend they teach her kid to not speak out of turn? Mom?

    We dont speak out of turn becuase it is rude. This child’s reaction was anger… Apparently he is not learning the lessons he needs from home, so the teacher creativley got the message across.

    1. Roger says:

      I had a teacher in the eighth grade, Mrs. Van Sanders who caught me shooting a spitball and embarrassed me so well, I never did anything like that again!!!!!!!

      This woman and probably her kid need a good tanning!!!

  17. "B" says:

    This is not about humiliation, but about consequences of one’s actions. If he doesn’t learn it at 7 years old, he’ll learn it down the road from his peer group. I was singled out by my teacher for talking in class, and when my mother found out, I was punished at home. I quit talking in class. I graduated with a straight “A” average, went to college by working my way through because my folks didn’t have the money to send me, and made something of myself. I learned quickly to respect the rights of others, and that the world didn’t revolve around me. It was a lesson all kids need to learn. This was not humiliation. How are kids ever going to grow up and learn to deal with the real world if they aren’t made to face minor things like this? I wore glasses in school and the other kids made fun of me. I didn’t like it, but I learned how to deal with difficult people, and I sure didn’t end up with a complex and needing counseling. Quit making kids into wimps!

  18. "B" says:

    This was in no way abuse. It was discipline. So he was embarrassed? Not by his behavior, obviously! Seven years old or not, this was not an incident that is going to cause lifelong trauma or need psychological counseling. Grow up!

    If everyone continues to let their kids get by with anything, and never learn to deal with conflict, how do you expect them to function in the real world? I was made fun of in school, and I didn’t like it, but I learned to deal with difficult people, which was a valuable lesson for my adulthood.

    I got in trouble with my teacher for talking. She called me down in front of the class, and I was made to stand in the corner. My Mom disciplined me for it when I got home. I learned to not talk in class and disturb other students, and the teacher was creative enough to see that I was bored (didn’t have any gifted programs then), so she let me help out the librarian. I loved it. I also got an unlimited library pass, when the rule generally was that you could only check out two books per week. The teachers all tried to help, but they didn’t give me license to go around disturbing everyone else, and they should not have.

    My mother didn’t expect the teachers to raise me — she set the standards and expected me to follow them. I learned to do that. Some of the lessons were painful and involved a switch to my behind. I matured from it, didn’t have any major trauma, went on to college and paid for it myself, and made something of my life. That’s because the household didn’t revolve around me. It shouldn’t.

    The mother should have followed up on the teacher’s reports, and she should hold her child to the standard of behaving in class, respecting other children, and respecting the teacher. If she allows him to get by with anything he wants to do, just because his feelings were hurt, she’ll live to bitterly regret it.

  19. Neil Weekly says:

    My point of view, I have no problem with the teacher stapling the note to the child’s shirt. When I grew up this was common practice by the teachers in elementary school. I know the child states that he was embarrassed and humiliated, especially when the other children laughed at him.

    1. Whether it is being sent to the corner, being put in the chair next to the teachers desk, or having a note stapled to you, in most cases children feel embarrased and humiliated and some kids will laugh at them.

    2. I have children of my own who have come home with notes disciplinary stapled to them in the past and they to have told me the exact same thing the first time it happened that the mother’s child told her. My reply to them was “It’s called punishment, nobody said it was going to be sunshine and daisies. If you didn’t like the way it made you feel then don’t do it again and you will have learned your lesson. Now go start your homework dinner will be ready in a half an hour.”

    1. frances says:

      I wish I’d had your children in class when I taught school. Thanks for being a great parent!

  20. April says:

    I has nothing to do with “someone else to blame”. I would be upset if my child came home with a note stapled on their shirt. First, I would handle the matter at hand of his acting up.I have two boys in school and never once have they come home with a note stapled to their shirt. If their teacher needs to reach me she sends a note home in their binder and incase that gets lost she also emails me. I mean how hard is that? It is not acceptable, there are other ways of reaching a parent. What happened to the telephone, or a letter, oh, wait….now we even have email. I mean really…..stapled to this child’s shirt. My children are not perfect and when they act up there is NO ONE to blame but them. Even at 6 and 8 they understand and know they are responsible for their own actions and for every action there will be a consquece. But at the same time the teacher needs to act her age. I am not saying she is a bad teacher and needs to stay at home but some people don’t see things the way she does and when dealing with the public you need to think first, then act. I am very involved with my children’s lives, at home and at school. And the school has other ways to reach a parent. If the child constantly acted up and she felt the notes were not be delivered then she should have tried to schedule a confrence or spoken to the principal or even a conselor.

    1. MarkinFLA says:

      I agree with you 90%, but it does seem as if the parent pretty much ignored the notes since the teacher had not heard anything from the parents yet the mom claims to have been getting the notes. Potential damage to the shirt is one thing. But it sounds like she tried to address the embarrassment issue but the kid still showed his note. Probably thought it was funny but when mom was mad went along with the “upset” angle.

    2. ZZtop says:

      Give me a break. Now I know why the youth of this country are doomed.

    3. DocLowery says:

      I agree with you. I don’t care how unruly the child was by law you are not suppose to touch a child for any reason.

      That broad has issues and shouldn’t be in a classroom. Something worse is going to happen. What if in her haste to staple a not to this second grader, she stapled him. Then all you so call parents wouldn’t be so eager to accept this. When I was in school, teachers could paddle you in your hand but those aren’t the laws anymore. We live in a world where adults have so many freaking issues that most of them should not be exposed to children.

      1. Stephen K. says:

        Stapled him? That’s just too ridiculous; obviously you’re just looking for a “problem.”

        The kid NEEDS to be paddled.

        Not touched for any reason? What if you find a big kid thoroughly pummeling a much smaller one? You let him injure the smaller one–because you mustn’t touch him?

    4. SallyG says:

      People like YOU and your above cohort are the reason the schools are the way they are. These brats are running rampant…even sat in on a classroom and saw what really goes on? You might be surprised. The days are coming when public schooling will no longer be possible because of poorly behaved and undiciplined kids.

    5. Too Bad says:

      You are the kind of parent that has children that respect authority. This woman is not that kind of parent. She makes excuses for her children and allows them to think that it is ok to question authority. You are an adult, this poor woman needs help.
      Don’t put yourself on the same level or try to judge the situation the way YOU would handle it. You obvioulsy arent mentally the same as this mom in the story. It tells you that she did not respond to previous notes that she admits that she recieved.

      The teacher was put in a place were she had to do something unorthodoxed to get this parents attention….guess it worked. Too bad her child will now be confused about whether or not he must obey his teachers from now on. He’ll grow up and be arrested numerous times most likely – at the very least. Shame…

    6. Stephen K says:

      Not everybody has email, and maybe the ones who do don’t always give it to their kids’ teachers. And what about the ones who never answer the phones, and never return messages?

  21. Mrs. Brightside says:

    So sending a student to the principal’s office is not singling a student out? Even if it wasn’t singling a student out now that they are in the principal’s office they are missing the lesson and then we have a real disservice. The teacher dealt the issue accordingly. If humiliation from peers was not her intent; having a note on your shirt, even if no one can see it, is an embarrassing feeling which is what non spanking children need. Seeing what happens to a student who misbehaves is pure motivation for other students to behave. Fear and respect go hand in hand at this age without a fear of consequence respect does not exist.

    Parents, when a teacher notifies you that your child is misbehaving address your child. That is the purpose of the notification. Take the responsibility to inform the student and teacher what appropriate consequences will commence if the misbehavior continues. With this the teacher only has to say “would you like me to call your mother” and if your child respects you as much as you think they do; they will straighten up.

    Teachers and parents are supposed to be a team just like mother and father. Too many students have been able to vilify teachers because parents don’t take the time to understand that the teacher really does have your child’s best interest at heart. Instead parents tell teachers they should be fired and never allowed to teach again for making a student wait their turn to speak.
    It takes a village to raise a child.

  22. C. Lindorfer says:

    As a parent of 6, I have gotten notes home stapled , safety pined, and taped to the back of my child. It’s a great way to insure mom and dad see it! Personally I think this parents problem with it is that she could not turn a blind eye to her sons behavior by simply saying I didn’t see the note. The fact that the child was embarrassed by the note, and not his actions that resulted in the note, tells me this child is very accustomed to no repercussions for his actions. Perhaps it’s time for mom to take note and help her son adjust to what is expected from him in the classroom. She need to start by realizing that changing classrooms or schools teaches her son that if you don’t like something, just don’t do it. He is going to have a lot of fun as an adult when it is time to work.

    1. Gena Sissy Garner Crawford says:

      I agree wholeheartedly! You said it better than I could.

  23. john rob says:

    There is nothing wrong with the teacher, if a teacher has gone to the extreme of stapling a note to the kids shirt, then that teacher has probably tried to send home a hundred notes and has gotten no reply from the deadbeat parents, who dont take a care for the kids or what they do at school.
    School is a babysitting service for these people whose brats get away with murder in school. Doesnt matter if the kid is 4 or 19, if the parents do nothing until it reaches a stapled letter, then both the kid and parents deserve what they get.
    And you bleeding heart nitwits who think that teachers have any control over what goes on in class nowadays, spend a day or two in a public school or two near you…your eyes will be open to no discipline, kids who dont want to be there but have to be, no children left behind my butt, and to parents who let their kids run free both in school and out of school.
    David, a teachers job is to teach, not be a circus ringleader…kids go to school, sit absorb, spit out what is taught by way of a test, and then socialize between class and before and after school.
    Nowadays, its cell phones every 5 minutes in the bathrooms, talk back to teachers, non-stop horseplay, laziness unlike anything seen..and the 50 or 60% of the good kids have to suffer thru the jackass because of parents above and a school system that cannot do anything to discipline these kids in the day and age of non-stop litigation.

  24. mmm says:

    It is interesting that the mother said that child was embarrassed and humiliated, but the child stated that he was angry and mad.

  25. Harvie says:

    When I was a kid the punishment often was standing at the blackboard with a tiny circle drown on it and you were required to keep your nose in the circle for a few minutes…unless the teacher forgot and you could end up with your nose in the circle for 30 minutes. Usually a kid never had to do that more than once. Also teachers were allowed to paddle unruly kids. There was no need for police officers in schools because the teachers could enforce the rules. Taking prayer out of schools was not the problem. Taking paddling and common sense out of schools is the problem. Kids get embarrassed about all kinds of things and being made an example of in front of the class is one of them. But the method usually works. If my kid had come home from school with a note attached to her shirt I would have read the note and if it was a behavioral problem I would have punished the kid and thanked the teacher for letting me know.

    1. jaxxy21 says:

      my schooling was the same,,you respected and feared the teacher. both my girls were raised to have the utmost respect for teachers yet they rarely got it back.

  26. Gena Sissy Garner Crawford says:

    This mother needs someone to staple an instruction manual on how to raise children, directly to her forehead. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY people!! We got notes pinned to our clothes all the time when we were kids. I am pretty sure it never hurt anyone. The kid is embarrassed?? Boohoo. He shouldn’t have acted out in class. This mom and her kid both need a paddling.

  27. Matt says:

    You would think that as an educated teacher she would have had the intellect to think of other options to ensure the parents received the report. The teacher could have picked up the phone and called the parents, logged onto e-mail and sent a message that way, etc. Clearly the teacher was looking to humiliate the student and make an example out of him. The school should make sure the teacher receives additional training on how to handle different situations that may arise in the classroom. She should also apologize to the parents. I am sure if the tables were turned the teacher would be asking for an apology.

  28. BobJones says:

    Worthless excuse for a mother. Typical inner-city single parent probably living on welfare blaming society for everything. Bad parents out number good ones by easily 10:1.

  29. Mom of 5 says:

    Good grief! This is yet another example of an idiotic teacher. I can’t understand why the U.S. values education so little that we continue to entrust the dumbest of dummies to teach our children. By all means, the child should not be talking in class. However, if the teacher cannot handle the responsibility of dealing with the issue in a professional, respectful manner, she should not be teaching. BTW, I am a very strict mother of five. I expect and require my children to behave and act respectfully. From my 20 years of experience, this can be achieved without treating them like garbage. If the teacher could not find a better method of handling the situation, she should not be teaching. She is a terrible role model.

    1. jaxxy21 says:

      i totally agree with you,,,, respect is learned in the home,,, i guess the teacher never had a parent like you to guide her. My kids have had some of the best and some of the worst teachers on the planet.

  30. bootbead says:

    My son had ADHD and could never remember to give the teacher notes or permission slips in elementary school, so I often pinned them to the back of his shirt with a safety pin. There are worse things both of my kids suffered through on the bus and at school than having a note pinned to his shirt.

  31. Garth says:

    Maybe she should have stapled to his forehead. Just saying…

  32. Denman says:

    The teacher should have stapled it to the little punk’s head.

  33. get over it says:

    I am not that old (under 40), and I can clearly remember that in my school up through the 3rd grade it was common practice for the lunch lady to hand out notices for the kids whose lunch money ticket had run out, and our teachers would safety pin them to the middle of your back when class was released, so that you didn’t lose it on the way home. Last minute permission slips also came home that way. I would bet disciplinary notices did too, but 20 years ago, I would have been horrified at the idea of brining home ONE disciplinary note, much less multiple ones!!! And my mom definitely would have let the teacher know she got them!! I see nothing at all wrong with the actions of this teacher.

  34. jaxxy21 says:

    My daughter’s 1st grade teacher used to send papers home with red marker circling ALL the things my young girl had answered wrong. Usually the papers were covered in red. It made my daughter feel stupid and she ended up hating school. In grade one. This was a quiet, stressed-out bullied child. I had a nice quiet “talk” with the teacher in the parking lot and she never did it again. Sometimes You have to take matters into your own hands with these bully teachers. My daughter was diagnosed the following school year with serious learning disabilities,,,that teacher went to the trouble to find out the cause of my girl’s inability to grasp certain things. That teacher was a blessing.

    1. What? says:

      I wish you would have had a quiet “talk” with me in some parking lot b/c your child wasn’t able to grasp school and hated it. You would have never talked to another teacher again. Are you serious. The teacher was bringing certain problems to your door as a parent. If she was answering all of the questions wrong it is up to you as the parent to make sure something was done differently also. That’s crazy. You wait til the following year to find out about learning problems b/c you waited for a different teacher to figure it out. Seems to me that you should have taken the matter into YOUR hands since she is YOUR daughter.

      1. jaxxy21 says:

        Please read my comment again. I did take the matter into my hands. No where in any teacher’s handbook or during their own studies does it say to teach a child they are stupid or to make a child so dejected they end up hating the very part of life they should love. This teacher was notorious for heavy handling of children. This was the grade where they learn to read, to enjoy learning etc,,,certainly not to cry and beg not to have to attend. My daughter was bullied because this “teacher” centered her out for her inability to grasyp things as quickly as the other kids and the kids quickly learned it was acceptable to bully. How could they not learn that when the teacher did it every day?

        The teacher did not bring certain problems to my door…she embarrased my child and sent HER home to do the teacher’s bidding. No phone calls, no teacher’s meetings,,,just lovely circled in red sheets. Is that how you teachers are taught to bring “certain problems” to the parent?? If so you all should find other professions. Children should be encourages not left dejected. I as a parent did do more than you would expect (besides my nice quiet talk in the parking lot) ,,,I pulled her from that class and had her placed in another where she learned that some teachers care and spend time to ensure not one child is left behind or made to feel stupid in front of their fears. That was not doen lightly or without an enormous fight. But then children are worth fighting for arent they?

        Trust me, no threat to have me “never talk to another teacher” again would have fallen on deaf ears. I dont let anyone bully my daughter ..not even some entitled teacher who forgot why they got into TEACHING in the first place.

        ps,,thanks for the debate,,i think we should all have a say in educational matters.

  35. 4silvas says:

    However we treat the child, the child will treat the world.

    I pray that we make the right decision ❤ ❤ ❤

  36. 4silvas says:

    However we treat the child, the child will treat the world.

    I pray that we make the right decisions…

  37. T Garcia says:

    I don’t have a problem with the teacher stapling the note to the child’s shirt. If the teacher had made several attempts in reaching out to the parent by sending disciplinary reports home & the parent ignored the report, who’s to say the teacher didn’t try to call the parent as well but still received no response. As far as emailing the parent, believe it or not, there are still people in this world who do not have constant access to the internet, let alone email. Snail mail is a definite option but the quickest way to get the parents attention would be to send the note home with the child..and stapled to the shirt, if necessary. As far as “humiliating” the child by stapling the note to his shirt like that (and covering it with his sweater) one could also say by calling the child out in front of the class for excessive talking could also be considered humiliation. Or they could even go as far as calling on a student to answer a question in front of the class when the child doesn’t know answer is as “humiliating”. At some point in time children will be humiliated while at school whether it’s on purpose or not. It’s also the parents responsibility to reach out to the teacher if the child is having problems maintaining control in the classroom and dealing with the child at home whether it’s for disciplinary actions or comfort to a child who is humiliated (on purpose/accidentally).

  38. JMH says:

    Totally Agree. This woman needs a perspective check.

  39. Robert Mahaffey says:

    Try standing in front of the class room in a private school and getting paddled for talking, or drawing a circle on the wall and sticking your nose in it for 15 minutes. Yeah, we got laughed at, but when it was all over, we sat back down and didn’t boo hoo about it. AND WHEN WE GOT HOME OUR PARENTS SPANKED OUR BUTTS FOR GETTING IN TROUBLE AT SCHOOL!!! These tree hugging, tofu farting pansy parents these days need to wake the heck up and realize that when you side with your children for acting out, they will grow up thinking that Mommy and Daddy will always bail them out. Only problem there is that it’s kinda hard to do that when it’s too late and they are spending the rest of their lives behind prison bars on MY TAX DOLLARS for killing someone because they wanted what their victim had, or raping a woman because she embarrased them when she said NO! GET A CLUE AMERICA!!! It’s stories like this that make it evident as to why the rest of the world is laughing at us and hates us!

    1. Sharon says:

      Let me tell you something. MY DAUGHTER HAS A LEARNING DISABLITY, YET BECAUSE OF ME PUSHING, SHE DID TAXES. So before you go pointing fingers and the parents? Try looking at your hand and see that four more are pointing back…..YOU ARE USING MY TAX DOLLARS BREATHING.

  40. JMH says:

    Thankfully the dim-witted defensive self-entitled mother is yanking her brat out of that class room. That teacher doesn’t deserve to go through that again with this kid.

  41. Robert Mahaffey says:

    Proverbs 22:15 Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction will drive it far from them.

  42. KSpokane says:

    This teacher made poor judgment, plain and simple, and should be reprimanded if not terminated. I am quite shocked with the school district’s canned response to this incident. I agree that teachers probably do have it rough and have to deal with parenting bratty and obnoxious kids whose parents are obviously too lazy to deal with them. However, teachers learn during their undergraduate college years as Education Majors, that there are moral and professional boundaries to adhere to in the classroom. People, kids are cruel and relentless to each other – we all know this. This poor boy, who may or may not have been a brat, was probably unnecessarily teased all day as a result of having a note stapled (*stapled?* really??) to his clothing.
    Yes, teachers are underpaid, and work at home grading papers, blah, blah, etc. My underlying questions, to all teachers, are as follows: Why did you choose to become a teacher, when you were fully aware of the salary (and max salary) and aware of all of these other factors as a freshman in college? It is just because you have “summers off”? Why do you go on strike when you *knew* what your pay would be as a freshman in college? Are you *so* annoyed that the 8 year old was talking in class that you had to go and staple a note to his shirt? Really? Because there are a ton of people right now, employed and unemployed, with undergraduate degrees, who would absolutely love the chance to work only 70 PERCENT OF THE CALENDAR YEAR at a state job with plush benefits and more job security than many jobs for $30K a year. Seriously.
    I would be absolutely furious if I were this child’s mother. Educators need to do their job correctly and professionally and with respect for the students, and their parents… Or, be terminated. Plain and simple, end of story.

  43. Jay says:

    I went to a public elementary school which had an art teacher who was permitted by the school to abuse students, and the school never did a thing about it until they were slapped with a lawsuit. Being an art teacher meant that she taught art class every year, so it wasn’t like after you pass that grade you don’t have to see her again.

    I can safely say that my parents should have listened, along with a lot of other children’s parents. Anyone who things this should be tolerated out of teachers hasn’t been there. I completely understand that there are a ton of parents who need to teach their kids how to stay in line; but emotional abuse at school won’t help. It didn’t help me.

    I was physically assaulted; not beat up, but a grown woman pulling a childs hair is still assault. I witnessed many other kids getting assaulted. In addition, kids were singled out and embarrassed, and yes, she threatened to kill students. Seriously. This had an affect on my perception of school in general. Anyone who thinks it’s alright for a teacher to humiliate their students has no idea what it is like.

    I know we’ve all seen little kids that have parents who could pay a lot more attention to raising them right. Take it up directly with the parents, not some 6 year old kid who only knows what their told.

  44. SQ says:

    I am only 40 and I remember getting notes pinned to my shirt when I was in lower elementary school. I actually haven’t thought about it until this article so I am pretty sure it was not emotional abuse.

  45. Marjorie Rader-Vanderpool says:

    And we think teachers have it easy. Its the parents that are the problem not the kids. Parents like this raise kids who are never to blame for anything. Spank him.

  46. high school teacher says:

    Wow…when I was a little kid that age, we ALL went home with notes pinned to our shirts. It was the standard mode of communication between parents and teachers because kids that age aren’t mature enough to be trusted with getting important papers from here to there unless they’re attached to his/her person.

    1. kck says:

      which would be ok if the other kids in her class had the same thing happen to them – obviously they didn’t or else this wouldn’t be news and the other kids wouldn’t have laughed at him. This was a pointed attempt to get a message across to one child and his parents it was not standard protocol. Did they cover up your shirt too so the other teachers and principal couldn’t see the note? She didn’t do THAT to save the boy from embarrassment, she did it so he’d make it off the school grounds without being noticed so she could get away with it.
      When I was a kid, teachers used to line us up and hit us with rulers so the “when I was a kid” line doesn’t always work.

  47. Jane Marie says:

    Excuse me but I see nothing wrong with this. My teachers used to do this with everything when we would forget our folders in kindergarten.

  48. Father of Three says:

    Letter to the Mom

    REALLY!! The teacher just wanted to embarrass your little boy. Wait until that day when the county sheriff embroider some numbers across his back. I tell my children that their behavior and conduct is in their control—not the teacher or friends AND if I get one call about it… I am going to put something on that behind. I am from the old school and don’t believe in sparing the rod. You are just setting yourself up for failure and hardship— That teacher don’t dislike your child… she’ll only asking for order and respect in the classroom.

  49. Roger says:

    The mother says she was getting the notes …. so she just ignored them and never disciplined the child to behave?

    The teacher volunteered to replace the shirt even … if it was damaged in any way!

    This woman and her kid need to be bent over someone’s knee and given a what for!

  50. Cate says:

    What about the other students in the class who have, by the parent’s own admission, lost valuable instruction time due to this 7 year olds inability to control his behavior. How about Mama spending some time in the classroom to keep her little jewel in line? How about a behavior plan for this mouthy kid? Great – so the mom is going to take him out of this school and place him in another so that he can further deny other’s of their education because of HIS behavior.

    Mama (where is the daddy in this picture) needs to get her kid in check.

    Oh yeah, I have been teaching Kinder and First grade for over 15 years. I get tired of the kids who act up and the parents who want to place blame on someone else.

  51. fredwj says:

    This is not news and CBS4 should be ashamed for sensationalizing it and making this into something bigger than it is! What would have made this story news… would have been the school coming out in support of their teacher, or the mother standing up and taking responsibility for her child’s reoccurring behavior problems (the motivation behind the teachers action). We jam more and more kids into classrooms and give teachers less and less support, respect, and pay! Who would want this job? We need to do a better job supporting our educators or the question may soon be… who will do this job? It is not the teachers job to motivate students or teach them discipline or character, that is the parents job! All we hear about these days is how the education system is failing our kids. Well, it is way past time for the lack of family structure and quality parenting in this country to be counted for the part they in this process. Now that would be a story worth reporting!

  52. Kathy says:

    OK, so the kid is probably no angel but there are more creative ways to promote good behaviour in class without resorting to shame tactics. Did the teacher really expect her actions to go without just a hint of resentment from the child and his parents? School is supposed to be a place where we send our kids to learn in a nurturing environment and where punishments fit the crime. Very poor judgement on the teacher’s behalf.

  53. argee says:

    David – If you are not a teacher, you don’t know anough about life in today’s classrooms to comment. How do you discipline a child who has never learned the meaning of the word at home? Kids know that they cannot be punished at school and probably will not be punished at home, so their behavior is atrocious.

    When you are in charge of a classroom of 20 to 30 active little people, trying to teach acaddemics as well as the social behavior, manners, courtesy and common sense which should be taught by parents, then…AND ONLY THEN…do you have the right to condemn.

    By the way, it takes only one misbehaving child to wreck havoc in a classroom and ruin learning for the well behaved kids.

  54. 2ndgradeteacherLA says:

    I teach in an inner city school and while I have never sent a note home on a student, I HAVE placed the note in an envelope and then taped that to the child’s book sack. Want to know why????? Because THOSE children throw away important notes I send home. Their parents REFUSE to sign anything I send home, positive or negative. (I do send home lots of positive contact. I love my children, even the poorly behaved ones.) Oh, and the people who keep saying “That teacher should have called.” I bet she did. The children I have had to tape notes to book sacks for, have guardians who cannot be reached at any number. I don’t want to hear this garbage about her child being embarrassed. He obviously doesn’t mind negative attention since he is misbehaving enough that it has escalated to a conduct report. His mother needs to quit making excuses. I hope that school board stands by that teacher and I hope that mother DOES remove him and place him in another school. He’ll be the same way there and she’ll have something else to whine about. BTW, preschool teachers are notorious for sending notes home in an envelope, safety pinned to young children just so they won’t lose them, no humiliation intended. No one was harmed here, and if MY son came home with a behavior report pinned to him, HE would be in deep trouble, not his teacher.

  55. Emily says:

    What is wrong with this news channel for reporting a story in such a bias way? It’s obvious the reporter was trying to incite the audience by siding with the complaining parent. It is clear to me, as a teacher myself, that the mother does not care how their child behaves in class. She probably considers it the teacher’s problem to deal with and not bother her with all those pesky notes. The teacher did something that got the mother’s attention, good for her. The mother should not have ignored all the previous notes that she admitted receiving, but obviously doing nothing about as she failed to reply to the teacher or even attempted to correct her child’s behavior. Interesting how the mother couldn’t have a conversation with the teacher about her child’s behavior before this happened, but yet, was very quick to contact the news. The real failure here is on the side of the media, poor journalism trying to create public outrage for the teacher’s actions. I once had a student who lost a set of gel pens stolen from her desk. Her mother didn’t think I had done enough to recover the stolen pens and threatened to “call the news” on me, over PENS. The sad thing is, the “news” probably would have reported this insipid story. Why would any news station even cover such a story? The real story that should be covered is the way children are neglected by their parents and the behavior fallout that teachers have to deal with every day. Please, “news” channels come cover that story.

  56. GUY says:

    GIVE ME A BREAK! The only thing that cool me down after hearing this story was that sexy weather gal that came on after it. Instead of punishing the boy she blames the teacher. He will be in prison in no time. Good Job Momma Bear!
    P.S. If your so worried about your kid take him out. MOVE!!! At most send the boy a new shirt but don’t not go to the local media and complain about it.He is not learning nothing other then momma will bail him out no matter how wrong.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been teaching for 5 years- not much, but I’ve had my own share of experiences with parents. I’ve had parents “forget” we set up a conference, and parents not returning my calls, emails, or notes. I’ve had parents ignore the fact their child is literally failing 2nd grade, simply because they will think their child will be labeled. My efforts have been ignored, and then I get the blame their child is failing- after a full school year of trying to get in contact with them, sending homework, sending home failing scores on tests, sending home grade reports and progress reports. It’s tiring, so I can imagine this teacher was so frustrated and feeling as if she was being ignored and nothing was being done on the parents’ side. I understand, 100%, parents have jobs, other children, and other responsiblities- but when nothing is being done on the parents’ side, what else can one do? I certiantly wouldn’t staple a note to a child’s shirt, but I have done labels on the shirts of 3rd graders- and that resulted in progress and the completetion of what needed to be done. What parents tend to forget is teachers have lives too- we have our own families, our own responsiblities, and sometimes even a second or third job. What parents tend to not realize is it’s not our job to raise their children. As a parent, it’s theirs. We love to teach and observe our students grow and succeed, but we have them only during the day, through a school year. Parents have them for the rest of their lives- and it’s 100% their responsiblity to ensure their child is respectful, completing givven assignments, and doing as they asked- it’s simple as that. While the teacher’s action was drastic, I severely hope this parent gets the wake-up call she needs to realize her child is in need of assistance. Shipping them off to another class, or another school, is not going to solve the child’s issues.

    1. jaxxy21 says:

      Some parents absolutely need a wake-up call, I completely agree. And soem teachers need some lessons in respect and appropriate actions towards minor children. I agree with much of what you say except for the not removing the child from the class part. For my own daughter’s mental well-being I had to remove her from her grade one class as the teacher was a bully. She excelled in teaching the other kids Bullying 101. My wee one was a timid quiet sweet 5 year old and I ended up switching schools entirely and putting her back into kindergarten so she could just play and not stress over all the things she now believed she was incapable of. Her self-esteem at school was awful to witness. With the care of a great principal and an amazing kindergarten teacher my daughter flourished and couldnt get into class fast enough. What a difference!! God bless you Mrs Khahn!! My daughter is now 19 and is entering college this coming september. Both my daughters grew up knowing if they got into trouble in school they would get it twice as bad at home. I do not believe students should disrespect their teachers…and i fully believe teachers should not disrespect their students. When you enter teaching you must know that part of your job is to be a social worker,,,in exactly the same way I, as a police officer, know I am one too,,,every day. Thats just society as it is today. It is deteriorating. But as parents and teachers it is up to us to show students a kinder way of handling behaviours we dont like. Bullying students teaches bullies it is okay to be the way they are. There are no easy answers. I feel for all teachers who deal with absent parents. So if your kid has a great teacher,,,make sure you tell them they are great. Im sure teachers dont hear if often enough.

  58. DWhitt says:

    How the heck is this abuse or property damage? I remember when even rountine notes went home pinned to a coat or whatever. When my daughters were in 1st grade, the school requested we leave the safety pin on the coat because notes went home often…good and bad. Why spend postage? We were in a cold climate so it was a coat. In Florida it’s a shirt or sweater. It’s not like it had to be a big deal to make the news. She didn’t send him home with it painted on! A staple wouldn’t damage a shirt any more than a safety pin.

    People want to know why classes can become so badly behaved that learning is interrupted? This is why. This parent needs to look at their own situation and deal with the kids repeated bad behavior…not futher tie a teacher’s hands. The school district is right to support the teacher and I’m glad of it. Perhaps the woman SHOULD look into an alternative school situation and then her repeat offender will stop causing instruction for the rest of the 20 or so kids to have to stop for her little darling’s bad behavior to be dealt with all the time.

  59. SallyG says:

    Forget stapling the note on the kids shirt…the teacher should have written it on the brat’s forehead! These worthless parents don’t bother to discipline their spawn nor teach them how to behave in a civilized manner. Let her snatch him out of school and teach him herself…I’m sure he’ll grow up to be intelligent and well behaved…..(hahahahaha)

  60. mandii storm says:

    Dumbest “news” story ever. This is no different than when I child is caught chewing gum in class and told to stick on their nose, or when they misbehave and have to go stand in a corner. At least maybe now that mother will pay attention to her son’s teachers and not expect the school to teach her kid manners. I can’t believe this was given any air time. I bet the reporters are embarrassed for themselves.

  61. DB says:

    I remember being in Kindergarten and having teachers pin notes to our shirts. Parent’s got the notes and kids didn’t lose them. Perhaps the teacher’s timing was off and could have just done it at the end of class but humiliation would have to be demonstrated in something that the child could not not control like a handicap. Perhaps the child is handicapped and needs to be placed in a special class room. Or perhaps the mother should read the book about Tiger Mothers. The rest of the world would understand this. I feel she is being too soft. Grow a spine and get to it woman.

  62. NYC Teach says:

    The TEACHER was OUT OF ORDER! As a 10 year New York City teaching veteran and licensed principal, I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to reach parents when there is a classroom behavior issue. However, under NO circumstance would I ever even think about using a staple, bobby pin, glue, post it note, or anything of that nature to attach a form of parent-teacher communication to a child’s clothing. In NYC we call that corporal punishment and this teacher is asking a 3020-A hearing that could cause her to lose her teaching license. It’s true that parents do not always have a working home/cell phone or an email, but if you really need to reach the parent, try another form of communication. Ask the school-based support team, social worker, or family assistant to hand deliver a formal request for a conference. If that does not work there are other options to explore. This is America – do not put anything on some one’s child unless you plan to explore another career option. Use a parent-teacher diary/folder that can be signed on a nightly basis, have the principal or assistant principal reach out, and utilize other forms of positive reinforcement in the classroom to help improve the child’s behavior. It’s not an easy job, we must remain professional at all times!

  63. Wayne Mcdonald says:

    has the teacher heard of sending notes byUS mail?

    1. mike says:

      have you heard of budget cuts and schools that won’t even give you a stamp?

      1. Frances says:

        Actually the best money I ever spent while teaching was investing in stamps to mail notes to parents after repeatedly trying to call them, sending notes, etc. No, the school wouldn’t give me stamps, but heck, they wouldn’t give students pencils or paper either. I spent my own money on those items too.

  64. WomanWithCommonSense says:

    You people are crazy!!! Beat the mom and the kid? Did you read what you typed? How many of you got in trouble for talking in class as the report said he was doing? Do you know that the teacher didn’t already attempt to call, mail, or email this mother? Do you know if the mother got the notes and what she did afterwards? You don’t know the whole entire story. The point was to make the school/teacher look bad and you all are feeding into the sensationalism of the news. I wanted to see if there was more to the story and saw all these crazy comments. Yea, kids can be brats but damn, she could have been more creative in her tactics in handling him.. make him stand in front the class and say what he was talking about, detention with writing 100 times whatever she wanted him to write on the chalk board then clean it, or suspension. I mean seriously that might make him think twice the next time. Emotional abuse is a little strong but he will be upset but he will get over it. The mother also could have said what she did about the other notes on the news and he probably is misbehaving enough to make the teacher upset enough to tape a note on him, but that is extreme and if he was such a “BRAT” and “UNRULY” as some of you have said WHY DIDN’T HE TAKE THE NOTE OFF HIS SHIRT? I know some bratty ass kids and they would’ve taken that note off in a hurry in front of the teacher, so I know kids are bad. Think about it. Also in defense of the teacher, the government needs to stop overcrowding these classes and putting education last on the funding list so that they may have time to spend on making sure the “BRATS” are taken care of along with providing quality teaching.

  65. Karri says:

    Obviously STAPLING the note was overkill and that witch of a teacher knows that. I JUST dealt with a horrible witch of a teacher with my PreK son and I do NOT put up with teachers that think they’re all that. The teacher needs to be monitored to make sure she isn’t taking any OTHER unnecessary actions. Besides, she could have used a SAFETY PIN instead of a staple. She did it on purpose and if she’s losing her temper that much, she needs to quit teaching. I removed my son from the district of the bad teacher, and this woman should too.

    1. Stephen K. says:

      Your remark is just too ridiculous. She could have used a safety pin instead of a staple?? What difference would that make. If she had used a safety pin, you’d be declaring that she could have stapled it instead.

      The main villain in this story is that poor excuse for a mother. Now, she’s taught the kid, in a way he’ll never forget, that there needn’t be consequences to anything he does.

      1. Marquita says:

        Glad you said! I agree!

    2. Frances says:

      If she’d have safety pinned the note to the kid, and he’d opened up the pin and stuck another kid with it, the teacher would be sued. Or maybe she couldn’t find a pin? There are so many things this article has not mentioned……don’t assume the worst about a person until you’ve heard all sides.

  66. BB says:

    The real problem here is that parents are not disciplining their children. The mom should be taking action to see that the child learns how to control himself and refrain from talking at inappropriate times in school. Instead, she is upset with the teacher for making an effort to see that she was informed. The mother is focused on the fact that the teacher didn’t apologize. The mother should be focused on teaching her child to apologize to the teacher. This child is being taught that the teacher is wrong and isn’t to be respected. I don’t agree that making fun of the child by classmates is okay because it isn’t. They should be sent “to time out”, too. I don’t use the public schools for my children, so I can be objective. Above all, we need to respect our teachers.

  67. John says:

    The kid should have been beaten and then had the note stapled to him.

  68. Norm says:

    This is stupid….Can you believe a news station found this story worthy to report. Most likely it was a white teacher….teaching and the initial report was supposed to be about a white teacher being racist. This boy should of been swated with the teachers ruler like they do in Asian Countries. America doesn’t want to discplin their children they don’t want them to learn a second language and we won’t pay for higher learning unless…well never mind.
    Do you think it was his first time and she did it because he was black….I do…I think it was because he was black and the teacher didn’t want him to learn. That’s right…it was a white teacher.

  69. Michelle K says:

    Humiliation is the new form of punishment in school. And all teachers are not necessarily teacher material. For some it’s just a job yet others love what they do. Here in MO, teachers put tape on kids mouths, call them by their last name in which the teacher does not pronounce correctly in front of the whole class to make them laugh, when they can very well call them by their first name which is very basic, and also push the kids. So the note was a pretty mild thing to happen to a 2nd grader.

    1. Derek says:

      Michelle, get real. I teach in Missouri and NONE of these things happen in my district and if they did people would lose their jobs. As far as humiliation as punishment, I’m not sure what else you’ve left teachers with. There’s no corporal punishment, no parental obligation, no option to expel a kid who is consistently a problem, and no other option left to the teacher. As far as a mis-pronounced name, TELL THE TEACHER. My guess is he/she is attempting to joke with your kid who I suspect is very quiet/timid. Sometimes you look for things to draw them out and make them part of the group. Some kids love it, others get upset. You might try communicating before lumping all of us.

  70. Stephen K. says:

    I haven’t heard what I wanted to hear from the so-called mother–that she’s sorry and apologizes for raising a little brat, and teaching him that he can do whatever he wants in life. Is SHE one of those high-and-mighty people who think rules don’t apply to her?
    In a decent society, that kid would be taken from his obviously unfit mother, before she raises a little criminal.
    Obviously, she coached the kid to talk about how traumatized he was.

  71. Peggy says:

    What about the rights of the OTHER children in the classroom? The right to being taught without being so RUDELY interrupted consistently by this one child?

    This woman just sees some easy money, but what is she teaching this child? He is going to believe that he can do whatever he wants without any consequences whatsoever. These are the people that grow up to not have any respect for other peoples “RIGHTS” and to be lawbreakers because rules are for other people, not them.

  72. Derek says:

    I’m a teacher in Missouri. Parents can’t be reached, end of story. I tried four different numbers for one kid last week–none of them worked. Elementary teachers often send notes home pinned to kids, which seems in many ways more dangerous than stapling to me.

    The real crime here is this station thought it necessary to indulge a parent whose greatest strengths are crying over what everyone else does for/to/with her kid instead of taking the responsibility of parenting. If she spent half the time teaching the kid that she spent looking for absurd publicity indulged by an obviously slow news day this would not have happened.

  73. Kim says:

    If themother was this concerned when it came to the child’s behavior he wouldn’t be receiving notes from his teacher.

  74. mike says:

    why hasn’t mom responded before? well, as i have learned from experience parents put phone numbers that are useless on their emergency forms. yes, if the kid gets hurt the school cannot get in touch with them. these are the first parents to whine or sue if something happens. this parent is demanding an apology? well, answer the phone or come to conferences or reply to a note sent home by the teacher. spare everyone with your concern for the kid. be thankful it wasn’t on a billboard on your local highway!

  75. Carmichael Craig says:

    Can you imagine being a teacher in this country……

    The parents are dumber than second graders….

    But yet the teachers are expected to deal with these idiots…..

    1. Marquita says:

      And the reasons you just gave are why I could never be a teacher. These days you can’t win no matter what you do. Discipline the child and the patent wants to sue. Do nothing and you’re still wrong. God bless all the teachers because I couldn’t do it!!

  76. Becky C says:

    I’m 27 years old and when I was a kid, the teachers would use safety pins to pin notes to the backs of our shirts to make sure that our parents received certain notifications. Our notes weren’t generally covered up with anything, unless it was cold outside. This was never a cause for humiliation, it was just the way things were done. Now, I can’t speak for my classmates at the time, but this did not leave me with any lasting emotional scars. I say that if the teacher felt that the parents weren’t getting the notes, then she was well within her rights to do what she did.

  77. John Q. Concerned says:

    The kid should be punished and the mom should support the authority of the teacher. 15 years ago my dad/mom would have found that note and spanked me. Then they would have spoken to me about the importance of obeying my authorities. The psycology of backing up the authority and being humble in front of my superiors is what I was taught by parents who cared about my future. Now I am a police officer.
    Kids that grow up with parents like this kid become wife beaters and cop-killers. They have no respect for authority and they have always been taught by their parents that they shouldn’t have to – if you want to talk about being psycologically abused.

    1. lisa says:

      totally agree 100%

  78. lisa says:

    This is such a joke….people need to stop being so sensitive! The kid should have shown the mom the progress reports before. I hope the teacher doesn’t get in trouble. The school should back her up.

  79. ralph says:

    This mother is nuts..she is embarrassed by a note, but not humiliated by her son’s conduct in school..Hopefully junior will keep his mouth shut and let the teacher do her job..This mother should be the poster child to why kids are failing..

  80. Leigh D says:

    Grow up MOM! If your child has a behavior and anger problem in the 2nd grade you are not doing your job! I am sure the teach is happy your child is out of her classroom. Teachers can not teach when parents don’t do their jobs and teach their children who is the student and who is the teacher. Apparently this situation had been on going and the teacher did not see any improvement. So either the child was not brining the notes home, or you were ignoring the notes, or worse you were blaming the teacher for your sons behavior! He is your child teach him to follow the rules and there will be no problems. Get a back bone MOM and dicipline your child.

  81. John S says:

    I support the Teacher
    I just saw the interview with the mother. I hope nothing happened to the teacher. I heard what the mother said. Why is the mother not talk to her son about why he was talking in class. It’s not the first time she sent a Disciplinary note home. The Mother did not do anything about it, her son still was disruptive in class, and taking time away from other kids that want to lean. I think that the Mother should be reasonable for her son action. It look like her child want attention from the other kids. When he got the wrong attention he was embarrassed. Maybe he will not talk in class when he in not suppose to.

    Why is it so easy to point the finger to some one else, than try to fix the real problem. Why is the child talking in class and have more than one Disciplinary note goes home.
    What happen to the notes, did the dog eat it. NO she got it and read it, and nothing happen

    I heard a saying that, doing the same thing over and over again, and hoping for a difference result is crazy.

  82. maria says:

    I think the mom needs to get the message to tell her son to shut his mouth and behave in school. The other students suffer when a teacher is doing a parent’s job and an educator’s job at the same time. If I was a parent of the other students I would applaud the teacher’s desperate attempt to get the message home to the unruly child’s parent. Apparently, this is not the first note sent home about his behavior.

  83. Jess says:

    Thank GOD for homeschool as an option…because public schooling has become so rediculous, I forsee a future where no one will WANT to teach anymore. I am 28 years old. If I had come home with a note on my shirt, I’d have gone to school the next day with the inability to be seated and a fervent desire to be quiet in class. I have 3 boys in elementary school…they have never had to have a disciplinary note sent home stapled to their shirt because they are well aware that whatever so called humiliation they would suffer from thier teacher getting onto them in class is preferable to mama having to come up to the school because they don’t know how to behave! How much you wanna bet if they pulled THIS mother’s school records, she didn’t know how to behave either???

  84. wally McGee says:

    Hahahahahha This is hilarious. A liittle humiliation makes one HUMBLE which is exactly what these kids need. I went t o Catholic school in NYC 40 years ago, This is nothing. While difficult it was the best training I received in my life. I wuoldn’t be succesfull without it.

    Little wanker probably deserved much worse and the stupid mother defends him publicly. Not his fault.

  85. Amanda Rogers Albright says:

    I am really tired of parents using convenient distractions to make a detour and avoid the issue. Apparently, the child is a behavior problem if several notes were sent home prior to this and apparently even after this teacher sent notes home the misbehavior continued. Let’s focus on the real issue parents. If we don’t straighten our children now, the penal system will!!

  86. Marquita says:

    I don’t see the problem. If the teacher was sending home reports and the parent wasn’t doing anything about his behavior, then I can see why the teacher may have thought the child wasn’t taking the notes home, so she attached it to his shirt! An apology is not necessary. Back in the day teachers did that all the time. These days parents get all bent outta shape over everything and that’s why kids don’t listen now! The parents don’t do anything but they don’t want anybody else to do anything either. Get over
    it. Is the parent gonna apologize for her son’s behavior???? Doubt it!

  87. w w says:

    This, and the chatty who called 911 because teacher rattled the table to get her attention, need a refresher course in “How to behave properly in class.” Back in my day, it was called Detention – an hour after school every day for a week.
    There is nothing wrong with closed campuses, banning phones and having a dress code.

    If parents are too lazy to be responsible to instruct their kids decently, then the person who spends 80% of the time with them, has to.

    Enough of society treating Teachers like they’re the criminals. You try managing six classes of 30 fifth graders and see how your patience goes.
    Stop ragging online.

  88. Natalie says:

    I agree with the teacher. Once you have a parent asking for discipline reports sent home then you KNOW the child has been giving the teacher grief for a while now!

    Also if the parent was GETTING notes and NOT responding – then obviously the parent does NOT CARE. I worked in daycare for over 10 ten years. It was normal to see parents drop off their kids at 6 AM and not pick them up till 11 at night – they would whine and complain when we would close early on holidays because they would want to go out to the clubs.

    Many people do not have a working number (or don’t update their information). It’s also amazing ho often these are the people who got into credit trouble and are trying to avoid their debters or angry boyfriends/girlfriends.

    Many “parents” (let’s use that word lightly as it feels that at least 5% in regular schools have no concept on what that means.) don’t come pick up their children at schools anymore – asking for them to “walk home” which means their kids need to go to local libraries to annoy the staff there.

    I agree that I wouldn’t have stapled it. I would have placed the note in a small envelope and from there TAPED it to the kids cloths. I do agree that the kid was probably dumping at least half of the messages.

    This mother should be ashamed of herself. I hope that DFCS is called on her so they can check and see what mom is not doing. It sounds like this boy is an issue in the class. At the very least maybe he should be forced to go to a shrink. Most kids don’t just decide to act out. There is typically a reason. Let’s see he said kids were laughing at him and that upset him so obviously he is not usually bullied at school. So he could have some mental damage to him such as ADHD, conduct disorder, ODD, etc. Of course it could be something like some kind of abuse from family or relative. Or maybe it’s just that his mother isn’t great at parenting and needs a class on how to parent.

    If more parents watched their children as well as they took care of their nails and hair (as this mother looks very well done in these areas) then the world would be a better place.

  89. CB says:

    This mother should get real. The best thing she could do at this point would be to take her child out of that school. Then he’ll learn that you can do whatever you want and act however you want and if anyone objects, just cry to mommy and she’ll shield you from those bad bad people. Am I the only one to remember the days when teachers pinned notes to the children’s shirts to send home to the parents? This was done so the note was not lost and it made it to the parents. I can remember being a bit embarrassed about the notes, but I got over it, because it did not take me long to understand that this was simply how things were done. Going by this mother’s standard, my teachers apparently humiliated all of their students on nearly a daily basis. So take your precious child out of school so you needn’t worry that a teacher might pin or staple a note and ruin your kid’s filthy shirt (did anyone else notice the disgusting condition of the shirt?).

  90. Roudline says:

    That parent needs to get a life. Those are the kids of parents the society is giving today.

  91. Staci says:

    I would take my son out of that school in a heart beat not just the class. That teacher was WRONG in so many ways….I am a teacher and would have never done that….You call the parent if arent sure the notes arent getting to the parents.I would go the school board and complain till I was satisfied.

    1. Amy says:

      And you are part of the problem! Grow up and get over yourself!

  92. Amanda says:

    I don’t believe the teacher did anything wrong…the parents should have dealt with their son and talked to the teacher when the first note was sent home. I have a little girl and if I got a note sent home with her I would call the teacher …have a conference with my kid and teacher to discuss the problems and how to resolve them…its not the teachers fault that the mom isn’t doing her duties as a parent. the teacher is only doing what was best for everyone in her class and if stapeling a note to the kids shirt was the only way to get the mothers attention then so be it.

  93. shannon says:

    wow this is such bs. i would be livid if this happened to one of my kids! my son’s school uses the color system for discipline. green for good, yellow for a warning, orange for 2 warnings and red for timeouts or worse. they then send a slip home everyday with a color on it and if it’s anything other than green their is a written explanation of the problem and the parent must sign the slip and return it. if the slip is not returned the child stays in that color untill it’s brought back. this is to ensure the parents get the note and are aware of any problems. this teacher is wrong in every sense. making a child feel embarrassed and sad, especially at such a young age is detrimental and tramautic. i feel very bad for this child.

    1. Shan says:

      Sorry but I don’t buy that this was traumatic to the kid. The fact of the matter is the kid broke the rule and the teacher stapled the note to his shirt. GET OVER IT!!

  94. Ana says:


    I wouldn’t do something like that.
    But:even if it was done it’s not such a BIG deal. it’s probably improper to act like this to a 7 year old kid, but let’s be serious: is it really such a humiliation? or, more to the point: what is worse? such a humiliation at 7 years old, which might ensure that the kid learn a bit of discipline and benefit from his schooling, or being humiliated later by a society which has ruled discipline out of its principles?

    I happen to be a teacher in an European country (my English is not proper, I know). I don’t think the method was effective for a 7 year old, but what I know is that learning and assuming discipline is ten times more valuable than being over protected. as long as discipline is not forced upon the student by psychological of physical violence, it is much more valuable than “not humiliating the kid”. the kid’s discipline won’t probably change the life of the teacher, but it surely will change his. it will help him better cope with situations, better assimilate information, better obey rules. and it also might give him an idea about right rules and abusive rules.

  95. Shan says:

    I fail to see why everyone is getting so upset….My mother has taught for many years and YES she staples or pins notes to the children’s shirts to ensure that they make it home. It is easy to say pick the phone up….do you know how many parents won’t answer or the phone is disconnected??? Too many parents these days expect the teacher to raise their children. Yet, watch out if little Johnny gets in trouble for being unruly or speaking out of turn. In my opinion, if parents would take a little more time to teach manners and respect we wouldn’t have near the problems that we have today!

  96. Fiona F says:

    WOW.. the comments on here are disturbing. First of all, little kids talk a lot. There are ways of dealing with this without stapling a note to a child’s shirt and it never says he was being THAT disruptive, he’s only a little kid. You don’t know the situation either, the teacher may have a short fuse and could just be difficult in general. Having graduated 5 years ago I can safely say their are plenty of losers as teachers. The teacher should at least be suspended. I can’t believe people on here are saying that children need to be paddled and that being embarrassed builds character. That is extremely sick. We are trying to shift away from emotional abuse because it clearly doesn’t work. I was made fun of a lot as a kid because I was overweight and now as an adult I’m finally just getting over the verbal abuse from the kids I went to school with on top of dealing with my sibling being murdered when I was 10. I had to deal with real life issues unlike the pretentious entitled kids I went to school with. YEAH, that emotional abuse does a lot of good (sarcasm). What if the mother in this case is abusive?? What good does humiliating this kid do?? EXACTLY, because no one ever stops to think about those outside factors. It’s sad that this many people feel that that behavior was ok. Get your facts first. This isn’t 1950, there are reasons we no longer allow teachers to physically discipline children. Just… WOW.. I really am stunned at the aggressive nature of the comments on here towards a little kid. No wonder America is so violent. What happened to peace & love???

  97. Michelle says:

    I would never do anything like that to humiliate a student . Phone calls, or emails are the best way to go when dealing with an 8 year old. You can not trust that a 2nd grader will bring home a progress report. When I was that age I never showed my mom notes the teachers gave me, I new better then to bring them home if they said i was being bad. 🙂 That shows a lack of respect for students and no ethic or professionalism. I understand that he is just a kid, but this is a legit concern for this mom to have. I as a mom would be very upset if a teacher did that to my son.

  98. Jennifer Minahan Pearson says:

    It is NEVER okay to purposely HUMILIATE a child! Do you people that agree with the teacher know what the definition of humiliating someone is? It’s lowering the pride, dignity, or self-respect of another person. I have a child with behavioral problems. His teacher calls me when he has problems. I answer the phone, and she and I discuss the issues and possible solutions. If this boy’s mother wasn’t doing that, then it’s HER the teacher needs to be angry with, not a 7-YEAR-OLD. There is no excuse for the public humiliation of ANYONE… it’s not the way to help them.

  99. Deb B says:

    I’d like to know what the CHILD has learned from all this. Probably nothing. As a parent who does her job and makes sure her children behave in school I AM SICK AND TIRED of disruptive kids stealing my daughter’s education because teachers have to discipline them all day instead of teach. Parents, do your jobs and quit blaming the teachers. This mother has not solved the problem of her child being disruptive in school; she has reinforced it by contacting the media and blowing the whole thing out of proportion. If the child is so disruptive that a note has to be sent home every day, then something needs to be done about THAT, not about the teacher. That child should be embarrassed—he was misbehaving daily.

  100. pam smith says:

    Pretty much sounds like bully tactic, could this teacher not have found a better way to correct behavior? I would take action against this teacher and school, disgusting to shame a child in such manner.

  101. peeplerstoopid says:

    The more our countries good teachers are being LET GO/PAY DECREASE/Being replaced with unqualified teachers….The more we will see this happening. How dare this teacher humiliate a second grader . Im sure we could find many ways to humiliate this stupid teacher. . I know there are better ways to reprimand a child..even adults. Way to go DUMB OBAMA for RUINING our COUNTRY and NOT HELPING our SCHOOLS and ECONOMY!! PATHETIC PRESIDENT!

  102. dawson says:

    Actually, noone can motivate anyone else, because motivation comes from within. However, one can inspire another to become motivated by example and other inducement. That is what the teacher should have done and you don’t do that by embarassment or example.

  103. Stephen K. says:

    The only person here who owes an apology is the mother for sticking up for the little brat–who NEEDS some humiliation.

    How awful! A note, stapled to his shirt!

    People have suggested sending him to the principal’s office. Do you know why that works? Because kids are SCARED to go to the principal’s office.

    But if the kid was scared, wouldn’t the mother and the same people objecting to this now be screaming about how horrible it is to scare a kid?

    We must never NEVER humiliate a child, people are saying. Nonsense! That child needs some humiliation, and so does his abusive mother. Yes, abusive! She teaches the kid he has a right not to experience consequences to his actions, she’s going to raise a juvenile delinquent–a kid who just knows he’s entitled to anything he likes!

  104. Rebecca Hughes says:

    we have become a land of entitlement. ppl think they are entitled to being treated with respect and to have everything put in their hands without working for it. in this case, the parent demand an apology because the teacher humilitated her son for pinning a disciplinary note on his shirt. OMG, woman, get over it! this is the reason why there are so many delinquent children and adolescents in society today. they are not held accountable for their actions and mothers like this one are to blame for this ill in society. i am a mother of 4, 3 boys ages 18 to 12 and 1 daughter age 9. we are strict with them and they know better. we give them alot of love and they know that when we get after them, it is because we want them to know how to be respectful and be a good citizen. if any of my children ever got in trouble, which thanks to God and our parenting they have not, but if they ever, they wouldnt have to worry about being humiliated or embarrassed by thier classmates, i would go to the school and sit right next to them and make THEM apologize to the teacher or bus driver or another student for misbehaving and disrupting the class. a little humility goes a long way, it teaches a lesson. this mother is making a big deal to perhaps get attention? who really knows what her true intentions are, but she is the one who is making herself look bad for having terrible parenting skills. acknowledging that she had received notes before and not disciplining her child, not THAT is embarrassing!

  105. N/A says:

    This is one of the most outrageous incidents of the Media abusing its position. The very idea of giving any credence at all to such a silly story is ridiculous.

    Where is the lack of discipline in our schools going to stop? Liberals have already taken away almost all forms of punishment that teach might use. Now it is wrong to send a note home to the parent because it might embarrass the child? Get a clue people what we need is more discipline in our schools not less! I believe the teacher was correct to send the note and if stapling it to the Childs shirt was the only way to make sure the parent got the note that was correct too!

    To the parent of the note child, get over yourself.

  106. Jeff says:

    Why isn’t this woman more concerned that her son has misbehaved so badly that she had to send not one, but several notes home. The teacher thought the notes were not getting home, that why she did it. I my son was getting disciplinary notes sent home the teacher would know I knew about it. My son wouldn’t be able to sit in a chair, so there would be no need to staple the note on him. This woman is just trying to shift focus from her own child disciplinary issues.

  107. nina says:

    Sorry but kids these days are brats from he*l becaues of their parents. How do we know that she DID NOT already call this parent numerous times over this child’s behavior? Maybe the mother ignored requests for disciplinary action; maybe the mom never returns phone calls, never goes to the parent-teacher conferences, which, by the way, most schools are going to be doing before spring break or have already done. Maybe STAPLING it was a little over the top. I would have safety pinned it.
    The mom needs to get over the “ridicule” that is a load of BS. I am sorry, but our kids are sissies these days because parents want to blame everyone else for thier kids’ problems. How about the kid DO WHAT HE IS TOLD and not disrupt all the other kids behaving? How about he stop being a brat? How about the mother wakes up and realizes maybe this is exactly what he needed to learn to shape up. The boy is old enough to take some responsibility for his actions, seriously, and the MOM needs to actually parent her kids. Parents want their kids to be parented by the schools, but then throw a fit when the school actually ACTS. Can’t send the kids home: parents complain; can’t yell at the kids: parents complain; can’t do anything because PARENTS COMPLAIN! HOW THE HE*L are the schools supposed to do their jobs?
    Parents won’t do anything at home, send their monstrous children to school and expect the teachers to just “take it”. Well, you know what America, it’s time to wake the heck up and realize that your kid isn’t perfect, and that they sometimes NEED to learn a little bit of humility.

  108. Peggy says:

    Here’s the thing…..If the child had been doing what HE was supposed to do, and apparently for quite some time, then this would not even be going on. People seem more concerned about a little “humiliation” to a confirmed brat. People need to remember that todays poor humiliated brat is tomorrows thief, rapist, dope dealer, serial killer.

    Use wisdom folks, not emotions.

  109. Peggy says:

    Maybe if Charlie Sheen had had a note pinned to his sweet precious little shirt, he wouldn’t be acting all crazy.

    And some of these other criminals.

  110. randomdude says:

    lol. I got stuff pinned to me all the time as a kid. Sure, it was somewhat embarrassing, but I was infamous for losing stuff and eventually everyone ended up having it done to them at some point or another. -shrug-

    While I don’t support bullying, kids seriously need to get over stupid, small stuff. You were embarrassed for what, a few hours? Try giving birth or cutting your finger off, or even having a bully put you down for years. Then let’s complain about how you FEEL.

  111. XiaoLin Chang says:

    This is a similar, sad story and really happened this Thursday in silicon valley California. Please let me share with you and give me some suggestions.

    It is the noon time, at Milpitas John Sinnott Elementary Public School, in front of Kindergarten classroom 1, I saw the little boy had a big pink paper with a big pin on his T shirt. The pink paper shows that it is a second notice for the boy’s parents about return the acknowledge form.

    It was the time for kindergartner parents to picking up their kids, this little boy was so embarrassed and helpless with many parents looking. It is insult.

    I felt so sorry for him. How a teacher can treat a student like this, he is only five years old kindergartner. Is there anything wrong with this little boy? If the teacher wants to remind the parents to return the school form, there are many ways can contact with the parents.

    How sad, it really happened in United States of America.

  112. Peggy says:

    If the kid had OBEYED, then HE would not have had to face the consequences. People have to understand that there are consequences to wrong behavior, if learned at a younger age, then there will be less “wrong behavior” committed as he is growing up.

    Whatever happened to paying consequences? I guess it went out with paying your own way…..

  113. XiaoLin Chang says:

    This is a very similar and sad story really happened in California on 3/17/2011, please let me share with you and give me some suggestions.

    This is the noon time, at Milpitas John Sinnott Elementary Public School, in front of Kindergarten classroom 1, I saw the little boy had a big pink paper with a big pin on his T shirt. The pink paper shows that it is a second notice for the boy’s parents about return the acknowledge form.

    It was the time for kindergartner parents to picking up their kids, this little boy was so embarrassed and helpless with many parents looking. It is insult.

    This little boy is one of my after school student. I felt so sorry for him. How a teacher can treat a student like this, he is only five years old kindergartner. Is there anything wrong with this little boy? If the teacher wants to remind the parents to return the school form, there are many ways can contact with the parents. I talked to this boy’s teacher, but she was very impolite and didn’t think there are anything wrong with her..

    How sad, it really happened in United States of America.

    All the best,

    XiaoLin Chang

  114. Ashley Cynthiaa says:

    I completely disagree with the majority of you. The teacher had been sending notes home repeatedly and she was getting no response and obviously the student’s behavior was getting worse. The parent(s) obviously could not have cared less that there was disciplinary problems in the classroom and frankly that is what is wrong with parents these days ! They just flat out DO NOT CARE ! If you have the audacity to bring a child into this world you better and should be 100% involved in everything your child does. Granted he was a young boy and does not know any better, his mother or father should have been replying to the notes. Parents these days are not involved in their child’s education. They just send them off to school so they don’t have to deal with them and they do not care what goes on there. Parents like this one disgust me ! If I was that teacher I would make a personal appearance on the News and tell the public how disgusted I was. If that was my child I would have made a phone call right to that teacher as soon as I finished reading it. You need to be concerned about your child.

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