MIAMI ( – What started as an early morning 3 car chain-reaction crash on I-95 that left people shaken up but not seriously injured ended in tragedy, after the victims of the first crashes were stuck by another car as they walked in the roadway.

The second crash killed 4 victims of the first, sent a fifth to the hospital and injured two people in the 4th car.

The accidents shut down busy I-95 at NW 103rd Street, trapping some people on the highway and forcing others to be detoured, as the Florida Highway Patrol investigated the multiple accidents and deaths.

At about 9:30 FHP began allowing some southbound traffic to pass, even as bodies still remained in the I-95 high-speed toll lane.  Traffic resumed northbound about 90 minutes later, but was moving slowly.

All lanes were eventually cleared, and Saturday afternoon traffic was moving normally.

Investigators are still trying to determine exactly what happened, but believe as many as three cars have been involved in the original accidents, which may have been a chain-reaction crash. The victims may have left their cars to check on the accident when they were struck by the car that killed them.

Click to see a gallery of images from the scene.

See TrafficCams of the affected area

FHP spokesman Lt. Alex Annunziato said,  “five people were walking to check on everyone’s condition and five got hit and four were killed immediately.”
Two people who were in the vehicle that stuck and killed the victims were hurt and also taken to Ryder Trauma Center, Lt. Annunziato said.
None of the names of the victims were immediately available. Investigators have not shared what they believe m ay have caused the initial accidents leading to the fatal crash.

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  1. June Papas says:

    people do not know how to drive safely. tailgating, phone work, no signals, inappropriate lane changing, and no police providing traffic violations June P, Miami

    1. Annonymous says:

      There are not enough state troopers in order to do traffic stops on a regular basis. This accident alone had Miami Dade PD doing some of FHP’s accident reports and assist with blocking off access. This is the sad reality out there. People know it and drive irresponsibly as they know thier chances of getting ticketed are slim. Even with this accident people were going on an on ramp the wrong way to get off the road. Police had to block that area as well.

      1. Chris says:

        For the record, having been on the I95 at that moment, we were instructed by the police on site to make a u-turn and go down the on-ramp to get off the road.

    2. Concerned says:

      Complaint to your local legislator that wants to cut even more police. FHP I know for a fact has about 3-4 officers at a time working in Dade County alone because of the budget cuts. How are four officers supposed to handle every crash in Dade County’s highways and state roads and then enforce traffic. On top of this, more than a year ago, a local attorney had legislation changed and got the okay from a judge to take away all local municipalities from enforcing traffic outside of their jurisdiction. So when you see a police officer keep going after someone just cuts you off now you know why. You know what to do now, these are the same wonderful judges and legislators we keep re=electing.

    3. Carol says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more if I tried on the high roads or the low roads they drive the same and it is so totally scarey and dangerous.

    4. chamis says:

      i saw the bodies laying on the floor it was horrible…and its true people drive like crazy on i95 and u dont see police enforcement taking care of it i used to work in downtown and scared of driving there.

  2. Jerry Talerico says:

    Walking along I95? They must have been on a suicide mission. Even if you are stranded out there you should stay in your car, and call for help.

    1. delasrx says:

      Did u read the article u fool?

      1. chamis says:

        jerry is more than right. how can u think about walking on the i95? delasrx why dont u better read the articles? the police and news were saying that walking there in something u should never do!

  3. 4MrBill says:

    How about idiots walking on I95??? There so dumb they don’t have to worry about anything anymore!!!!

    1. AshleyS says:

      They probably knew better than to talk ill of someone’s family member who was just lost. Or at the very least, knew the difference between “they’re” and “there.”

    2. Annonymous says:

      Not all of them are all there to begin with. Some of them are confused elderly people who don’t know any better. Police often get calls about people who walked out of Jackson North who are heading towards the highways.

    3. Kathleen Zaldivar says:

      You really need to go back to school and learn some grammar. The other part, being heartless, you can’t learn, that’s the way you are. Feel sorry for the ones around you.

      1. gina says:

        I agree with you..Geesshhh Have a little sympathy.

    4. omar_from _pakistan says:

      u r a moran.. those five people went to save other people’s life and got killed.. yes thye could have been careful.. BUT U IDIOT not looking at thier intentions.. u should have been dead in their place.. MORAN !!!! what if ur family was hurt and someone went out to help and got killed ???

      1. omar_from_pakistan says:

        yes and u know what i meant.. 😉

    5. A.D. says:

      4MrBill, you are a horrible person for speaking that way of people who were probably scared, hurt, and were involved in an accident minutes before.

    6. Linz says:

      Hey idiot who doesn’t know grammar, that was my cousin who died there. You need to learn some serious respect. He was most definitely not an idiot. He was an english major who couldve helped you with your spelling. Thank you to everyone who went against this 4mrbill.

    7. Enovas says:

      I hope that God can forgive your cruelty. You have not right to judge anyone because you were not there when things happened. Your ignorance will not take you anywhere in life and you will only gain what you give. Which is nothing.

  4. gary ;liv says:

    ABSOLUTELY RIGHT people dont use signal lights when changing lanes or making a turn anymor the funny part is the police are also doing that theres no more driver courtesy anywhere and the police instead of enforcing those laws they are just being blind about it and dont care i think they should enforce those laws as well as the seat belt law

  5. gary liv says:

    WE KNOW THERE ARENT ENOUGH STATE TROOPERS AND POLICE BUT THE ONES THAT ARE THERE NOW SHOULD ENFORCE THE use of turn signals law which is even in the drivers handbook and it uis a law now supose you are driving down a street and some one in front of you decides to abruptly turn into a shopping center or even a street they slam on the brakes instead of signaling their intention to turn and you hir them automatically you will be getting charged as if you were following too close i think that is ridiculous and laws should be enforced and reviewed

  6. GARY LIV says:

    imagine if it were your relatives or your kids would you still call them IDIOTS

  7. shelton spence says:

    would you call them dumb and stupid 4mrbill if they were to have been your family that died in that accident have some respect and learn the difference between there and they fool

  8. shelton spence says:


    1. omar_from_pakistan says:

      police and trooper has nothing to do with it.. it was an unfortunate accident and nice peolle went to help and they got killed.. i think they are martyers !! they gave their life helping.. we should salute them..

  9. Jmack354 says:

    This is the only state where Turn Signals is an option when you buy your car!

  10. YBB says:

    The police should have more control in the highways. They ticket you if you are taking your kids to school and are “speeding” at an “amazing speed ” of 37 MPH but when you are driving in the I95 you can see a lot of reckless drivers at 90 MPH, Motorcycles doing races, etc…and where are the police???? No one stop them. Seems to me that traffic enforcement are dedicated to collect $$$$$$ in tickets from the “easy targets” but where are the police when we need protection while we driving in highways???

    1. Annonymous says:

      As I stated earlier there are not enough troopers to be able to consistently enforce the trafftc laws. They not only have the I-95, the Palmetto, etc to write accident reports on but lparts of arge main exits like Kendall drive, Ives Dairy Road, Miami Gardens and others.
      Police are not allwoed to chase speeding motorcycles as they have been sued numerous times by family members after the speeder lost control and ended up dead. They can only go after them if they commit a felony and a violent one at that.

      1. Marvin Sinkler says:

        its amazing that they have enough man power to constantly pull me over to check my tint on my windows though….

  11. VIC says:


  12. concerned says:

    Inform yourself before you make stupid comments. Read my reply above. I’m sure you got ticketed for doing 37mph on a school zone, poor you. How about you follow the traffic laws in the first place and you wouldn’t have gotten a ticket. Traffic laws apply to everyone except you right.

    1. YBB says:

      Hey CONCERNED:
      I do not make stupid comments. Show a little bit of respect. This is my opinion, and not, I do not speed in a school zone, i am a father of two kids and always follow the traffic rules and know how important they are. Are you perfect??? Sometimes you can make a mistake and get a ticket, it doesn’t means that you are a danger in the streets. I just pointed that it is unfair that you can see all days “crazy drivers” in the I95 that are putting your life at risk and there is no enough enforcement. That’s it. “Stupidity apply to everyone except you..right?”

  13. Annonymous says:

    People need to stay in their vehicles after an accident unless the vehicle is on fire. It is too dangerous to get out unless you can stand on a sidewalk. Even police officers have had close calls while on traffic stops or accident scenes. There are too many rubbernecks out there.

  14. George s says:

    We need to implement cell phone laws like busy cities such as LA and NY. In those cities you are cited for speaking and driving as for the individuals going at each other about grammer, you guys the are reason miamians do not communicate on a mutual respect level. We all live here let’s extend the courtesy to each other we so deserve. Its hard enough to live in a city that’s constantly changing. Thank you

  15. robert says:

    I have moved back down here 7 years ago. I went to palmetto and was born here. When I first moved back , I couldn’t believe how bad it has gotten. There is NO concern for for the saftey for one another, I have been hit twice by speeders and went to the hospital for 5 days for one wreck. At first I used to high beem people when i was could off or tapped my brakes when people would tail gate behind with high beems on. I found out if you do either, your gonna get run over, shot or someone wants to fight you! I drive on average 200 miles per day and see it all. Roll overs, people ejected and fights at intersections. I see cars on the road with no tail lights, no bumpers…just wrecks on the road. No body seems to care anymore?? Most are hispanic hit and run drivers I have noticed………They think they own the road! Its bad, really bad! Time to move again! ITS NOT LACK OF LAW INFORCEMENT…ITS RESPECT AND BRAINS ON THE DRIVERS PART!

  16. manny296 says:

    Let’s face it, the Miami Motor Vehicle department drivers license test and training are completely worthless and ineffective. It may look good on paper but it does absolutely nothing in the real world. This is what happens when elected officials are out of touch with reality.

    1. Annonymous says:

      How many unlicensed drivers are out there? That is even more scary.

      1. Carol says:

        To count them all it would take the rest of your and miy life and that is a fact.

      2. Fallout says:

        According to the latest estimate, 400,000 in just Dade county.

  17. Carol says:

    This is horribe accident beyond words but people don’t understand the rules of the road somehow.

    On one of our roads we have red yield sign so that means you have to stop and look to make sure someone isn’t turning off the main road but everytime we stop the person behind us goes around and one time we were hit from behind by large pickup truck and he said we shouldn’t have stopped and told the police that but he told him you are 100% wrong that is a red yield sign that is the same as a stop sign he was so totally surprised OH well he learned something new.

    1. Annonymous says:

      It’s not that people don’t understand the rules of the road but rather they don’t want to follow them. Anyone who drives sees people run red lights, cut people off becasue they don’t want to wait their turn, don’t use signals, speed up when people do use them and need to change lanes, drive at excessive speed, race others, and fail to yield to rescue vehicles.

  18. shelton spence says:

    The same way that the seat belt law is enforced the texting law should be enforced as well as the turn signal law you must signal your turn 100 feet from where youre gonna turn and so many people ignoire that law as well as many other laws but they should be extremely enforced specially the turn signals law its an a must

  19. jay says:

    wow, how tragic…may God rest their souls and provide comfort, peace, and solace to their families and friends…so sad, tragic…community, please please please be mindful of the power of a vehicle, particularly as it can take a life or several, in an instant…while your at it seek to find compassion, own it and share it!….this is very tragic, God be with you, and be well…

  20. Suz says:

    Regardless of anything else, four people lost their lives this morning. If nothing else, stop argueing long enough to say a prayer for these human beings. Think of their families when you post as they are now suffering. My prayers to all.

  21. Abigail Morales says:

    This is so sad! Not only the sad loss of human life, but arguing about it!?
    Just settle down and show a little consideration. Please!

  22. Mike says:

    People just have no ethics or courtesy down here. I just drove down the turnpike and had some thug pass me in the shoulder. I guess 80 was too slow for him. The cops drive just as bad as people. I had a college professor at FIU who left Miami just after one semester because he was in two car accidents and both were not his fault and the other drivers had no license or insurance. He was also disgusted of the lack of the English language, as am I. I wish I could move, but am financially unable too.

  23. florida.goldengirl says:

    I – 95 IS DEATH ALLEY Humans are not made to go that fast nor react to multiple lanes of high speed traffic,
    This slaughter is excellent population control, but who needs it ? I hate it, and I take U S 1 and sight see all the way. I’ll live to a ripe old age more than these poor deads again on I 95

  24. Hen says:

    Seeing the victim’s bodies laying on 95 is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It is a reminder to slow down out there. This is a very sad tragedy.

  25. Love4aBetterWorld says:

    My condolences to the families of today’s accident… I was driving by and It was shocking and painful seeing it. I had a bad accident myself back in December. I’m so bless and so lucky I made it alive. All of us people don’t realize that It couldn’t be You, or Your wife, your husband, bothers, sisters or children. Beyond the Laws, beyond the Authorities. We have in ourselves the power to make this world a better place. Start by showing respect and kindness, and really all we need is Love.
    The bodies were lying down like rack dolls, they are not statistic numbers of just another fatal accident on I-95… they are People, We Are People, We make the world.
    My Condolences to the Families and I’ll send Love and a pray to those people that have Lost their Souls; Rack doll bodies living without souls.

  26. Jason says:

    The news report says that they were walking near the express lanes, what does that mean, they were walking down the passing lane and not on the shoulder? What did they expect to happen? Most people in the city have no idea how to drive, their cars are garbage, their brains are even worse, and last week, most were driving a cart with a donkey in Central America. Florida has no vehicle inspection and we give drivers licenses to anyone. Everybody speeds on 95, nobody knows how to drive, and most of these idiots drive minivans or economy cars that have no business being on a highway.I was stuck this morning in traffic for over an hour because FHP closed the northbound and southbound lanes. Wasn’t the southbound lanes being closed enough? I’m sure most of you would say that I’m complaining over a small delay, but this certainly ruined my day as I had somewhere to be that I had been planning for weeks. I bet the 22 inch wheels they had on their Camry cause the accident, or maybe they were leaned back in her seat driving from the back row listening to Pit Bull!

  27. Tony Montana says:

    Jason and 4MrBill – you two are just bigoted wastes of oxygen.

  28. jason says:

    Tony, am I a bigot because I told the truth? Pick one thing I said that was not true?

    Do you drive a camary Tony? You were supposed to tell them you were in a sanitarium, not sanitation!

    1. Tony Montana says:

      Your bigotry comes in your comments about Pitbull, rims and Camry. If the names of the VICTIMS haven’t been released how are you so sure they’re Hispanic ? Only an officer on the scene would know so that would make you a bigot with a badge! Aren’t there laws of maintaining confidentiality of accident scenes ? if that were the case I hope you’re fired like that firefighter in GA who posted an accident video on YouTube.

      If on the other hand you’re just a Plain Heartless bigot, that “Mr. Jesus” you all like to refer when taking away abortion rights will make sure you get yours and next time your family is the one in the dirt.

      1. jason says:

        Well Tony, I’m not a firefighter or police officer, so there you are wrong. The fact that over 50% of Miami-Dade County’s residents are Hispanic and 50% of the county’s are also foreign-born lead me to believe that there is a very good chance the victims fall into one or both of these categories. You know what they say about assuming don’t you, or does that saying not translate into your first language? I am in fact born in the US, but of Latin descent and live in Little Havana. So don’t preach to me about the unfairness of our society or the societal pressures placed upon the public to fit in to this hood society. Anyone who gets into an accident and decides to take a stroll on 95 is responsible for the outcome? The names have not yet been released, but as a betting man, the odds are with me on the victims and their heritage. How come you did not attempt to refute my statements about vehicle inspection, drivers licenses for anyone, and the stupidity of our general population thinking that they can speed on 95 with any kind of vehicle? There is an accident on 95 everyday between the stretch of highway that leads to downtown and back up north. These accidents are caused by ignorant people who do not know what a turn signal is, do not know it is illegal to cross over multiple lanes, and do not know the concept of tailgating. And yes, I am heartless, when it comes to utter stupidity.

      2. jason says:

        ^ “American FactFinder”. United States Census Bureau. Retrieved 2008-01-31.

    2. asdf says:

      first off all they were not hispanic and regardless were much more educated than 99% of the country with promising lives ahead of them, who undoubtedly would have changed the world. It speaks volumes of their character that they felt compelled and that the accident was serious enough for them to get out of their cars to help. At 5am in the morning there is no traffic anyone could have slowed down in time to see them. That person was either half asleep, or speeding.

      1. jason says:

        Or maybe they should have not been walking in the middle of the highway? Education does not equate to intelligence and why do you assume the person that hit tem was half asleep or speeding? They could have been hit at 45 and still died…bottom line, dont walk in the lanes of active traffic, especially in 95!

  29. John Lee says:

    Many of you discussing this unfortunate accident ignored the main idea:ignorant and reckless drivers jeopardizing the lives of innocent victims.Whether they were walking on the pavement or not doesn’t deserve the manner in which they were senselessly mowed down.Yes its true,Miami and for that matter South Florida seems to be a lawless state becauset there are too many people doing illegal things ad thus the need to speed from one point to another.The solution:better education for all our kids.Please note the difference between education and literacy.When people are well educated they also become law abiding citizens.It doesnt matter what language they are educated in.Please take time to read thefall of the Roman Empire and you wouldnt be surprised whats going on in this country.

  30. jason says:

    I must have hit a nerve with Tony, he must have a 300, not a camary. Tony, do you have 22s and a great car stereo but still cant afford to buy a home, hence you must rent in Hialeah? Too bad….

    1. Tony Montana says:

      let’s see if you’re so glib when it’s your family punk!

      1. jason says:

        So you must live in Hialeah? I knew I got that right…

        And if my family, God forbid, did get hit walking down a lane on 95, then the only one I could blame would be them. Luckily, they are not that stupid…

        Funny how you avoid replying to any of my other statements Tony? I guess they all must be true…. You must be typical trash… Go get your welfare check…

      2. jason says:

        Tony, how many children out of wedlock have you had? Please go and get a vasectomy and stop diluting the jean pool and lowering the bar for everyone else…I must admit, this is fun getting a rise out of you…get back to your baggage handler job at MIA!

  31. eb martinez says:

    Our very well paid, badly informed, voted into office “idiots”, actually are the reason for the mess on I 95. They took the accident easements, narrowed the lanes, all to add a toll pass, and avoid public transportations costs. I will really like to see these politicians held accountable for their stupidity and greed and put on trial for every life they have endangered because their need to be in the public without benefit for the public has endangered all of us. We need more recall votes and this time, let’s put some working class folks into office.

  32. mimi says:

    its incredible how you people argue about anything and eveything, Tony Jason and others please have some consideration for these people. Lets work together we are all HUMANS . What happened could have happend to any of us there are the ones that cause and there are the ones that are victims, meaning you be the best driver and still be part of an accident lets be KIND to one another

  33. Enovas says:

    I just hope all of you out there realize this could have happened to anyone. I knew three of the victims; they have families: children, and grandchildren. They were loving individuals and they should be remembered that way. Those of you who are so cruel as to judge them for living their vehicles to begin with, are so dehumanize and narcissistic that you cannot see pass your nose. I want to thank those of you who understand the pain this has caused, God Bless you and your families.
    -Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.- Dalai Lama

  34. E says:

    Jason you are a Hispanic for sure and ashamed of it, or simply a Charlie Sheen, playing with people’s mind. I bet your parents are from HIaleah. By the way if you are not HIspanic… are you a Native-American?

  35. gr8one says:

    The mom of one of the survivors is a close friend… how dare any of you who werent there judge those that went to HELP!!! Jason- the survivor I know personally is NOT hispanic making snap judgements will just get you in trouble…

    Please just keep negative comments to yourself and pray for those that survived and the families of those that didnt. may all involved find peace and solace…

  36. Justjulie says:

    gr8one, enovas, and Linz, I am so sorry for the pain you are feeling. have been praying for the survivors and the victims families for days now. have also been checking for updates on who they are /were but to date nothing more has been released. Will this info be released soon? Do you know the survivors conditions. the pedestrian who was obviously walking near the express lane because that lane is closest to the median. and the 2 n he car that hit them?

    Everyone else chill out. have witnessed many accidents and always get out to check n victims. I am always careful but who can avoid or predict a car losing control and slamming into you. How sad they survived crash only to get run over. My heart is breaking for you all.

  37. Justjulie says:

    Sorry for grammar in previous post. My “I” key and “o” Keys were sticking.