NORTH MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – A South Florida chiropractor is answering to charges she treated patients for services they didn’t need, and pocketed the insurance money.

Eileen Dvorkin, 61, was arrested Thursday on one count each of patient brokering, insurance fraud and organized scheme to defraud.

Police allege since 2009 Dvorken paid “runners” to find patients for her clinic, Accident Injury and Family Health Care located at 17230 West Dixie Highway in North Miami Beach.

The “runner” would bring people in to make false claims of injuries from staged auto accidents. Authorities say Dvorken treated the alleged patients for the false symptoms and fraudulently billed the insurance company for treatment costs.

Dvorken’s employees at the clinic were reportedly unaware of her actions.

After her arrest, Dvorken bonded out of jail and has since returned to work at the clinic.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was a patient of dr. Dvorkin and such claims are FALSE. She works in a very professional manner. As patients we are asked to initial treatment received and as much as I loved receiving therapy in her establishment, after my recovery, I was finalized. When the truth comes out, I hope to see an article apologizing to this wonderful establishment of hard working, professional, and sincere staff.

    1. marc cooper says:

      PIP scams are so prevalent in south florida that it seems we are in fact the capital of fraud. I hope what you are saying is true, but if it is not, then she should be jailed like the rest of miami’s criminal elites.

      1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

        Marc: WE A RE PROUD TO HOLD THE RECORD for FRAUD in many areas, and she should be jailed.

        Anonymous: please, sit and wait, we do not want you to THROW OUT YOUR BACK (pun).

    2. Anonymous says:

      If you guys really got to know this wonderful woman, every single comment would be in her defense. As an accident/injury patient I know it’s impossible for her to be charged for any of those stated above. She works with well known lawyers and being that she has been in Bussiness for I don’t know how many years, she works by word of mouth. That’s how I became a patient. Her friendly bilingual staff makes every visit a pleasure to be there. Everything is explained throughly throughout the therapy and treatments are provided according to each patient’s needs. At the end of every visit the patient signs off for the treatment received, so who would sign for something not received? This is why it makes no sense to me. Whoever has reported Dr. D is digging their own grave

  2. Maria Espinoza says:

    I just read this and could not believe my eyes, my husband and I have been patients of Dr. D since 1994!! She is one of the most honest, ethical and caring women I’ve known, and have no doubt this is not the truth, she runs a clean operation, period.

  3. Carol says:

    I always thought that doctors and cross their “T” and dot their “i” to make sure their paperwork was correct but I guess not.

  4. Picasso says:

    Ah pip fraud with a chiropractor. Not surprised. Chiropractors and injury attorneys are the welfare recipients of the insurance industry.

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