MIAMI (CBS4) – On any given day, and at all hours of the day, you can find doctors, nurses and medical students working hard. Not only are they saving lives at UM’s Miller School of Medicine, but they’re also working on themselves.

Dr. Luis Espinosa, an infectious disease physician, has been working out at the wellness center for five months and says he feels better than ever.

“I feel better. I lost a few inches in my waist, definitely, and I have probably taken away some stress away from my daily work,” said Dr. Espinosa.

He feels he must set an example for his patients.

“They can go to my clinic or my office and tell me, ‘Doctor you look over of weight. You look out of shape.’ How can I tell them they should do it if I’m not going to do it.” Espinosa said.

Dr. Espinosa has been living a healthier lifestyle and that is his motto now and that of The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

Promoting health is key starting from the top.

“If you improve the fitness of someone that’s going to have huge effects, not only in their health, but also in production,” said genetics specialist Dr. Evadnie Rampersaud. “So they’re going to be better at their job more efficient, they’re going to encourage their patients and encourage their staff.”

They also encourage their own staff to take part in GEAR, a new program aimed at improving health through research and education in genetics, exercise with personal trainers, nutrition and preventive medicine supervised by trained professions.

The goal of GEAR is to examine this complicated relationship among individuals who undergo a 12-week exercise protocol.

The program is open to the public. If you want more information on the study, and on the state of the art wellness center go to, or call 1-800-686-6444.

Marybel Rodriguez

Comments (2)
  1. Alexandra Hughley says:

    We should put all doctors and medical staff on this plan, it’s sad to see how many fat obese people work for the hospitals and even the police dep. Don’t even look at the churchs every other pastor is overweight. I’ll stop now

  2. Rocio Raffo says:

    Congratulations to Dr. Espinoza and the staff of doctors working the extra weight out. It is true: if the doctor tells me I should exercise, but he does not exercise himself, how can he be reliable? I´d like to see more doctors, nurses, and health practitioners follow this trend.