MIAMI (CBS4) — The second locally-acquired case of Dengue Fever has been confirmed in Miami-Dade County.

The person diagnosed with the disease has already fully recovered from the illness, according to the Miami-Dade County Health Department however, the health department wants to keep the public aware about the dangers of the disease.

Dengue Fever is a viral disease transmitted by a type of mosquito common to the southeastern United States and the tropics. It is not spread from person to person.

The symptoms of Dengue Fever include, fever (over 101 degrees Fahrenheit), severe headache, severe pain behind the eyes, muscle, joint and bone pain, rash, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

There is no specific medication or vaccine for Dengue Fever which can range from mild to deadly.

Since the disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, it’s important to try and avoid them with help of these tips.

o Avoid outdoor activities when mosquitoes are most active.
o Dress in clothing that covers the skin (long pants and long sleeves).
o Use DEET (with concentrations up to 30%) or other repellents containing picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus – when the potential exists for exposure to mosquitoes.  It is NOT recommended to use DEET on children less than two months of age. Instead, infants should be kept indoors or mosquito netting used over carriers.  Always read the manufacturer’s directions carefully before applying repellent.
o Check Drainage – around your home and rid it and surrounding areas of any standing water where mosquitoes can lay their eggs.
o Make sure that windows remain closed or are sealed completely by Screens.

Eliminating Mosquito Breeding Sites

o Remove water in old tires, buckets, garbage cans and other containers where water collects.
o Check clogged gutters and flat roofs that may have poor drainage.
o Fill in holes or dips in the ground that collect water. Level the ground around your home so water can run off.
o Empty birdbaths, water bowls, plant pots and wading pools once or twice a week.
o Store boats upside down or with a cover.

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  1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    Dengue Fever? Is the Miami-Dade Health Department one of the Neglected, non-union departments that Mayor Carlos Alvares, Commissione Seijas, etc. cannot control…
    Their job should be in cleaning the community clean, not corrupt Paid Union Workers.

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