BROWARD COUNTY (CBS4) – A mother celebrates outside the Broward County School Board, clutching a photo of her daughter, who was actually born a boy. She says that in diapers, from the time she could speak, she basically said, “I am a girl.”  You say good boy and she says, “No mommy, good girl.”

The child is transgender, which basically means that she’s a girl in a boy’s body.

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The mom, who doesn’t want to be identified by her name, says that most children don’t understand or they haven’t been taught what it means to be transgender.  Her fear is that the older they get, the meaner they will get.

In a unanimous vote, the Broward School Board brought equal rights to a new level by adding transgender students to their non-discrimination policy.

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Michael Rajner, who helped promote the new policy says it finally codifies in policy that there will be no discrimination of transgender students or employees and offers them recourse in case they’re discriminated against.

Organizers essentially took the school board’s existing non-discrimination policy, crossed out the word ‘gender’ and added the terms ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’.

Mom says, “With the new policy, I can no go to the school and say, ‘hey, you’re not letting her do this or that’ and now I have ground to stand on.   So now, if her daughter wants to play softball or soccer on the girl’s team, she can do it without repercussions.

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Now that transgender kids are included in the school board’s anti-discrimination policy, it’s hoped that more of these kids will stay in school, thrive in their academics and sports and graduate to become productive members of society.