MIAMI (CBS4) – A 30-year old Miami man who was injured in a police involved shooting which left his cousin dead plans to sue the city, the Miami Police Department and Police Chief Miguel Exposito.

The Cochran Firm and the Amarantos Legal Team filed their intent to sue Friday on behalf of Kareem Williams who was shot three times during a traffic stop, according to CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald.  His cousin, Travis McNeil, died on the scene.

McNeil and Williams were shot at about 11 p.m. Feb. 10th just two blocks away from the Take One Lounge, at 75th Street and Miami Avenue where they had been enjoying an evening out.
Reports say an unmarked police unit pulled them over at the intersection of North Miami Avenue and 75th after McNeil allegedly ran a red light. The officer also noted that before he pulled the vehicle over it was being driven ‘erratically’.

According to Armando Aguilar, head of the Miami police union, during the stop Detective Reinaldo Goyo reportedly saw something that “led him to fear for his life” and he fired into the vehicle in self defense. Police said no weapons were found and have not said what led Detective Goyo to shoot.

“It is becoming obvious that further training is necessary and some psychological evaluations are
desperately needed before the  Department places officers like Reinaldo Goyo in task-force positions which require much more elaborate tactical command decisions to be made in circumstances where extreme force may be necessary,” said Joseph Vredevelt, Esq., with the Cochran Firm, in a statement.  “We feel that as it pertains to Mr. Williams’ case alone, the Department was at the very least on notice of  Officer Goyo’s propensity for rash decision making; citing his attempted reality show appearance which was brought to the City and this community’s attention by Commissioner Richard Dunn at a recent city council meeting.  The video clearly shows nothing but outrageous antics and braggadocio on the part of the officers involved which very likely was the real reason for those shots being fired on February 11, 2011.”

Last week, McNeil’s mother Sheila McNeil met privately with Exposito.

“It’s been very hard,” McNeil said. “Very hard because no parent wants to bury their child; A child is supposed to bury me,” she said. “That’s the most hurtful part of this situation.”

Exposito has been scheduling private meetings with all of the families who have lost relatives in the seven Miami police-involved shootings since July. McNeil said she feels had the chief stepped-in earlier things may have turned out differently.

“Because it was six boys who died before him, and maybe his death could have been prevented if he had stepped in and got his team in order,” McNeil told CBS4. “That was my young son, my baby. He’s gone. But what we can is prevent this from happening to anyone else in this neighborhood, or even this state for that matter.”

Police have not commented publicly about the McNeil case, which remains under review by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office.

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  1. cosmicsquid says:

    All fine and outstanding citizens. Straight “A” students. Who cares its only tax payer money.

    1. aboot says:

      he will be back in jail before they even settle

      1. Roger Keith says:

        That’s the problem with you two dimwits that think this shooting is ok because they were men of color or any other self professed validation you come up with. Doesn’t it mean anything that there were NO weapons in the vehicle? How would you two feel if one of your family members was shot or killed? Maybe cops need a reality check because when one of them gets killed the whole world grieves and its front page or headline news. You get what you give so if you cops are reading this remember what you learned in that lovely BLE (Basic Law Enforcement) academy and being sworn in thereby allegedly adhering to “the oath.”

        By the way in case you want to profile me to I am a male caucasion public servant. I’m not a criminal in jail or have ever been arrested. Do the right thing is what is preached by police in the schools so it should pertain in all situations as well.

  2. Bj Dyson says:

    Take sue sue and sue again!!!

  3. Tomas says:

    Police Officers have been getting away with excessive force and doing whatever they want unchecked for years. This is just one of the few cases that actually makes the news. What about all the other cases that never make the news. If you try to complain and you are accused of something, it’s your word against theirs. Guess who wins? If the Police do something, who investigates it? The Police. If they appoint a Citizens Investigative Panel to investigate, whose reports are they investigating? The Police. Clearly the attitude is, once you put on that badge, you can do whatever you want. You can speed in your cruiser, harass who you want, write speeding tickets and make up whatever speed you want, lie in court, and even shoot whoever you want. But God forbid one of them dies by the same sword, we have to shut down I-95 and a whole metropolitan city for the funeral. I am for law and order and I appreciate the job they do when they are actually protecting the public. But when their power goes unchecked with no limits, it is wrong. Sue the pants off of them.