MIAMI (CBS4) -A congresswoman wants the Justice Department to investigate the Miami Police Department and its use of deadly force in the shooting deaths of seven black men since July.

U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., wrote Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday to ask for a federal investigation. Wilson said only the federal government has the resources and independence to give “close, objective scrutiny” to the deaths.

“What’s going on in Miami-Dade County, Florida? Is it open season on African-American men? It’s outrageous,” said Congresswoman Wilson.

“It’s about time somebody stepped up and did something. I hope it becomes something more than words on paper,” said Sheila McNeil. Her son, Travis, was the seventh man shot and killed by a Miami police officer.

“It took seven young men to lose their lives before any real action was taken. It shouldn’t have been this long,” said McNeil.

All but two of the men were armed when they were shot by police. The State Attorney’s office is investigating.

“What happened to tasers? I remember a couple of years ago, everyone was talking about tasing. All of a sudden, these men are dead,” said Congresswoman Wilson.

A spokeswoman said the Justice Department is reviewing Wilson’s letter.
Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito told CBS4’s news partner The Miami Herald that he has invited federal authorities to attend post-shooting reviews since the first death.

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  1. Daniel Jorge says:

    Would she do this if the men killed were white? Enough with the race card already black folks. Move on! They got shot and killed because they were up to no good! End of story!!!

    1. tiredofhypocrites says:

      Your question is wrong. The question is would Miami Police kill white or so called white hispanic citizens, armed or unarmed??? That’s called a stacked deck, not a race card. So you’re the one who needs to Move on!!!

      1. Frank says:

        Actually they all were shot for good reasons. Nobody remembers the 11 officers killed in less than thirty days but nobody seemed to care. Well the Police care and if you do not do what your are told to do and have a weapon, kiss your tail good bye. The Police are not taking chances anymore and it does not matter what color your are, what religion you are but that you are disobeying and officer of the law. PERIOD!

    2. Concerncitizenof Libertycity says:

      That’s the typical assumption, but you know about assumptions. You think the remnants and affects of racism/slavery just got up and left the room. Why is the black community more heavily patrolled? More crime. Why is there more crime, poor education, poor facilities, more broken families, that’s for starter big Guy.

    3. TruthBites says:

      Oh that’s real rich Jorge. Spoken like a real cuban who feels better than blacks. Just remember, it was many Black people who literally paid with their lives so that non-white immigrants such as yourself can also have the right to use a public restroom and send your kids to public schools in THIS nation—Learn a little history before you open your mouth!! Secondly, some of the men were UNARMED civilians. And how the hell can you insult a woman who is trying to do right by the community?

      Believe it or not, corruption, cover-ups and evidence-tampering runs rampid throughout the police departments. Look it up you follower of sheeple.

    4. MiamiMex says:

      To all those slinging hate at Mr. Jorge, Justice has no color.

      Get off the accusations and start to help the kids in the black community get off drugs and you will be helping instead of just mouthing off.

      Until we admit certain neighborhoods have serious problems we will not be able to help them.

      As for Wilson, she should leave the fancy restaurants and get back in the hood and lend a hand to those she supposedly represents.

    5. harford says:

      im a black guy and i agree…they all had weapons and were up to no good…if they got killed hey, thats the choice they made…

  2. Mark Whitman says:

    you maybe right Mr. Daniel Jorge. but what about the two men who were’nt armed. can you really say that they were up to no good! im white and i could clearly see some sort of injustice going on. maybe you need to take your blinders off and see things for what they really are. and just remember, your probably hispanic, so , if it comes your way or a family members way, you better not be so quick to play “THE RACE CARD”!

    1. FYI says:

      We were not there to see what happened. It could be an unjustifiable shooting or it could not have been. In the last case it was a traffic stop. If the driver tried to run the officers over than it is justifiable as the car in that case would be considered a weapon. Another thing in the other traffic stop the guy was going back to his car and most likely not following orders. If you listen to what police tell you then you do not have a problem no matter what race or ethnicity you are. I have seen cases where a person kept trying to go back to the car and so was the passenger. The driver was arrested and the passenger was told to leave. When the officer checked the car they found a 9mm Luger with a round in the chamber and a large bag of marijuana.

      1. tiredofhypocrites says:

        The police depend on viewpoints like yours to spread apathy about their actions.
        No, we weren’t there. But you know who was there? The one who pulled the trigger and the citizens who were shot. When will the “official report” be released??? It’s a secret until the police can conjure up a reason for drawing a gun on the two gentlemen in the traffic stop. Why was a gun drawn on the other driver the police stopped for double parking. WHY DO MIAMI COPS CHASE WHITE OFFENDERS THRU THREE COUNTIES ON I-95 AND NEVER SHOOT THOSE SUSPECTS???

  3. Bill in South Beach says:

    I agree somewhat with both Mr. Jorge and I absolutely agree with Concerned! There is definitely a race card being played here for sensationalism by the media and not by the Representative. I guess I may have been uninformed, but I did not know the race of the departed. I am just as incensed as I was before. Whatever race or ethnicity, these individuals were 7 members of our community. I presume they each had family and friends. It is so immoral, if not criminal , that they are dead at the hands of “peace officers” ! As my mother used to say, where there is smoke there is fire! For the naysayers, I am not a bleeding heart liberal, I am a concerned white Southern Republican.

  4. do the right thing for the daughters's sake says:

    if the miami police chief is from another country llok at it this way they think they are better to rule the city than the African American who have lived in this country their whole life. They look at African American men as their enemy for where they want to go and where they want to be

    1. CALL YOU OUT says:

      Dear do the right thing for the daughter’s sake,

      It is so obvious that you have some real deep rooted issues and are in fact a racist yourself. your first sentence said it all, ” they think they are better.” who is “they” I thought your issue was the Cheif of police but now I see that it is “they” hispanics that is. #2 you say ” to rule” wow where have you been.
      #3 “they think they are better then the African American who have lived in this country their whole life” FYI many hispanics have lived here their whole life as well but if you ment to say that they were originally from another country well then surprise SO WERE YOU! And by the way since the African American has been in this country “their whole life” don’t you think maybe it’s time the majority should be doing better and should stop using racism as the ” ONE MILLION EXCUSE CARD THAT NEVER STOPS GIVING” go where you want to go and be where you want to be just not with a gun and not in my house….

  5. Money says:

    Tiredofhypocrites, you very naive the state attorneys office send there own investigators to police involved shootings and it is there responsibility to deem the shooting good or bad , per state law . So the notion that the police are hiding something or stalling is absurd!! Stop spreading bad rumors . You doing more damage to the community . Also, keep in mind that these police officers work in predominately black areas , therefore , all subject have been black . Otherwise , there would be other ethnicities involved.

    1. tiredofhypocrites says:

      Your statement doesn’t even make sense. If your call yourself Money because you have a lot of it, your convoluted comment proves you are not smart. Rather you’re just another rich dummie.

      1. Money says:

        What part of your comment makes sense? You don’t even address what part of my comments doesn’t make sense? Your just trying to avoid the fact that u don’t have a good answer to your misinformed , convoluted , hateful comments . Let’s face it yourbthevone that’s not that smart , by speaking without having all the fact !! Live up to your name tired-of-hypocrites-

      2. tiredofhypocrites says:

        Where are the REPORTS??? Where are the REPORTS??? Not one REPORT has been issued. How many shooting and NO REPORTS. NO, NOT ONE INVESTIGATION IS FINISHED. HUH??? Where is it???? Not unless you count the prosecution of the blue tooth theft ring leader, former shooter cop, who copped a guilty plea B4 the report of the two shootings he committed has been released.
        Takes the FEDS to smell a rat the locals ignore right under their noses.
        I’m not naive. I realize it comforts you to dismiss me as such. But you should know the DA is responsible for criminal prosecutions. The FEDS will come in when the locals cannot be trusted to carry out justice. Now tell me I’m wrong,MONEY.
        You don’t know it yet, but that’s okay. Black people cannot be disuaded from pursuing justice by claims like yours (unfounded rumors). What unfounded rumors??? Where’s the REPORT????

      3. CALL YOU OUT says:

        Dear Tiredofhypocrites,

        I can assure you that if Mr. money is rich he is NO DUMMIE, but let me guess your poor!

      4. tiredofhypocrites says:

        Wrong Again. University of Florida graduate. Registered Independent. Gainfully employed since graduating. About to write a check to the IRS to pay my balance due…No refunds for me, just another sweet $10,000.00 federal income tax bill.
        If you call that poor, well get in line behind me because I’m sure you want to be me. South Floridians are stupid, but in a very genunine sort of way. It’s the pill mill capitol, a real theives paradise with Haitian, Jewish and Cuban Ponzi schemes
        all over the tri-county area. Not to mention the white collar criminals in politics.
        So yeah, if it comforts you to feel superior to me, I’m used to it. It’s the typical cop-out of those who don’t think independently. I understand it’s far easier for you to just listen to the fat drug addict, Rush Limbaugh and the re-covering alcoholic, Glenn Beck and the reality show candidate, Sarah “show me the money” Palin.
        The part you can’t deal with is a person like me who can get under your skin and make you soooooo uncomfortible that all you can say is, I must be POOR!
        Like I said, just another dumb American who’s too stupid to recognize the facts.
        Black Cops don’t shoot down white unarmed citizens and White Cops don’t shoot down white unarmed citizens. But white cops and so called white hispanic cops shoot down unarmed black people with regularity.

      5. CALL YOU OUT says:

        you have deep rooted issues and should seek therapy to help you deal with your anger and resentment. It appears that you have been wronged and or feel entitled to something that you don’t have. The issue here WAS about the police involved shootings, but you made it about Money and Race, two things that you obviously have a problem with. I guess maybe a cuban beat you out of a job or maybe the jew makes more money than you. Oh, but wait the Haitians are theives. It’s amazing that you claim to have a college education and yet you sound like an ignoramus. Tell me do you have Law Enforcement experience that you can sit there and judge the police offiicers? Lets send you out there with a gun on your hip to answer dangerous calls and to deal with dangerous people and lets see how you make out. Chances are you would’nt do it but would come up with some pathetic reason as to why.
        You say “I can’t deal with a person like you who can get under my skin and make me sooooo uncomfortable” it’s quite laughable,you seem to be suffering from DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR. I have a question for you professor, If you were a black police officer working in Mexico, in a city being controlled by a drug cartel, and a mexican drug lord resists your attempt to arrest him, he reaches for SOMETHING in his waistband and you shoot. Tell me what you, the black police officer, think you would have shot, A Japanese person? Stop being so judgemental about things you know nothing about.

  6. FYI says:

    While people are busy playing the race card I have one comment people are forgetting. What about the black police officers in the City of Miami? There are plenty of them. I met some of them and they do work in those areas as well. Did any of them shoot as well? Let’s be fair here.

    1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:


    2. Frank says:

      The majority of officers involved in the shootings were black fool. Stop making stuff up and stick to the facts. Notice that after the family meetings the families are not screaming anymore. Guess the facts were in line with the criminals they knew.

  7. greg says:

    take off that stupid hat!

    1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

      you toooooooooooo. It seems you are the only person asking to wear that hat, greg!

  8. TruthAppraisal says:

    The term “playing the race card” is such an overused and abused cliche when it comes to matters such as this. People used the same phrase even after they saw the “Looting” Vs “Finding” illustrations during the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. Being a multi-ethnic person who was born and raised in this country, I have witnessed a true indoctrination of hatred towards black people not just among whites, but even MORE so by non-white immigrants who come here. It is almost like they’ve jumped on the bandwagon of hating people who they don’t even know in order to garner some expected approval by the white-dominated system here. What’s really sad is that they continue to look for reasons to justify their ignorance instead of accepting that their adapted and embedded sentiments may be a bit misguided to say the least. They have even adopted using the “n-word” on a regular basis not knowing the history of hurt behind it and having no regard for insulting or offending a respectable black person.

    What is even more upsetting is that most of them have never really taken the time to hang out with or befriend any black people before forming their prejudice towards the whole group. Chief Exposito may not even recognize his own ignorance and may very likely feel as if he’s justified approaching “those people” with a ‘shoot now, and make excuses later’ program.

  9. martin says:

    stop crying, and start teaching your sons right and wrong instead of always trying to blame the WHITE MAN and THE POLICE

    1. CALL YOU OUT says:

      Dear Martin,

      Now thats an idea, but why teach it’s so much easier to blame everyone for ones own short comings.

  10. sick of all of you says:

    people give it a rest already.

  11. sick of all of you says:

    will there every be a day when we can all honestly look at things and be just a tad bit more respectfully of each other? I dont have have all the answers, just many questions. My back ground has exposed me to many situations but if I mention my back ground then someone will attempt to insult me in-order to get their point across.
    Look people the fact that the congresswoman felt the need to go all the way up to Justice Department to ask Eric Holder to investigate The city of Miami Police Dept. says a lot about her, her feelings towards the Miami police dept, and politics. What happen to FDLE, or the FBI, or the State Attorney’s office?
    Lets assume for arguement sake that the Police dept. is corrupt and is hiding evidence to stall the investigation. Can you honestly believe that all those involved in the investigation are corrupt, The officers are corrupt, the witnesses are corrupt? This here is a fact, during an investigation NO ONE INVOLVED IS ALLOWED TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE INVESTIGATION. Just like when someone is arressted and charged with a crime, they are ALLEDGED to have committed the crime, and during THE INVESTIGATION of that crime the police dept. will not and can not tell any of us who they suspect committed the crime because it would jeopardize the investigation. Why can’t we just wait a while longer for their findings? It’s not like they are going to make this disappear and no one is going to notice. So, when did this become a hispanic, white and black issue? To me it’s more like law abiding citizens vs non law abiding citizens. Im always rooting for the law abiding citizen. Just one more question, do you think that people in Mexico are being gun downed daily because of racism or because of lawlessness?

  12. justmee000 says:

    hell i do not care what colour .he brakes the law or try to kill someone SHOOT

  13. Fred Hencken says:

    We should be aware of the increasing number of police officers killed in the line of duty.The officers Killed are of various races.Could it be that the blacks were criminals armed and dangerous?If the officer shot and killed an armed white person it could never be a racial issue.It would just be a small and short story in the news paper.I as a police officer in todays world would be always on my guard.A traffic stop or a domestic dispute would be treated the same as a burglary or a robbery.My weapon would always be ready to save my life.It would be more productive to pay more attention to helping the minorities.To cry race is in many cases a cop out as it is easier to do than to adress the issue.Why is the majority of the people recieving the attention of the police of any paticular race or even religion?Could it be that it is not a racial issue but a problem that has to be addressed.We must stop the drugs,educate the people,renew pride,remove the ghetto’s,revise the welfare system and more.It is much easier to cry race but that is not always the answer.

  14. Be Fair says:

    While she is at it she should look at how many of those people choose to live. They decide to live the thug lifestyle. Where was she to comment when the thugs are out there shootibng on the streets of the city? How many innocnet people including children have been shot and/or killed.

    1. cherisse says:

      research the history of Black people before you comment.your understanding of the oppression of the Black people ,which is a fact, is low or maybe even non existant.everything goes deeper that what is being seen or talked about.get to the roots and your eyes will open

  15. Tom Wilson says:

    What happened to the use of tasers is the thugs are using guns. This woman’s an idiot.

  16. CODE 1 says:

    WHAT a double standard ! ! ! Is it just by chance that these blacks have been killed, NOOOOOO, they are involved in CRIMES. If the individual shootings are upheld, THEN SO BE IT ! ! ! ! ! ! I am sick and tired of these black politicans and those like Sharption capitalizing on the RACE CARD. That is OLD NEWS, OLD NEWS, stop it already. And then to keep calling for all these investigations, as if there is something wrong, is tarnishing good cops, that are doing their job, PROTECTING THE LAW ABIDING PUBLIC ! ! !

    1. cherisse says:

      cops are trained to target and patrol Black communities.They operate under a governmental system aimed to oppress Black people.They themselves may be unaware of the deepness in the truth of this.So are much of the USA’s population.Many of my Black family and friends have been harrassed and accused of false accusations even when doing nothing wrong.There is truth.I have witnessed it.So anyone that sides with the police to me is siding with the whos really wrong? Im learning that many people are either uncaring, insensitive, uneducated or unexperienced with the struggles of a Black individual.Change will come though!

  17. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    Congresswoman F. Wilson, should stick to hat buying, and less prejudice. I for one will never vote, for anyone playing any race-cards or showing any sort of partiallty to Any race….Sorry, I voted for her: I will not do it Ever Again!

  18. julia says:

    When a police officer is shot, would Ms. Wilson call it rasict? Does she have any idea of police policies, and how they protect the criminals while placing the police officer in harm’s way? My son is a police officer, and I’ve learned some very disturbing things about that topic. I personally don’t care if you call me a rasict – I know my own heart, and I”m not rasict, I just believe in law and order. And I don’t want to lose MY son in the “line of duty”.

  19. Buz Bowen says:

    How about the American of African desent (unless he was born in AFRICA) men get a job and quit stealing and shooting others, selling drugs trying to flee popo, maybe they would not have to be shot, you do not wound someone who is trying to kill you you shoot to kill TAKE NO PRISONERS>