MIAMI (CBS4) – About 100 children gathered Monday in celebration of life and of the hospital that saved theirs – Miami Children’s Hospital.

In a full day of appreciation some of the children, such as 8-year-old Chris Sultan, were coming face-to-face with the actual surgeons that helped make them whole for the first time.

“We had to take his heart apart and rebuild it and design it in a way that it would grow with it,” said Dr. Redmond Burke, chief of cardiovascular surgery at the hospital.

Sultan met Burke, who saved his life, for the first time Monday.

Burke said the hospital saves lives every day – and has done more than 4 thousand open heart surgeries over the years – its “our” responsibility to save this generation, he hopes the next one does the same.

“If someone saves your life, you have to go save someone else’s life — I know you can do it,”  Burke said, challenging Chris.

For most of the children at the celebration life can be challenging; not being able to do simple things life such as playing sports.

But Sultan carries his chest scar proudly — because today not only did he meet the man who saved his life, but he his wish came true.

“It was a life-long dream to be on television,” he said.

Another thankful grandfather celebrating at the event, George Gardner, said he tells his grandson to not be ashamed of that scar, ever.

“Chicks dig scars — you’ll be fine with the blue eyes,” he said.

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Comments (4)
  1. Amber thomas says:

    Hi my names amber thomas. Me and my family are so lucky to have MCH. They saved my cousins life 🙂 My cousin is the baby with the blue eyes in this artical

  2. Alyson Sultan says:

    Where is the video they took today? My son is Chris and I wanted to see his interview that he gave. Can I be sent the link to see it?

    1. Jodi Sultan says:

      Thats my nephew” chris sultan” And we are thank full to dr. burke for saving his life..

  3. Alyson Sultan says:

    I just wanted to say thank you all so very much for making my son the happiest little boy in the world today. Not only did he meet the man who saved his life, he also got to be on T.V. That was a great honor for him. Thanks again so much. And Chris is 9 years old 😉 Have a great week.