MIAMI (CBS4) -Miami’s embattled police chief Miguel Exposito plans to meet privately with the families of the seven men who were shot and killed by Miami police officers.

“The chief hopes to … give the families a little bit of closure,” said Delrish Moss, spokesperson for the Miami Police Department. “Those are the people who are most important here getting answers first. We’ll talk to them, and when the time allows, we’ll talk to the public at large,”

Community activists have been calling for the Chief’s resignation after a string of police-involved shootings.

“The chief called us this afternoon. I was relieved because that was the first time, even though we had met with him several times, and he’s been asking us to get the families together. But today was the one day that he was so adamant about doing it,” said Brian Dennis, executive director of Brothers of the Same Mind.

“I’m hoping that when they get to the chief, that he shares the information that he wants. It might not be all now, but at least we know that we’re trying,” said Theophilus Williams of the NAACP Miami-Dade Chapter.

The meetings will take place next week.