OAKLAND PARK (CBS4) – Just a few weeks ago, desperate for relief from the pain in her aching mouth, Colleen Wilson made a call to Neighbors 4 Neighbors.

“I was taking 24 Advil a day and had immense pain” Wilson told CBS4’s Nicole Maristany.

Colleen could no longer take the pain, but could not afford the estimated $30,000 procedure to correct it.

“The car had broken down, needed a new engine, $3800, hours got cut at work, pay got cut at work, and one thing snowballed. We started off with the mortgage that we could afford and the savings account and within two to three years it was all gone” Wilson explained.

And she was willing to do whatever it took to feel better.

“In my e-mail I offered to mow grass, clean an office, babysit kids” said Wilson, adding “I was desperate”.

As fate would have it, that very day a local dentist reached out, asking if Neighbors 4 Neighbors knew of any pro bono cases he could take on.

“I just felt the need to spread it, share it, pay it forward whatever way I could and this was the best way I knew how” Dr. Robert Stanton, of Stanton Dental Excellence in Oakland Park shared.

Soon Neighbors 4 Neighbors connected Colleen with Dr. Stanton, so her healing could begin.

“I was in tears, like I am about right now, nobody will ever understand what that is to have the weight lifted right off your shoulders and to know that there’s somebody out there that’s willing to help” said Wilson.

In a few months, Colleen will be pain free.

“A combination of crowns, root canals, bridges, so it’s basically what’s referred to as a full mouth reconstruction” explained, Dr. Stanton.

And, she’ll have a new smile.

“Self esteem, self confidence, make me want to smile instead of wanting to hide, it’s a whole new beginning again. I don’t think there’s enough thank you’s for Neighbors 4 Neighbors and Dr. Stanton” exclaimed Colleen.

If you’d like to “pay it forward” and do something special for a Neighbor in need, give Neighbors 4 Neighbors a call at 305-597-4404 or visit www.neighbors4neighbors.org .

  1. Diane D says:

    I’ve been to Dr. Stanton!!!!! He is by far the best in town. Seeing this has made me proud to be his patient

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