MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – An overnight fire gutted a vacant building on Miami Beach. Now fire investigators are looking to see if it was intentionally set.

Miami Beach Fire department spokesman support services Chief Javier Otero said they received a call around 12:20 a.m. of smoke and flames coming from a building at 318 20th Street.

Because of the fire’s intensity, fire fighters were unable to attack it from inside the building. Instead they used water cannons on cranes to attack it from above. As a precaution a nearby building was evacuated. By 2:30 a.m., Otero said they had the main body of the fire out.

Otero said they’ve launched an investigation into the cause of the fire and if it is related to another vacant building that went up in flames last week; that building is just two blocks away from the one destroyed on Monday.

Comments (3)
  1. gary liv says:

    Of course that fire was intentionally set off because it is the same building that caught fire the other day someone wants that property to build something else there if i were the authorities id launch a wide open investigation on it because the building was ok but not to the point of tearing it down the building is a landmauk on miami beach it was built way back and it didnt look ugly so i would vote on an investigation someone is behind all this fire stuff

    1. maria says:

      you are right; the owners of the building should be investigated>

  2. gary liv says:

    Sorry it was not the same building but these fires are in a connection to some one that wants the property i bet thats why they are having someone set them on fire either to collect insurance or someone wants to build something else there