By Joan Murray

SUNRISE (CBS4)- Egyptian Americans living in South Florida continue to monitor the historic events in their homeland.

The end of Hosni Mubarak’s 30 year reign is being met with cheers overseas and locally.

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CBS4 News spoke with several Egyptian Americans who were attending an afternoon prayer session at a mosque in Sunrise.

Hesham Ali who left Egypt 25 years ago said rebuilding the country is possible.

“I think what made it clear to the regime is the size of the people revolting everywhere,” he said. “They were mobilizing out of the square. The regime had led the country to catastrophe. Egyptians are resourceful. They’re intelligent, educated and can build a country better than before.”

Ayman Elmasry, whose brother and sister have been participating in the demonstrations in Cairo, said, “It’s wonderful, what we’ve been looking for.”

“People are fed up. People in power have billions of dollars and are extracting it from the poor people,” he says.

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Mahmoud Ayesh left Egypt 30 years just when Mubarak was assuming power.

“I’m hoping a new government will provide a better life for all Egyptians, education and health opportunities for them to live in Democracy and life they were hoping for,” Ayesh said.

But there is concern about Egypt’s stability especially among Jewish Americans and what this means for Israel.

Bernard Swartz of Tamarac said, “I’m concerned whether I’m Jewish or not. I give the people of Egypt credit for standing up for what they thought was right.”

Sandra Segal said she is concerned and is uncertain about an incoming leader.

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“I’m concerned they won’t have the security that they did with because we don’t know who will be ruling the government, and how pro-Israel they will be.”