MIAMI (CBS4) – Less than a day after winning a temporary reprieve in Miami-Dade court, the Michael Krop Senior High basketball team, the Lightning, will take to the court in the first round of the district playoffs Thursday night.

The Lightning will take on Carol City at Carol City High, tip off is at 6:30 p.m.

The number one team in the state’s Class 6A division almost didn’t get to compete in the Greater Miami Athletic Conference after the Florida High School Athletic Association declared one of its players ineligible.

The FHSAA claimed they did not have the proper paperwork for 19-year old Bryan Delancy, a native of the Bahamas attending school in the states. Since he was ineligible, the team was forced to forfeit the 19 games he played in this season, which effectively knocked them out the district playoffs.

Delancy and two of his team mates sued the FHSAA and on Wednesday Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Spencer Eig granted the team a temporary injunction which will allow them to compete.

Bryan Delancy Emergency Petition

“I’m obviously pleased for our kids and our players who’ve worked so hard all year to try to win a state championship,” said Marcos “Shakey” Rodriguez,” the team’s coach. “You know the fact that we now have an opportunity to do so is exciting, like we’re free again.”

While Delancy had filled out the necessary paperwork to play at Miami Choice Academy last year, he transferred to Krop this year and Rodriguez said he was unaware that any paperwork needed to be filed.

Under the terms of EIg’s decision the school and the FHSAA have time to resolve this matter. There is a possibility that if the FHSAA upholds it previous decision to declare Delancy ineligible, the team could have to give up any games they’ve won after the hearing including a the State Championship title which they have their eyes on.

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