TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) — The Florida Senate education committee is scheduled to discuss a new teacher merit pay bill Wednesday.

SB 736 is an amended version of last year’s highly controversial SB 6 which tied teacher raises to student performance on tests. The bill was previously vetoed by then-Gov. Charlie Crist but Gov. Rick Scott is a strong supporter of it. Gov. Scott believes teachers and schools must be held more accountable to student performance.

In addition to test scores, the evaluations would take into account factors such as student poverty, attendance, disabilities and language skills.

The education panel has also invited Michelle Rhee, former chancellor of D.C. public schools and founder of StudentsFirst, and a nationally known advocate for school reform, to address the committee on Wednesday.

If the bill is passed, 50-percent of teacher pay would be based on the performance of each teacher’s students on standardized tests.

The bill was filed by State Sen. Stephen Wise, a Jacksonville Republican and chairman of the Senate pre-K education committee.

State Rep. Eric Fresen, a Miami Republican who chairs the House education committee, is expected to file a House version in the next two weeks.

Most teachers statewide receive raises based on years of service. They are often evaluated by a school administrator, not by student performance.

Comments (2)
  1. MiamiVice says:

    This frustrates the heck out of me. I have 2 kids in Elementary, one of the best Elementary schools in Dade county. Their teachers would likely get maximum performance bonuses because of the kids grades. However, if it wasnt for my wife spending time with them in the evening, they would not be getting the excellent grades. The teachers are failing in my opinion, and its only the parents that are saving them. Some teachers are very good however.
    Then there are those schools, full of kids where the parents just dont care, or are not able to help their kids for whatever reason.

    So, this so called performance bonus will not be based on how the teachers perform, but rather how the parents perform, and that just is not fair.

    1. jACK kAPLAN says:

      As a concerned parent it is your job tand obligation to make sure your children are doing their homework and are prepared for school. This is how it has been forever, The teacher that has a classful of students that are prepared and do their homework get good grades and will go far in life.

      The teachers that have no parent involvement can teach the best they can possibly teach, but those children by and large will not do well and probably will not be very succesfull in their life.