MIAMI (CBS4) -Police are looking for a man who they said was behind the wheel of an SUV that hit a 91-year-old man leaving him in critical condition.

Police named Andres Calero Bravo, 36, as the wanted man in connection with the incident. Bravo was first labeled as the “person of interest” in the case.

Meanwhile, Luciano Medina remains in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital after Bravo’s SUV slammed into him at a Miami bus stop.

Friends of Medina believe he was on his way to visit his wife in a nursing home when the accident happened.

Surveillance video from a Miami-Dade transit bus shows Medina standing patiently waiting to board at 40th Avenue and Flagler Street when suddenly a Toyota 4Runner careened off the road, onto the sidewalk, and hit him.

Immediately after the accident Bravo can be seen talking to the bus driver who is on a cell phone. He then got out of the vehicle and used the commotion of the crowd to walk away from the scene on foot. Police are now searching for him.

“He’s got stitches from the front to the back, his pelvis is broke,” said Al Soto. “They’re trying to stabilize his hear and his kidneys are starting to fail.”

Soto has been Medina’s friend and landlord of 17 years. He visited Medina in the hospital on Wednesday and said Medina recognized him but wasn’t able to speak. Soto added that Medina is fighting for his life; in addition to his injuries he’s also having trouble with his kidneys.

Soto said he can’t believe this happened to such a good man. He described Medina as a devoted husband who visits his ailing wife of 50 years every single day in her nursing home.

Rodolfo Caballero, a nephew of Medina’s 102 year old wife, said she has been in the nursing home for about two years because Medina could no longer care for her. He said Medina visited her daily at the home.

Mercedes Cooper, one of Medina’s neighbors, said he’s a caring man and while the couple never had children of their own, he looked after everyone in his apartment building.

“He’s a father figure, grandfather to everyone here. He helps everyone out, gives everyone a chance,” said Cooper who can’t believe someone would hit him and then not look back. “It makes me angry that someone could just do that and get up and leave. How could you do that? That could’ve been your father, your grandfather, your uncle.”

Anyone with information on Andres Calero Bravo’s whereabouts is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS or send a text message to CRIMES and enter CSMD followed by the “tip”.

Comments (26)
  1. Vicki Ryder says:

    Since when did this become “YOUR country? Unless your ancestors are native Americans, you’re living in a country that welcomed your forebearers and made it possible for them to build a better life for themselves — and for you. Stop blaming everything on people who have no way to survive in their homelands and risk their lives to come here seeking employment and opportunity. What ever happened to “Give me your tired, your poor…”?

    1. Alex says:

      Native Americans didn’t make the United States. And if we want to become a 3rd world country all we have to do is “welcome” people from the 3rd world.

      Someone who steals your tv is looking for opportunity, too. It isn’t some great or rare trait.

      1. Pete says:

        I’ll bet the Native Americans said about the same thing when they lost their grip, like you’re losing yours.

    2. Pat says:

      Give me your tired, your poor meant rest and get out and go to work. Don’t suck off of america, contribute to it,

    3. kelley says:

      The tired and poor came here legally,did not take food stamps,welfare or free Medicaid. They came here to work, not to steal and break all the laws that they could find.He porbably is illegal,does not have insurance or a drivers license.I wish I could get my hands on him before he is sent back

  2. kev says:

    well what happened was they came ,they saw and then they raped and pillaged/

  3. Kinsy says:

    You two need to quit. You dont even know what happened. Immigrants who do decide to come to the US need to do it legally plain and simple. You dont even know if this is the case though. A poor old man has gotten hit by a car and your worried about whether or not the man is an illegal immigrant. Unbelievable.

  4. Phil Landers says:

    It’s the 9th of February and that makes 3 or 4 hit and runs in Dade so far this year.

  5. yokolee says:

    Truly sad, you need to strop and take responsibility, even if is an animal
    as for the legal status……will u let anyone come inside u house regardless?
    We do need emigration reform RAPIDO!

    1. Pamela ( 0: says:

      Lordy, “YOKOLEE”… it’s “IMMIGRATION”… and you need to get your ILLITERATE body to ENGLISH classes!

      PS to the IGNORANT: Being an IDIOT driver has nothing to do w/ their IMMIGRATION STATUS.

  6. Maureen Steinberg says:

    Ronald, first of all it’s CUBA with a C not a K, you stink more than any “smelly Cuban” this is a sad case of an elderly man who unfortunately got run over by a thoughtless person regarldess of immigration status…People like you make me sick.

  7. tim3500 says:

    Whatever this guy is, he still left the scene,and will be caught shortly… 27% of drivers in Dade County drive illegally,compared to 12% state wide…

  8. johnny5 says:

    Will you guys proofread your articles before you publish them? Every single article you guys post on here has grammar issues and everyone points it out all the time. What do you do, hire high school dropouts? Seriously. I stopped reading this after the 3rd line below. Please hire a new editor!

    Friends of Medina believe he was on his to visit his wife in a nursing home

  9. Alex says:

    Someone who steals your tv wants a better life for themselves. Can we PLEASE stop with this NONSENSE statement? Who wants a worse life?

    1. Cody Patton says:

      Someone who steals your tv wants a better life for themselves??? What is a NONSENSE statement??? Buddy, you sound like Ricky Ricardo.

      You must be the typical Miami driver that cuts in and out of traffic, and races to the red lights.

  10. Wayne Dominguez says:

    Johnny, Miami-Dade has the stupidest people in America. They are spending too much time at the Churro Mania in Dolphin Mall when they should trying to improve their English skills. CBS4 wants to cater to the literate becuase the majority of living and breathing people have left Miami.

    1. johnny5 says:

      lmao I agree. All Miami has going for it is South Beach and the Dolphins, who are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I don’t even go to Miami because after the mayor made English the official language there about 10 years ago, it NEVER happened. Try going to a gas station and asking the cashier for change for a $10 after buying gas. He won’t speak English to you and that is a 100% true fact. Go to a grocery store there and everyone looks homeless and no one speaks a lick of English. Miami is the armpit of society right next to Hollywood California. Miami sucks and I am embarrassed to say I live 3 towns north of it.

    2. LOL says:

      Wayne are you dumb? You post a response critcizing CBS of poor editorialism and then you go on to post a complete mess. It’s shocking how you could criticize someone and then barely collect your thoughts well enough to articulate whatever point you were trying to prove. Listen up boy, you need a lesson!

      It’s “they should BE trying to improve their English” —- like you should be LOL

      And didn’t you mean “cater to the ILliterate” haha you’re a hot mess!!

      Clean yourself up a little Wayne, stop drinking and get out and enjoy Miami’s great weather!!!!!

  11. pumpkinhead says:

    Why is mimai always called miami dade? Yoiu dont call fort lauderdale fort lauderdale broward every time referring to it.. What gives?

  12. Pete says:

    It’s not your country anymore. 85% of the population growth since the last census was in the minority population. You’re losing your country because you’re impotent. And, no, I didn’t misspell “important.”

    1. Dr. Carlos Diaz Lujan says:

      That’s what happens to a nation that contracepts and aborts its own children…. it drives itself out of existence…

  13. essie says:

    what in the world is wrong with all of you. How did this story about a man who is visiting his wife in a nursing home, gets hit by a SUV in which the driver leaves the scene of the accident becomes a racial topic. just pray that this elderly man gets well and be able to see his wife another day.

  14. Runningball says:

    The guy who hit him was probably on his ‘cell’. He should now be in a cell.

  15. Vicki Ryder says:

    Pat (and Ken),

    It’s clear that you’re operating from a position of prejudice — not fact.

    A recent report by the Council of Economic Advisers found that immigrants (whether documented or not) contribute to the U.S. economy in many ways. Contrary to popular myth, they DO pay taxes — every time they buy something and every hour they work. Social Security taxes come out of their wages but, without documents, they’ll never collect SS benefits. On average, immigrants and their offspring contribute nearly $80,000 more in tax revenue over their lifetimes than the U.S. born.

    Another myth is that they take jobs from the U.S. born. Mostly, they work in low-paying jobs like maintenance or strawberry picking, where they work long days exposed to pesticides and other hazards with no overtime pay, no shade, and often no toilets. There’s not much competition for those jobs!

    And finally, studies show that because they are afraid their status will be discovered, undocumented workers are more (not less) likely to obey the law and keep a low profile. Every group will have its bad apples, but let’s not be so hard on our immigrant workers or condemn the whole lot for the misdeeds of the few.

    My daughter-in-law came here (legally) from Russia five years ago. It took more than four years and many thousands of dollars before she could get her working papers. And she was one of the lucky ones. She spoke English and was college educated. Imagine how hard it must be to achieve citizenship for someone who lacks these advantages.

    I think our country would be a better place if we all would be a bit kinder to each other and a bit more understanding of each other. Hate and prejudice are not the American way.

  16. ken says:

    Maybe we’re losing our country because here we believe we shouldn’t BREED’em if we can’t FEED’em! Potency has nothing to do with it…

    and yes, we’ve gone astray from the most important fact that this poor old man is in trouble. Hope he pulls through.

  17. Silvia says:

    I made the mistake of leaving a northern state with a REAL gvm’t and standards because I hate the cold and here now in this ill run , incredibly low political, police,city standard Miami-dade.

    Cold or not I hope to sell and move back in a year or 2 but I will lose alot of money however it is worth it.
    The reckless amount of drivers in this ill run banana republic alone make it worth leaving.

    The police refuse to even enforce basic traffic laws like turn signals and thus signs which real police use to weed out drunk drivers are not used here in this free for all.

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