MIAMI (CBS4) — Lawyers fought to a draw Monday in the recall battle involving Miami-Dade commissioner Natacha Seijas.

A Miami judge postponed ruling on her request for an injunction that would derail plans for Seijas to face her district’s voters in a recall election March 15th.

Mayor Carlos Alvarez is on the same ballot and fighting his own legal battle. Both he and Seijas are targets of voters who are angry over their support for a property tax rate hike.

In a videotaped deposition early in the day, Seijas did not even want to admit she’s fighting the recall. A lawyer for Miami Voice, the group behind the recall effort asked Seijas why she did not just submit to the will of voters at the ballot box.

Seijas answered, “Sir, I am not going to answer that question because I don’t’ have an answer for you.”

Her lawyers, meanwhile, hope to prove that a huge number of the more than 4 thousand recall petitions signed by voters are sloppy, incomplete, poorly notarized and inadequately certified.

But proponents of the recall produced their own documents—including a warranty deed for Seijas’ home– in which her name is misspelled. She was asked how she would feel if someone sued to take her home away because of an innocent mistake. Seijas would only answer, “I had it (name) corrected.”

Miami Voice chairwoman Vanessa Brito said, “To say the clerk certified 93 percent of the petitions and to say all are bad, that is tough.”

Seijas’ lawyer, Kendall Coffey, countered that precise rules for recall petition paperwork are in place to protect the sanctity of elections—like the re-election bid Seijas won in 2008. Coffey said, “When you are trying to undo an election that happened two years ago you have to follow the law.”

The debate over that law will continue Tuesday in the intensifying recall battle.

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  1. Navarro Alice says:

    Politics can very ugly. But, moreover, we as a people have some say. So, it is what it is. If you feel you have done nothing inappropriate, step up to the plate and fight the everlasting battle. On the other hand, if you think (even for a seond) that skeletons might crawl out of your closet, quit while you are ahead and avoiod yourself the humiliation. Best regards……. A true citizen!

  2. Navarro Alice says:


  3. ltanque376 says:

    Everybody . To what i was told is that on Friday under a Judges ruling, now we have to types of class people . 1- The Elected officials and the Private Citizen. My question is . What happen to the 14 Amendment from the US Constitution of Equal Protection Clause????
    Under the US constitution we are equal.EQUAL PROTECTION CLAUSE-Now the 14 Amendment to the US Constitution it is written that prohibits discrimination by state government institutions.The clause grants all people”equal protection of the laws,”which means that the states must apply the law equally and cannot give preference to one person or class of person over another!!!! Does anyone care what the Law we live in care to comment????
    Now that no one cares that the Supreme Law of the land is violated and we have 2 classes of people. I do not want to hear later on when more different Classes of people are created and Laws are passed on this decision by the judges.Ok.
    People are overlooking this monumental fact here and it is going to haunt them for the rest of their lives, especially when an individual’s rights are being violated

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