By Ted Scouten

MIAMI (CBS4)- A survey released Friday suggests that everything you think you know about singles is wrong.’s survey of singles in America revealed that the current state of the bleak economy has a negative impact on Americans, notably finances were the top stressor for seven out if 10 Americans, but traditional gender expectations are making a comeback.

The survey shows results of 5,200 singles answering relationship, including money-related, questions. The survey revealed that men are quicker to fall in love, more likely to want children and more likely to want a combined bank account.

Meanwhile, women want more independence and personal space.

“I have to say, I’m a “commitment-phobe!” said Danette Favero.  “I think it’s more like, I feel claustrophobic.  I like seeing him every other day, but every day is just too much.”

Fifty-four percent of men said they have experienced love at first sight compared to 44 percent of women.

“Once you meet the right person, you know instantly,” said Andrew Alorro.  He’s been married for nearly 22 years.  “The right person comes along once in a lifetime so you have to know.”

Women also said they are less interested in having children than men.

“I’m looking for a good mother for my child,” said Gabriel Righvschi.

“Today’s woman is more education,” explained matchmaker Ann Robbins from Lifeworks Matchmaking.  Despite the blurring of gender roles, Robbins finds the basics remain the same.

“The important thing is, it’s not a race.  It’s not a contest,” Robbins explained.  “Take your time, find the right person and don’t settle.  You’re better off single than to settle.”

Over the past 50 years, dramatic changes in gender roles took place. The feminist movement led society to recognize that both women and men can play key roles in the workplace.

Additionally, as the economy changed society saw that gender-related choices became gender-related necessities. In other words, the average American family did not have the choice between pursuing a career and being full-time homemakers.

According to the survey, when asked if they were more interested in finding someone to share their life with more than before because of the economy four out of five respondents did not endorse romantic involvement as a way to get rid of their financial pressures, although women were slightly more likely than men to seek economic relief in a relationship.

In addition, financial gender equality was highly endorsed by both men and women. Three out of four participants agreed that couples should share household duties and share financial decisions equally.

But although they agree duties should be shared gender roles are still not completely accepted. The survey revealed that 45 percent of men said they are ready to be a househusband, or the primary care taker of the home, but only one out of three women say they are ready to have men take that role.

Despite social and economic changes, a number of male and female roles seem slow to change. When it’s time to pay the bill on the first date 37 percent of men believe that it’s the man’s responsibility to pick up the check with 19 percent of women agreeing.

Interestingly enough, the survey showed that the youngest and oldest singles were most likely to endorse the idea that the man should pay the bill on the first date, an assumption that the tradition may be making a comeback.

All in all, as society evolves and pressures increase we become more diverse in our opinions and traditions.  We cannot assume that our date’s economic views and views of a possibly shared future are the same as ours.

Ted Scouten


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