By Ted Scouten

Who knew that men are really the romantics, and women more pragmatic?  Have you heard about the new survey from  It found that 54% of men believe in “Love at first sight” while only 44% of women do.  I was speaking to professional Matchmaker Ann Robbins from Lifeworks Matchmaking in Fort Lauderdale. She said that sounds about right, that men are visual and formulate their opinions of women from the outside in, while women look at men from the inside out. 

And here’s another one, more men are interested in having kids than women!  The survey found 24% of single men are ready for parenthood, while only 15% of women want kids. 

Other notable finds in the survey:

-Dating within your race or religion is not as big of a deal

-Women want more independence than men

-More 21-34 year old say they’ve never had sex (24% of men, 23% of women)

-Seniors who are dating report the greatest level of happiness

To find out about attitudes on one night stands, work place romances and monogamy, check out the complete survey at

Ted Scouten


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