MIAMI BEACH (CBS4)- The northside of a building collapsed in Miami Beach Friday afternoon leading to a restaurant closure, but no one was injured.

The building located at 660 Ocean Drive collapsed onto Ocean Drive at approximately 3:15 pm. The Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department was called to the building. Building inspectors were also at the scene. Inspectors said it was caused by wear and tea and nearby restaurant Ocean Seven was closed down.

“The eye brow collapsed,” building inspector Abraham Alvarez said. “Most likely water building on top of it. Just wear and tear.”

Alvarez said there should have been a water drainage system, but they are “old buildings. Most likely it’s been a similar condition and just water building up there could have caused it.”

Restaurant employee Alex Gonzalez said he was inside the restaurant when the incident occurred. He said he’s glad that no one was hurt.

“I just heard a big old boom and we came to the side to see if anybody was hurt or injured,” Gonzalez said. “Thank God nobody was hurt. So, you know, that’s basically it. I really thought something happened, something big happened.”

Miami Beach resident Michael Corleone said he’s optimistic about what lies ahead.

“It will be restored,” he said. “It will look better once it’s repaired and unfortunately these deco buildings need a little more maintenance and it will be taken care of this weekend.”

No one was hurt.

The Majestic Hotel was not shut down and there were no evacuations.

Ocean Seven restaurant will remain closed. Authorities are not sure when it will be reopened.

Comments (2)
  1. hm says:

    i was in this store business eternity market and beachwear when this happen as every friday when i go to the beach i stop there to buy food and drinks i was lucky

  2. Tony Montana says:

    isn’t this the restaurant that gouges tourists with hot girls and promises of discounts? the menu doesn’t show drink prices and then there are all sorts of hoops to TRY and get the discount plus the 18% mandatory tip…Glad no one got hurt but Karmas a witch ..Owners hope this is a lesson to stop ripping off tourists!

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