NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBS4)- Samuel Vincent is at a loss for words as he mourns the tragic death of his 21 year old son Tyron Richemond.

“It’s no fair, not fair,” he said about the death of his only son, one of five children whom he describes as a good kid from the day he was born.

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“This man take away my son from me, he was a good boy,” says Vincent.

His son was killed in a hit and run accident Tuesday along with Charles Williams, 55, as they stood at a bus stop on 79th street.

Williams was left paralyzed from the neck down according to family members.

“It’s a shame he left my father and that boy for dead and didn’t care,’’ said Carla Askew, Williams’ daughter.

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The suspect in the hit and run, Rolando Aliaga, 48, was arrested a short distance from the scene.

Miami Dade County authorities say he tried to flee but thanks to Good Samaritan Mark Brown, he didn’t get far.

“Everything happened so quickly until you really don’t give it a whole lot of thought at least I didn’t, I just sort of moved,” says Brown.

Brown used his truck to nudge Aliaga off the road as he tried to get away. The families of both victims thanked Brown for his actions even though he did so at great risk to himself.

“I’d like to say thanks to the man and God bless him,” said Vincent.

Aliaga remains behind bars on $90,000 bond.

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He is facing numerous criminal charges, among them DUI manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident.