HOMESTEAD (CBS4) – CBS4 has learned a 4th grade teacher at a Lincoln-Marti school in Homestead has been suspended after a 9-year-old, African-American student said the teacher called him “Haitian” and told him to stand up in front of the class.

In a CBS4 exclusive, the boy told us, “I was feeling terrible about what happened during an argument with a classmate. My classmate called me Haitian. And I called him Haitian. The teacher came in and called me Haitian. And told me to stand up.”

That’s what he did.

“I felt embarrassed. So I just did my punishment,” the student told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench.

At the mother’s request, we are shielding the boy’s identity to prevent future problems for her son and possible teasing of her son by others.

The youngster told D’Oench that the incident was the worst thing that has ever happened to him at his private school.

“It was a horrible feeling for an adult to call children Haitian,” he said. “All my friends stared and my classmates stared. I was embarrassed in front of all of my friends and my classmates.”

His mother sent an e-mail to CBS4.

“When he came home and told me, I was shocked,” said the mother, whose son had received a scholarship to attend the school. “I was shocked that this happened in school with a teacher. That’s not something you send your kids to school for. He has a first name and a last name. He doesn’t need to be addressed by his ethnicity or his race, just his first name and his last name.”

“She kind of opened the door to something he didn’t know existed,” the mother said. “He has friends of every color and every race.”

The school is not identifying the teacher. But one hour after D’Oench stopped at the school at 28800 S.W. 152nd Ave. for comment, the school announced that the teacher had been suspended pending the results of the investigation. And the probe will determine the teacher’s future with the school.

The school’s General Counsel, Demetrio J. Perez, released a statement, saying, “Lincoln Marti does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and the school takes this matter very seriously. The incident is under investigation.”

Perez told D’Oench the investigation would “get to the bottom of what happened.”

The mother is glad she spoke up.

“Parents have to be real careful,” she said. “Talk to your kids. Find out what they are doing. If he hadn’t talked, this might have continued.”

“I don’t want all the teachers doing the same thing to me,” said the student.

And now the mother says she is looking for a new school for her son.

“It’s going to be hard,” she said, “particularly since I’ll have to try to find another scholarship. But I just think my son will be better off somewhere else.”

“He loves school and athletics and is an excellent student,” she said. “And I know he will go far.”

The mother said she felt it was important that the teacher be disciplined.

“Some kind of discipline is important,” she said. “I don’t want to say fire her because that would be too much. And I don’t want to see that happen because I am not an evil person.”

Peter D'Oench

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  1. Kerry Clark says:

    This is not news worthy, being calleda Haitian is not a bad thing, what if he was called Jamaican.

    1. shawn says:

      african american? why are you such a racist? this article does not point out this child’s national origin anywhere. he is black, not all blacks are from africa, they have them in europe as well, so he very could be european american. that must mean that all yellow people were born in asia. When can we stop this kind of bigotry? Yes I hope you noted the sarcasm. And where anywhere in this article does there say there was a crime commited? that is referring to your comment about this not being a black on black crime. this is nothing more than an over sensitive culture tolerating spoiled kids being raised to believe everyone is your friend, face it they arent, you will be ridiculed for something your entire life, and why arent both children being discplined, they both called each other haitian, so if a black does it is ok but not a white child? racism in any form is still racism, quit white washing the problem

      1. Erica says:

        How do you know the kid is spoiled? Do you know him personally?

        How you know if both children are not being discipline?

        yes, they both called each other Haitian, kids being kids call each other all type of names and even talk about each other’s mother, but is the teacher a kid also?

        If a black does it the situation would remain the same and people would ask the
        same question, “why the teacher did not call the student by his name rather than his ethnicity? The race/ethnicity of everybody involve does not matter what matters is why the teacher called the boy Haitian?

        Whether they were all white or all black, Why not call him by his name? Is hatian a substitude word for something else? I don’t get it, why?

      2. ripuree says:

        “They have them in Europe as well” shows your inability to understand the issue. Suppose someone told you that not all whites are Europeans, then added “they have them in Africa as well”. Would that help you to get the point? Would you not feel that whites in Africa are at least guests without reduced rights and privileges, regardless of how long their forefathers has resided there? So, its arrogant condescension, when whites who’ve been told for quite a few centuries now that “they” are superior to all others, refuse to see how that subconscious feeling of superiority is still unleashed unwittingly in actions and speech everyday. “

      3. Kayla Harrington says:

        i just want to point somethig out im 17 african/korean i have a 16 year old friend who is italian and arabian. she took up a personal interest in criminal justice and went on to study it in high school her teacher who is white placed her in hand cuffs in front of the whole class making her uneasy now my friend looks white except she has a little pigmintation to her skin and other than that the only other way u would now that she wasnt is by her last name. my friend the student told the teacher she didnt like being made an example the teacher replied infront of the whole class tht is mostly no all except her white and said ur latino so you shold be use to it now that is not the onlly remark this teacher has ever made and what makes it worse is that my friend the student isnt even latino her step father is and is incarcerated and the teacher nows this and used her step father as an example now how do u feel about tht and the student is not spoiled and nothing ever comes easy to her now because of the constint abuse from this teacher she no longer wants to further her career in this field. No one is white washing a problem there is a line a teacher who is supposed to be a role model is slandering ethnic races except her own so those that look up to her and see her as a role model will believe that it is ok and even so what is ur belief and personal opinion in that field about subjects like so should be kept to oneself.

    2. justice-for-who says:

      “I found out the teacher is white and the other boy teasing him was white” Sounds like a racist comment to me. THEY WERE TEASING EACH OTHER!! Why aren’t you complaining about the black kid calling the white kid a Haitian, if you are going to be the Champion of all things good and pure. You are so hung up on the past that you can’t live in the now.
      And_justice_for_all, you and your kind are the greatest danger to the future of our country. You will not allow anyone to move ahead, everything must be looked at in the context of slavery.

      1. Maria Gonzalez says:

        About justice-for-who

        “and-justice-for all” is not racist he just states his facts because he knows someone personally involved in the issue. He said the “teacher and the other child are white,” well what’s wrong with that statement” how is that racist? so if he said they were all black would it still be racist? give me a break… no matter what he says it will be racist so damn if you do and damn if you don’t.

        The now we live in is based on the past… everything has a beginning and sadly it wasn’t good one in America as we know old habits die hard… He did mentioned in a couple of his post that both kids did wrong… he’s being neutral… Slavery did happen so don’t be mad when it gets mentioned it’s part of history it can never be erased.

        Why is it that when someone mentions slavery they are labeled racist… this man is a white man not black… read his post… He mentions racism because as a white man married to a black woman he experiencess racism because you can’t be too blind to see that interracial relationships are not accepted 100% I know I date outside my race. Lay off him; so far he’s the only one making sense on this post.

    3. Joe says:

      I want to be compensated for all Polish jokes since they may offend me! (Polish obviously)

      1. Marilyn says:

        yeah I know, how many times have I been called a stubborn Dutchman. Big deal. Oh yeah, maybe I should be offended because I am still jokingly called a Yankee although I have been in the south over 35 years.

    4. Give Me A Break says:

      I know! Give me a break! This is the parents making a mountain out of a mole hill. THEY are making the situation worse and THEY would be the reason the kids would ever give him a further hard time in the future. This would already be forgotten about had the mother not made a big deal out of it. My kid gets called Italian all the time, but rather we are Sicilian. I better cry discrimination over the fact that her heritage is misunderstood by other children. Get over it and move on. Seriously!

      1. AMB says:

        Why is being called a Haitian a discriminatory thing? Oh, you Americans!!! Oops, that’s a bad word and all who are reading this may not be American. Offended? Really? This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. Sitting here in shock at the stupidity! If this child and his mother are “offended” at being called a certain nationality then they don’t have enough to be worried about in life. I’ve got a lot more important things to be concerned with. Geez!

    5. Erica says:

      I am Haitian and yes it is not a bad thing, it just sounds like the teacher has something against haitians to call a student haitian and not by their name.

    6. somuchsoma says:

      It is not that she called him haitian. She called him ‘hatian’.

      She didn’t say “That boy is haitian”, she said “hatian”. To get his attention. To refer to someone as their nationality it is a bit offensive. You don’t say “Hey, African!” to someone from africa, let alone a nine year old child from his teacher.

    7. SJ says:

      Look people..the kid was called a Haitian but wasn’t a Haitian. Go up to a Puerto Rican and call them a Mexican and see if you can open both eyes the next day. Why did the teacher call him that anyway? smh

    8. AJ says:

      Ok how bout this. I am African American. When I was a 3rd grader, I had an awful teacher. There was this African janitor standing there, then she tells me “Hey, speak to him in your language.” I never told my mom about it until I was older. But it did upset me. She was a very abusive teacher too. Should I have just blown that off?

      1. carnella williams says:

        This was an offensive act that you experienced. To be called Haitian for whatever reason should not be offensive. I think you are offending all Haitians by even telling a story where someone was mad for being mistaken as one!

  2. Edgar says:

    What If I am called “Cuban”? It is not justifiable the measures against the teacher in this case.

    1. Rob says:

      So let’s see. Two kids get in an argument in classroom. They call each other ‘Haitian’ back and forth, as if it is a bad thing. The teacher deals with this nonsense by calling the last kid to say ‘no, you’re a Haitian”, a ‘Haitian’ and to stand up and shut up.

      That’s a firing?

      Self-awareness in education is dead.

    2. Walt Tune says:

      It seems the mother was incorrect in stating this “opened a door” that had never opened before. Obviously, the two students thought “Haitian” was a derogatory term when they used it in their argument. It appears that the teacher used the term to stop the “discussion” between the students. He/she was probably using the absurd to demonstrate the ridiculous to the students, that the term was, in fact, only bad if used to denigrate another person. In other words, “Hatian” is only hateful when used that way. The teacher was using the students’ own language to show them hatred and racism are wrong.

    3. Jan says:

      Not all whites are Anglo but are frequently called so. When do you see them making such a fuss? Just yesterday, I heard an African American comedian/actor make reference to someone being as ugly as an ‘Englishman’s teeth’, and some network saw fit to put it on television! His show didn’t get boycotted or cancelled.

      There is no evidence from this article that the teacher was acting with malicious intent. Maybe everyone needs to slow down on their rush to judgement.

    4. winoceros says:

      Please let us know how you know she said it sarcastically.

    5. lilly says:

      I know this child personally and he is very ashamed of being black all he does is call kids of his own race Haitian or the N word this kid is as nasty as his mother the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree……according to the kids in the classroom that day he was telling the other child ” shut up u Haitian” like being black is a bad thing and the teacher told him to stop and asked him if he was Haitian ….period point blank… don’t take this somewhere Else Mama you told on the teacher and you told wrong…. but you can get rid of the students that saw everything and said what really happened your kid is in need of some help and teach him about being black.. its beautiful he should be proud of it am sorry you feel so white and what makes me even more upset is that the news will report on something like this…my son as been there since Kinder and i have never seen something like this , then again my son is not ashamed to be black

  3. Edgar says:

    I didn’t know that being called “Haitian” is detrimental to anybody. Haitians are part of our community and indicates the origin of a person, and not an insult.
    But it seems that there is a discrimination from African American blacks against blacks whose origins are from the beutiful island of Haiti.

    1. Anon says:

      Speaking about gay and Haitian as if they represent the same information is mind boggling to me. You realize that nationality and sexual orientation are not equal classifiers, right? Maybe you don’t since you’ve unnecessarily capitalized gay more than once. Are you aware that there is no country of Gay? Also, way to ruin this teacher’s anonymity by giving out her first name.

      1. wow says:

        They both fall under discrimination if used as a label. A gay person has a name just like a haitian person has a name. They do not need to be classified just called by their name, get it?

      2. Brian says:

        labeling is equal classifiers. someone being labeled gay specially in a professional environment because he acts a little feminine is labeling and someone being labeled haitien in a professioanl enviroment such as school because of their race (skin color) is also labeling. So where is the difference in that, it’s still discrimination both are being discriminated against due to the labeling. A feminine man is not neccesarily gay like a black person is not neccesarily haitian. Everybody has a name use it! You are missing the point. It’s not a race thing it’s a labeling thing.

      3. Missing the point . . . says:

        … Brian, you get the point!

    2. Bob says:

      The “PC” police have gone crazy…..

  4. Charles Paul Taffinder says:

    My teacher called me Spanish, but I’m half Colombian not Spanish. Give me a break…… I was So embarrassed.

  5. orly says:

    wow people tryna get attention out in the streets nowadays

    1. Keisha says:

      Unbelievably stupid to punish the teacher, and not the name-calling kids! Yes, this kid should get a scholarship to another school, so another teacher can get punished when the kid gets in trouble again.

    2. tzjt says:

      Home of the brave, eh?

      Racism: Judging people based on their ethnicity. Stating the ethnicity is NOT racist.

      Is calling a woman a woman (or a man a man) sexist? No.

    3. Basic English Skills says:

      Apparently, your teachers didn’t teach you correctly either or you were spending your time doing other things! Your writing is atrocious!

    4. winoceros says:

      There is nothing in the context of this non-story that would lead anyone to believe that the fourth-grader geniuses in question were referring to ethnicity rather than nationality.
      Haiti is a country.
      Your wife, if she is saying “nip it in the butt” might want to know that it’s “nip it in the bud.” Or maybe you heard her incorrectly.

    5. Gwenny Todd says:

      “Nip in the bud” . . .meaning to stop something before it gets beyond the first stages . . . although nipping butts may appeal to you more. 😀

  6. Carla says:

    Tired of the RACIST WORD..stop the non-sense.We have many problems, more importants than, this news..Who cares? CBS

    1. and_justice_for_all says:

      Wow… is people like you that endorsed slavery in America. It’s about Human concern. Believe me racism exists in America unless you live under a Rock you wouldn’t know. If you’re tired of the RACIST WORD move to a place where race is not an issue, it’s still an issue in America! Obviously if you are tired of the RACIST WORD then that means that alot of people are experiencing the RACIST WORD and you hear about it ore than you would like. I guess you’re the only one that hasn’t experience the RACIST WORD. If you ever experience it you will also start using the RACIST WORD cold hearted woman. This story is about a child being literally abused and what’s worst is that he’s being abused by someone the mother trusted, a school official, not even the mother teaches him things like that according to her comment that she made she says that he has “friends of all race and colors” and ““She kind of opened the door to something he didn’t know existed,” The story is not about race is about Ignorance of people that causes them to be racist, prejudice and discriminatory.

      1. happy42xxx says:

        You are the type of moron that wants to find racism so you see it in everything you look at….This is not racist – it is a case of mistaken identity.

      2. Emanuel says:

        and_justice_for_all—-quit making it an issue, a bigger issue, and fanning the flames. You know very well what I am referring to here. As a black man in the year 2011, I am sick and tired of people like you having a sorry, pandering, race card, voice and pointing the accusing finger. Go live life and quit searching for what is wrong or how you feel victimized.

      3. tzjt says:

        Beware the troll.

        This poster is only trying to rile people up. nobody can be that stupid.

      4. some people are ignorant and don't know it! says:

        Good Point about no one can be that stupid!!!

        How in the world was this child abused????
        I am so tired of everything having to a black/white thing! The race card is getting real old!

      5. winoceros says:

        I don’t understand, because the reporter in this story didn’t ask any questions of substance to the mother, why she was offended if her son was identified as “Haitian”.
        The child has not been abused in any way. Please let us know how you know the details of the actual occurrence because the story doesn’t actually say what happened.

    2. whatever says:

      If you don’t care why waste your time with comments. just don’t be part of the post.

  7. Not a wanna be! says:

    These Cubans (the teacher is one) have always felt superior to other people of either the islands and the rest of Latin America. There is something about them, perhaps a chip on the shoulder that they feel that they are superior, of a better race, more deserving. I had the same experience while growing up in Miami. I was not Cuban, but of a spaniard last name. When asked if I was Cuban and told not, they would call me of every possible nationality. And at times make fun of me for being “strange”. I was affected during my child and teen age life due to this and believe me it is not pleasant to say the least. I even tried changing my last name by writing it differently. Thankfully, Cubans are no longer a majority in Miami, the majority is composed now of a mix of other nationalities to include Colombians, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans, Peruvians, Brazilians and several more that escape my memory. But most interestingly all these other nationality have brought to us the best of them, making us now a really cosmopolitan city, gateway to the America’s, where we can savor food from all these nations and more… Conversations now are ever more intellectual and invigorating and not just the eternal theme of the Cuban topic. The others are majority now, for the benefit of us all.

    1. winoceros says:

      Do you have any proof that the teacher feels superior to people of other nationalities? Or are you just making generalizations about others based on your own limited experiences?
      Is is possible, perhaps, that the negative experiences you had can be attributed to bullying, and not to “Cubans”?
      Is it the experience of having other nationalities in your community that has changed your mind, or is it possible that being an adult, you just don’t experience bullying any more?
      Is it the food that makes a community? Do you think Floridians talked about things other than the (then) current event of Cuba back in the day, or is it possible the media and your circle of influence was interested in discussing the topic of Cuban migration and other issues?

  8. Come On Already says:

    GET OVER IT !!!!!! Talk about getting TOO politically correct. This is directly related to cbs investigating anything related to stirring up racial issues, ie, liberalism !!!!! Wanna know all the names we called each other in elementry school a generation ago, they would make this look petty !!!!!! Interesting how the article never really SAID whether he is haitian or not, but the mother’s inference is he IS. You don’t see cbs making a big deal about whites being degraded all the time. ALSO he called the other kid haitian, maybe the teacher is using a little phyc 101 on the kid. THIS IS A NON-STORY !!!!!!!

    1. Stacy says:

      When I started high school as a young black female, I was teased, harassed daily (by “‘African Americans”) coming from the island. I had Haitian, Puerto Rican, cuban american friends who never gave me a hard time.I never got my parents involved because I was intelligent enough to know that it was ignorance with adults and children alike. When I was 14 y/o and was called a Haitian, I responded by saying If I was from Haiti, I’d be very proud of it, but I’m just a neighbor. Parents need to teach their kids to be proud of who they are and where they’re from. The teacher could take a course on cultural sensitivity.

      1. and_justice_for_all says:

        You hit the nail right on the head, teachers need to take a course on cultural sensitivity, not that you need to be taught how to have morals, respect for others, and good ethics that’s usually taught at home and in one’s upbringing. This teacher probably grew up in a household environment where she heard her parents address people by race like’ this black this and this black that” or that mexican this and that mexican that” so to her is perfectly normal to address others as such, that is why is important that a course such as this is required so they can know that it is not ok.

        You said it, “if you would be Haitian you would be proud of it”, but if you are not then what? This child may be proud of being African American not another nationality whether it’s Haitian or something else. Based on the mother’s remark and the child’s story I don’t believe the fact that he was called Haitian is wht became a big issue because I believe the issue would had been handle just the same if he was called African, Chinese, Mexican whatever. The issue of the mother is that he has a name, first and last, and his race should not be a factor when getting addressed in school by an authority. Kids don’t know no better at times, but adults do!

        Look, this childs parent probably taught her child to be proud of who he is and where he is from tha’ts why he probably took offense because he is not what he was being called. I have a friend at work that is Japanese and hates it when people call her Chinese she says it’s because she is stereotyped that all Asians are Chinese and all look alike and so Chinese is the name they give all Asians. She’s proud to be Japanese and corrects people when they call her Chinese. She being Asian doesn’t give people the right to call her Chinese or be addressed by anyone as “Chinese Stand Up”, and just like this child, Being Black in Miami does’nt make him Haitian and shouldn’t be addressed as “Haitian Stand Up” this is not a funny game of “If You’re Happy and You Know It Stand UP” The teacher crossed the line!

    2. Please says:

      Whoa! Today is a ssssssllllllloooooowwwwww news day. What happened? The Miami police chief and mayor both said “no comment” today?

      The kid says that he called a classmate “Haitian”, the classmate called him “Haitian”, and the teacher chimed in with “Haitian” and made the kid stand up? And you actually believe this contrived story line? Why didn’t you ask the kid to give more details about what went on? What did the teacher actually say? What did he say to his classmate?

      Dehumanizing a kid???! Wow! Talk about jumping to conclusions! So it’s ok for this kid and his classmate to call each other “Haitian”?

      I’d be interested in hearing the lid quote the dialogue that actually took place. This whole she called me Haitoan thing is BS. And the mother is the worst of them all. You people are giving a pulpit to a rabble rouser.

      Sorry Dave, this story is bs, no matter how many intellectual calisthentics you do to try to stretch it into something justifiable.

    3. and_justice_for_all says:

      Times have changed, want to know all the names Blacks were called in Slavery time? Can Whites still use those words now? of course NOT! I am White and I am embarrassed by what my ancestors did! The article does not say whether he is Haitian or not, but the video does so do your research before you cast judgement! He is African American and whether he was Haitian or not the mother’s point is that he should be addressed by his name not where he is from. The teacher did this on purpose to get under his skin some teachers are evil like that, they intentionally hurt kids on purpose, especially the kids they are not too fond of.

      I can’t believe you made this statement, “Wanna know all the names we called each other in elementry school a generation ago, they would make this look petty !!!!!!” Wow how ignorant are you? He’s in a school for God’s sake not in the street. Plus I’m sure those names you’re talking about were made up by kids not the teachers!!!!!! Kids go to school to learn, yes they get bully by other kids, not that it’s ok, but a teacher COME ON!!!!!! If anything he should had been able to go to the teacher and complain about the boy that called him Haitian first because he was getting bullied he defended himself by calling him Haitian back, but how can he tell the teacher when the same person he should trust and be able to confide in is doing the same to him” How helpless he must of felt, like he said he had no choice but to “do his punishment”, what did he do wrong to get punished? The teacher was the one that insulted him!!!!

      The comment you made “You don’t see cbs making a big deal about whites being degraded all the time” tells me that you’re not getting the point of this story. Maybe CBS cannot make a big deal about this happening to whites because whites are not reporting it. If you have an issue report it and you will get results! Don’t complain if you don’t report what’s bothering and see no results point blank!!!!

      This story is not only about Black and White is about a teacher abusing a kid. How would you like it if your kid, I’m guessing you’re White, tells you that her/his teacher who happens to be Black tells her/him “White Trash, Stand Up’ or “White Girl stand Up” Come On that’s abuse! If I was the mother I would sue for emotional distress who knows how this child has been impacted by all this. He will be changed from schools, have to adapt and start all over again with new friends new environment, get called bad because the teacher got suspended come on the child was the victim here not the teacher…

      1. happy42xxx says:

        Next you will be saying it is abuse to say “Hey you!” instead of calling them by their proper name…you are too thin skinned (Whatever color it is).

      2. Denbull says:

        Get a life; you have to much time on your hands, you must have a Goverment job!

      3. and_justice_for_all says:


        I have Government job working with abused kids and not every abuse is physical it is also mental I sse it and hear it all so I take matters like these very serious unlike many that think it’s ok to badmouth a kid like he was an adult… The child had an issue the mother addressed it end of story. The teacher made her bed now she has to lay in it. The kid did nothing but argue back and forth with another kid. The teacher is truly to blame for not addressing the kid appropritely.

      4. winoceros says:

        and_justice_for_all ,Please share how you come to the conclusion that this teacher was raised in a racist household.

        I’m also curious why you are so interested in the color of each poster. Do the merits of their arguments rest on the color of their skins?

        Your argument seems to be “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” It is amazing to me how much you infer from what was written.

    4. and_justice_for_all says:

      This message is for “PLEASE”

      Teacher’s do not get suspended for no reason… the school related a comment about not tolerating Discrimination and an investigation was conducted. If this child was lying I’m sure this teacher would still have her job, but obviously she doesn’t because the results came out credible that the child was not lying. Maybe she did this before and was given a final warning plus It’s not like she did this in a corner while whispering to the child, she did it in front of the class, everybody heard it the boy says so himself that he was “embarrassed” and it’s not like it cannot be backed up by his classmates. The mother has a good case to place a lawsuit. this teacher was bold to do it in front of others, that’s called witnessses. And if she was so bold then that means that she has done it before and didn’t think nothing was wrong because nobody ever corrected her!

      How long you think a story should be? The boy said his side obviously the teacher does not want to say her side, typical of someone that is guilty, the story can only be so long without the other person comments. plus it’s a 9 year old child you expect him to use long big words to explain what happened? he put things in simple 9 year old terms.

      To answer your question it is not OK for kids to call each other Haitians or by their race or ethnicity specially if it’s being said in a degrading manner and it is definitely more not than ok for a Teacher to do likewise. Kids do things to hurt each other not in a devious way because after an “argument” they go back to being friends again, but you think a child will be friends again with a teacher after she disrespected and humiliated him? No children do not forget adult mistakes, but are very prone of forgetting kids/friends mistakes.

      You seem to either be an ignorant person or you just don’t have kids to talk bad about the mother. A child is a parents priced possession, I know I have kids myself, and if anybody does anything to my kids no matter how minor I would react. The mother reacted and because of her, other kids will not go through what her son went through discrimination and racism by an ignorant teacher. Just like we wonder how some crazy people get their drivers license I also wonder how some crazy teachers get a teaching degree.

      A thorough background check on whether teachers have any record of disciplinary racial background should be conducted prior to hiring a teacher to avoid devils in sheeps clothing near our kids, especially if they are suppose to be molding our kids future.

      Yes the kid was dehuminized. ..He has a name, If you went to school you know that we are all animals, yet we are called humans, how would you like it if your boss says “Animal Stand Up” you wouldn’t like it because you have a name and your name is not animal just like this child has a name and his name is not Haitian. It’s all about respect buddy and all those that think this story was BS like you put it , you have no idea what the word RESPECT means.

    5. Michael Weatherly Jr says:


      1. WoW says:

        You’re a sad individual you can’t compare calling someone by the term “Hey You” in comparison to “Hey African” or “Hey Arab” or “Hey Chinese” especially by school officials to a child on a professional institutions. How about you do that to your boss today and see what happens, you would be looking for a job and be in unemployment by tomorrow. All you with negative remarks are sick! this was a child that the teacher tried to make feel bad… She knew the boy being called “Haitian” was bothering him and she used that as fuel. She knew the boy didn’t like it and she made things worst. She is a teacher she was there to see and hear the commotion why continue to keep hurting the boy feelings? she did it intentionally! That’s evil!

    6. winoceros says:

      Please share how you know that is what happened. The reporter has no further information than what the child has reported.

    7. Erica says:


      That is true hurting remarks like He’s a whiner, he’s a babycry, he’s weak, he’s stupid, he’s spoiled these are tems that make children want to prove that they are not these names and take matters in their own hands by killing others or killing themselves… you guys are sick man. Hope this child is not reading this post because the next news we will hear is “KID SHOOTS UP SCHOOL AND KILLS TEACHER AND STUDENT OTHERS INJURED. Is that what you want? Let this matter get taken care in a civilized manner like the child and mother are doing. Like someone sarcastically said,” stick and bones will hurt my bones” so childish to say.

      But guess what will hurt more … A GUN

      As a teacher I wished we had more students that talk to their parents rather than to take matters in their own hands. If this child do something crazy like this he will be trialed as an adult not a juvenile… Why go through extreme measures when all we had to do was resolve the problem peacefully and without crime like the mother and child are doing?

  9. Please says:

    What is this? The real bigot is the mother! Didn’t the kid say that he called his classmate “Haitian”? So the kid gets to “embarass” his classmate but when the table gets turned it’s some kind of racial attack???? PLEASE!!! This is a bunch of garbage. This is why we’re at this ultra PC level in society.

    CBS 4 should be ashamed of itself. It promotes the story like it’s some kind of groundbreaking thing and this is nothing more than rabble rousing mother who wants attention.

    We problems in Haiti, in Egypt, with the weather
    In the northeast and this is the best that CBS4 can come up with???! What a waste of time.

  10. wrestler79 says:

    I guess the question still remains, is he Haitian or not?

    1. WoW says:

      He is not Haitian he is African American it is said in the video. The mother was not mad because he was called Haitian she is upset or shocked like she states, because her son should be called by his name. I agree with her I have a name call me by that name. Not by ethnicity I would be upset too especially if you call me by a wrong ethnicity then that means you assumed I was something I wasn’t which is stereotyping. I think the mom would had been upset if her child was called any other ethnicity other than his name. She is teaching her son to respect people and address them by their name not who they are or where they are from and clearly the teacher is teaching him negative values. I agree with the mom on this one.

  11. Sully says:

    I am a little confused by this.
    The child made this statement-“I was feeling terrible about what happened during an argument with a classmate. My classmate called me Haitian. And I called him Haitian.”
    Then the Mother made this statement-“She kind of opened the door to something he didn’t know existed,” the mother said. “He has friends of every color and every race.”

    1. whatever says:

      kids say things to each other all the time. According to the article the other boy that was arguing with him called him haitian first and like most kids would do he called him haitian back, just like if a kid calls one kid ugly and the other kid calls him ugly back, but how you justify a grown woman doing what kids do? to the kids it was an argument and nothing more. The teacher turned it into a race thing when she did it to punish him or didn’t you read the part that she punished him aside from humiliating him?

  12. Standup Haitian says:

    “Standup” is an adjective, as in “that Haitian is a not a standup kid because he calls his classmates Haitian, his classmates call him Haitian, but then he gets upset when a teacher calls him Haitian, even though he is Haitian..”

    The correct words to use in the sentence from the article are “stand up.”

    I understand English is not easy, but that’s just ridiculously pathetic for a news organization.

    As for the issue from the article, yeah, there are double-standards afforded minorities. It’s not fair or justified, but it is what it is.

    1. and_justice_for_all says:

      Review the video he is not Haitian… and when you ask someone to stand up you address them by their name not by what you think they are. He’s a kid getting bullied, the boy called him Haitian first didn’t you see the video. plus he’s 9 years old he defended himself by calling the other boy haitian instead of more drastic measures which he could had defended himself by punching the kid in the mouth or cursing at him, he just repeated what the bullied called him they were having a kids argument. It’s like if someone calls you “stupid and you respond you’re stupid” kids do that all the time, but it doesn’t give the teacher the right to do the same.

      The article never said the kid was a standup kid it just didn’t have a space between stand and up, humans are entiltled to mistakes or are you perfect? It said that the teacher called him “Haitian” and told him to “Stand Up” as in telling him to get up from his chair. Why go to the extreme of calling him Haitian instead of his name? What was the teacher gaining? What was the point? No excuse the teacher was wrong!

      As a child I’m sure you were bothered in school maybe even bullied. Would you have gotten upset if a teacher called you the same names the bullies were calling you. what if you were called H_E or a D_ _ _ K or a LOSER would it be ok for a teacher to do the same and call you those names regardless of the fact that you called the bullies the same names in return in your defense? or would you be upset t that the teacher is also ganging up on you rather than to stop the problem? Come on you expect name calling from kids not by a teacher or any other educational official.

      1. orly says:

        obviously the kid aint gonna stand up for him self cuz yall raising him 2 be a lil girl i understand the problem here is that u want someone to feel sorry for u cuz and justice for all is obviously the mother of the kid lol what did u want a daughter and u couldnt get one so ur raising this one like ur lil princess comeon now u ignorant person hush up already yur looking stupid right about now u need a life thats tha problem ur not getting love out in the street so hey lets call the news and get people to feel sorry for me lol u amaze me

  13. Bob says:

    Damn, every one needs to get over them selves and grow a pair. We’re raising weaklings in the name of political correctness.

    1. WoW says:

      I don’t quite understood what you meant by weaklings so I will assume that you meant weak kids. If you did I must say that parents do their best to raise their kids right so they can become strong productive adults. Seems like you’re saying that this kid is weak because he got his feelings hurt in that case every kid in the world is weak because every kid get their feelings hurt easily, this was a racial remark that hurt This Kid’s feelings not a common “your mama is fat” joke. It’s not about politics is about respect of others nationality and race.

  14. Jonathan Y says:

    I think it’s amusing that most, if not all, of you seem to be confusing race with nationality. Haitian is not a race, it is a nationality. Cuban, or Mexican, are not races, they are nationalities. Addressing someone by their “nationality” is definitely not a racial slur. We are raising a generation of over sensative cry babies. the fact is that there will always be kids picking on other kids. Humans are still animals and will always have conflicts to establish the pecking order. Instead of teaching your child to whine when there is an issue, teach him to deal with the issue head on. Be a parent, not another cry baby.

    1. WoW says:

      Race- A group of persons related by common descent or heredity

      Nationality- the status of belonging to a particular nation.
      both definitions coincide in the fact that they share common ground!

      So because he’s black and lives in Miami he belongs to the Haitian nationality? That’s stereotyping just like racial profiling. Something Cops do a lot to black people. Race and Nationality coincide so yes it is racial. She called him Haitian because he is Black which is his Race. He is African American not Haitian If he was another race/color she wouldn’t had called him Haitian. If he was Spanish looking she would had called him Mexican, get my point? It’s wrong regardless. call people by their name that’s why you, me, the child, including the teacher and everyone has one.

      So this is how you want him to grow up, calling people by what they look like? How can we teach our kids to deal with the issues if we as a society tell them not to “whine and complain” which in reality is standing up for your rights. How can your ache be cured if you don’t tell the doctor you’re sick? So you mean to tell me that when you ache and tell your doctor about your pain you’re whining? Why don’t you just deal with it with no medicine and move on instead of going to the doctor and just be another crybaby like you called this parent? Because you want results, positive results. So in order to get results you have to open your mouth and make moves.

      I wonder what you will do if your partner cheats on you, Nothing Right? You will just deal with the issue head on and not whine and complain right? you will just let her do as she pleases because you don’t want to be labeled as a crybaby right? HELL NO! you will do what this parent and son did “Whine” I mean TALK about the issue with your partner, Tell a couple of friends and family, Make moves, Distant yourself from the situation and hope it doesn’t happen again with someone new.

      I swear If great Black men like MLK didn’t “whine” I mean TALK we will still be living in segregation.

  15. TitanIX says:

    Wow it’s BS like this (mother never even gave the school a chance to finish looking into this and make a decision based on the facts before running to the media) and people like “and justice for all” that have me constantly on the hedge about going for a master’s in education to teach math. Then again it’s a private school so SUE AWAY cause those are a pox on a unified society (disclaimer: ex private school kid, I can easily classify my private school time as the worst time of my childhood, day in, day out)

    1. WoW says:

      Obviously she gave the school a chance. she talked to officials about the problem how else you think they knew of the problem? Obviously she saw no results after that becase like the news stated, is not until they started investigating the school took action. get your facts straight! The mother is not talking about lawsuit at all where are you coming with that? didn’t you read the part that says she doesn’t even want the teacher fired just disciplined. Obviously the school did nothing and made her go to the news so they can take some action.

  16. RTBVFR says:

    So…all Haitians should be ashamed of who they are or where their forebears might have lived? Being ‘humiliated’ for being associated with that nationality seems to indicate such. And that seems a little messed up…

    Perhaps the ‘humiliated’ child needs to be given some sensitivity training, as well?

    1. WoW says:

      It’s courtesy respect to be called by someone’s name not by how they look or where they live. The kid I’m sure is not ashamed of the term haitian its just how the teacher must of said it that embarrased him. like he said she did it in front of the whole class so who knows how she said it that made kids laugh at him or such causing embarrasement.

  17. Steve says:

    I am tired of the African American Title for people that have never seen Africa. If we want “titles” for where we came from, we are Americans, not African American, or Italian American, or French American, or what I would be called Hungarian-German American. We are Americans. Period! By calling ourselves something different we are perpetuating Racism by calling attention to our race.

    1. Emanuel says:

      Thank you Steve, for cutting through all the BS here. Talk about a wannabee “victimized”—look at and_justice_for_no_one’s “tripe”. I’m getting why we’ve got some really stupid laws, and comments. We’ve gone way overboard here in the apologist U.S. I am not a slave, nor were my parents, grandparents, etc. We all worked, have done or are doing the best we can, not using whitey or excuses for not making it.

      1. WoW says:

        If noone in your family tree was a slave then you are not Black… so let me correct you when you say that you worked, did ya best not using the whitey excuses for not making it, America was built with free Slave labor so no you did not work hard nor did your ancestors, you did not do your best you inherited what you have from your ancestors which was built by Blacks for free and you have no excuse for not making it because it was given thanks to Free Black Labor.

    2. WoW says:

      that’s why the teacher should had just called him by his name to avoid all confusion. Obviously the teacher does not think we are all american if she makes exceptions.

      1. koyote says:

        Yes, maybe the teacher should have called him by his name… but its great how the kid gets out of trouble scot free and the teacher gets punished for probably doing her job and stopping an argument… take a second to consider that perhaps the child was being disruptive and antagonistic, then consider the that the teacher stepped in and handled the situation appropriately by making an example of the misbehaving student who was calling other students names, by calling that student the name he was using on the other students…

        Maybe not perfect, but you haven’t even considered that the child might be the instigator here, have you. That the teacher was only acting in a manner to diffuse the situation and making the person responsible face up to it by standing in front of the class. Now the child caused trouble and was punished for it, was embarrassed for it and found a way to get back at the teacher and not have to accept his responsibility. You lose…

      2. winoceros says:

        So appreciate you defining for people what they feel about their race, and what their heritage is. You are ignorant, and a bigot, blaming “whites” for whether people are accomplished or not. You have no idea how America was “built”, and it makes me laugh that you assume Emanuel is white.
        What a sad, uneducated, professional victim you are.

    3. Maria Gonzalez says:

      This is what the teacher should teach that everone is AMERICAN, not how to call people ANYTHING other than their legal name.

  18. smurfboy says:

    thanks to this stupid non-news article, “haitian” will now become the new derogatory word of the week and sneak it’s way into the culture.

    thanks cbs.

    1. whatever says:

      Thanks to an ignorant teacher that couldn’t call a child by his real name… so thanks to the teacher clap clap.

      1. winoceros says:

        Maybe she wasn’t calling him a name. Maybe she just told him that he has Haitian origins. Maybe she was trying to tell him that he is Haitian and so what about it??? Most of us have nationalities of origin of our families, and maybe she was just trying to tell him that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
        Do you have any idea at all what the conversation was, or are you just going with the bigot mother on this one?

  19. DWN2DV8 says:

    From now on, I wish to be called Irish-Italian and German. No longer do I wish to be referred to as white or Caucasian. If I cannot call a black man black, then why should they be allowed to call me white, or American.

    Calling someone the N word is not nice, neither is calling someone a cracker.. But calling someone a Haitian? Seriously? Does the shoe not fit if the person is from Haiti?

    1. commentator says:

      You’re right. There is nothing wrong with calling someone a Haitian, or an American, or Caucasian.

      There is, however, a huge difference between identifying a person by using his or her background as an adjective, and using his or her ethnicity as a substitute for that person’s name. It’s easy to see how such an incident would seem petty if the “victim” in question were an adult, but this is a 9 year old child who’s name was replaced with a demonym by his TEACHER. Regardless of the discussion the two children were having, it was in poor form for the teacher to stoop to that level. Whether or not the teacher deserved to be suspended was up to the institution and they deemed the suspension necessary. The teacher is the adult in this situation and should have known better. End of story.

  20. JimmyDean says:

    Our society is doomed. What a whiny bunch of kids and parents. Get over it. I think the kid should be suspended for using the alleged racial slur himself

  21. zoerules says:


    Times have changed, want to know all the names Blacks were called in Slavery time? Can Whites still use those words now? of course NOT! I am White and I am embarrassed by what my ancestors did!”

    Ugh – I have read your posts here and am not surprised that you are a whiny liberal suffering from white guilt. You are pathetic!!! Allow me to soothe your neurosis, YOU NEVER OWNED SLAVES so neither you nor any white person has anything to worry about.

    Racism sucks but lets be honest in a country with a black President we have gone a long way. No blacks are in the back of the bus anymore and the sooner they fess up to this instead of milking the past for freebies, the better they will be.

  22. Darren says:

    This is the worst beautiful snowflake sydrome example I have encountered in a long time.

  23. Marvin says:

    “Sticks and stones my break my bones, but NAMES shall NEVER hurt me…”

    Teach it, learn it, LIVE it, and then get OVER IT!!!! Geez!!

  24. Mindkill says:

    This story is not news. Also, and_justice_for_all is a long winded idiot that should go die in a hole.if he/she is so embarrassed over things that happened 100+ years ago.

  25. sgtstumpy says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They called my kid a Haitian and now I’m looking for another school but first i have to find another scholarship so my kid can get a good education for free!!!!! The problem is you’re teaching your son to be a tattle tale with no balls… I bet the dumb boat immigrant will now sue the school. What a waste of my oxygen and of course leave it to the main stream media puppets at CBS Miami to report on something so stupid instead of the true news happening with our county demise and what is happening to the rest of the world that will be happening here in the U.S. But nooooooo, we have to read about name calling..

    1. denbull says:

      sgtstumpy; you are totally correcty! This is what America has become; a nation of minorities and immigrants always looking for an excuse to cry like babies and file a law suit

    2. Carla says:

      Agree 100%,with “sgtstumpy”, Thank You,for CBS4,rebember Us,Miami is a City of the Third World…You did it,again..worst..

  26. Aaron says:

    Sounds to me like boy #1 called boy #2 Haitian because he thought he was from Haiti.. Boy #2 not being too bright thought that “Haitian” was a put down, so retorted no I’m not You’re “Haitian” .. Teacher correctly pointed out that Boy #2 was “Haitian” ie.. From Haiti.. (Boy #2 just thought he was black?)

    1. winoceros says:

      One can be black and Haitian or black without being Haitian. What is your point about blackness? Haiti is a nation, not a race of people.

  27. bi says:

    What if he was a New Yorker, and the teacher said, I “New Yorker” stand up in front of the class”, or someone from Indiana “Hoosier sand up in front of the class”. This political correctness is ruining this country. What if he truly was Haitian and the white kid wasn’t. Is it better to call someone by their nationality or an incorrect naitionality which was directed to the white Kid.

  28. Thank-God-I'm-Not-Haitian says:

    Quote: “He doesn’t need to be addressed by his ethnicity or his race”

    This parent is an idiot.

    I will be very glad when people finally learn the difference between Ethnicity and Nationality. I can’t stand how so many people think it is some how racist to mention their language or nationality in a derogative manner. I’m sure this will totally shock the Haitian parents to learn that some Haitians might actually be proud of their Nationality. Perhaps some of the fine olypians that have come from there?

    1. winoceros says:

      Seriously. That someone would have a cow over being called a name means the person having the cow obviously perceives “Haitian” as an insult. How sad.

    2. Thank-God-I'm Haitian says:

      Thank-God-I’m-Not-Haitian said:

      Quote: “This parent is an idiot”

      Idiot wow how childish it is of you to try to make the parent feel bad by name calling…lol

      Knowing the difference between Ethnicity and Nationality has nothing to do with her son getting called something other than his name.

      The mother never even mentioned the word racism she said she wanted her son to be identified by his name because he has a first and last name, why is everybody so bent out of shape about that? it’s true everybody has a name…lol. You guys are the ones putting words in this woman’s mouth…lol I am Haitian and this did not shock me, what shocked me was the teacher calling her student Haitian why do that when the boy has a name? Is his name Haitian?…lol

      Thank God Im Not Haitian said:
      “I can’t stand how so many people think it is somehow racist to mention their language or nationality in a derogative manner.”

      If ones language or nationality is mentioned in a derogative manner that is racist…lol… what are you talking about? you just contradicted yourself….lol

      So tell us what is racist to you?

  29. ted says:

    Can’t I just be called Human?

  30. KSMOM says:

    This story leaves out the context in which the term “Hatian” was used. If the teacher was referring to his nationality, the parents need to get over it. Apparently they are embarrassed of where they came from. If spoke as deragatory (hate), then the teacher is in the wrong.

    1. winoceros says:

      You’re missing the point. Why would being called “Haitian” be anything more than a silly thing kids say to each other? It’s like saying cooties or other silly stuff kids think are insults. If I say, “You’re just a New Yorker, that’s what you are!!!” then I obviously mean it in a derogatory way. Does that make it the hanging offense it apparently is?
      The person with the problem here is the mother. She should have said to her son, “What’s wrong with a Haitian? You were just being silly for responding to that bully. Now, I’ll talk to the teacher about that kid who was bullying you in class so we can resolve this.”
      Then she should open her ears and listen to the teacher’s side of things. Just because someone calls someone a name doesn’t mean much. She would give away a private school education over this reactionary bigotry she seems to possess?

  31. Fred says:

    This is a joke. The mom most likely played the race card to get the kid a scholorship in the first place. Are they Haitian? Are they legal? The teacher should be back in the classroom, mom should get a life, stop freeloading. Maybe public school is this place for this kid.

  32. omg says:

    and justice for all shut the fudge yup already you gave your identity away obviously you are the guardian of the stupid little kid that’s lying first of all that kid its racist for calling ” haitian” to another kid and second of all you want attention for you family your sad excuses for people you got some one fired because your kid couldn’t tell the truth so maybe you should stay teaching your kid some morals cuz that only the parent can teach and a teacher wouldn’t call a student something he’s not and I don’t think a student would just keep his mouth shut so that kid is not telling the truth so get your facts straight teachers don’t have an easy job I’m one myself and its hard to try to teach kids that don’t want to learn so get your fact straight before you call the news for attention for your kid and family

  33. Fred says:

    True, very true. Anyone wonder why there is a Black Miss America even though Blacks are in the regular Miss America. Give up theirs or ban them from the real one. Tired of the race card being played all the time. Mom is a jerk and a freeloader. Wana bet on their welfare status.

    1. Thomas says:

      You’re a jerk… welfare are you serious?

      freeloader are you serious?

      what’s your point or what are you trying to say? Is that how you label black people?

      At first I was going to make a comment aginst the mom, but now I see where she is coming from?

  34. Ketola says:

    This is one of the stupidest things I have ever read. People need to toughen up, She called the kid Haitian. Big deal. It is NOT a racial slur. It isn’t, it isn’t, it isn’t. It is innappropriate and childish and shows a lack of judgement, but I have a hard time accepting “Haitian” as an equivelant to the N Word.
    If “Haitian” has any negative connotation, it is because you have placed it there. I have been mistaken for several other ethnicities. I correct the person and move on with my day. Because I have the social maturity of at least a sixth grader.
    I am willing to bet that the mother harbors her own negative feelings toward the Haitian community. I really can’t imagine how else this comment could be such a big deal.
    Parents need to teach their kids that the world doesn’t treat you with kid gloves. Once you are grown you need to be able to deal with adversity and rude people. If you spend their youth sheltering them from all the injustice in the world, they are going to have a really rough go of it in the real world.
    Oh, and Justice for All– You said in a comment that “teachers spend more time with the kids than the parents do” and “what kind of adults will our kids turn out to be if this is what they are exposed to”. Um, hate to break it to you– IT IS THE PARENTS JOB TO RAISE THE CHILD, NOT THE TEACHERS. If your kid is spending more time with the teacher than you, then perhaps YOU should reevaluate your priorities.

    1. dogsarebetterthanpeople says:

      Thank you


    I sure hope this kid doesn’t grow up and want to join the military…..

  36. David says:

    I have been called White,Conservative, Christian,American, Anglo, among other things ,, and I have felt soooo embaresed and denigrated each and every time !! Get a life. All you sensative wimps. It appears he was a Hatian so what? I would insult all of you by calling you “humans.”

  37. Tom says:

    and_justice_for_all, I have faced racism. I’ve been harassed on the street by blacks. If this is the worst he suffered in school he’s having a better time than most of the people I know. You’re looking to hard for examples of racism. How do Haitians feel about this being considered derogatory.

  38. Dan says:

    This is ridiculous. By suspending the teacher, I think they are insulting Hatians, because they are insinuating that it is an insult to be a hatian, or be called a haitian. I don’t see how that rises to a teacher being suspended.

  39. Koyote says:

    awful…. this is shameful, grandstanding for a precious snowflake to garner attention instead of teaching him to deal with adversity. no matter how trivial. And yes this is very trivial, as in unimportant. I was called many things growing up, a lot of them were not nice a lot of times… sometimes I was upset about it, sometimes i fought over it, eventually how ever I learned how to deal with it. This kind of overreaction
    teaches nothing positive to the child in question, except that if he cries someone else may get punished… but he doesn’t have to accept responsibility for his part in it. Kid like these kids, especially in a private school, have to learn how to handle adversity. I mean how will this kid handle a real crisis? Running away without trying to get an understanding to what happened, throwing blame at someone who was probably trying to settle the situation, are bigger issues than being a little embarrassed FOR CAUSING TROUBLE or being involved with trouble… so now instead of learning how to deal with this responsibly the young man is learning that crying and passing the blame will get him out of trouble.

    A poor lesson to be sure. Kids argue, they learn right and wrong from these interactions and later on in life will use these examples in their dealings, this kid was just taught a very bad lesson in this. He will be weaker for it later on in life. Kids cause trouble, kids fight, kids get punished and reprimanded and get embarrassed by it when it happens… that is the lesson. Don’t fight or argue in class, behave yourself, cope with the differences and problems before… alll extremely important lessons this kid just missed out on big time. Hey Mom, YOU FAILED!!!

  40. Sensitive Much says:

    Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it. You going to take your kid out of private school because of this? Please, send him to a public school where he can learn what planet earth is really like. Or keep him homeschooled for the rest of his life because you are preparing him to be overally sheltered. These are the kids that go off to college and lose their minds because mommy isnt there to hold their hands.
    The teacher sounds like she was trying to show the kid to be proud of his heritage…. as many have said already haitian is not and insult.
    Put the race card back in you pocket.

    1. Lisa says:

      “Sensitive Much” Lisa here, How was the teacher teaching him to be proud of his Heritage? This was not a show and tell cultural assignment. He is not Haitian, therefore, that is not his Heritage. She obviously did this in a moment of rage because the boys were bickering and in the moment of anger she slipped or she probably did it to make fun of the kid infront of the class since she knew he didn’t want to be called anything other than his name (sad to say, but teachers do this to children they do not like) Haitian is not an insult you’re absolutely right; it’s how she said it, why she said it and the events that took place that made her say it that makes the difference. Children get pulled out of school for many reasons, I’m sure in this case is because the mother is protecting her son from further racial insult by those that are on the teacher’s side look how you guys are talking bad about this kid here.

  41. Anonymous Coward says:

    OMG … how horrible. If this isn’t stopped now, that teacher might call someone … French!

    1. Lisa says:

      Anonymous Coward” Lisa here, Nobody’s nationality should be mocked period it’s insulting. The teacher was trying to make fun of her student using race and ethnicity at his expense then punishing him. Of course she had to punish him to cover her actions, she made a slip out her mouth, so punishing him made more sense it was the natural thing to do using her authority than to let him go home without getting punished after she made a huge mistake. This is call a cover-up in the educational field. We are suppose to protect our students not hurt them. Yes French is an Ethnicity, but nobody will know unless you tell then unlike Haitian which was used only because the boy was Black because he is not Haitian. Get the point it’s not what was said it’s the reason it was said.

  42. shutup says:

    if the kid is haitian what the hell is the problem here

    1. ketola says:

      He was embarrassed.

    2. Lisa says:

      “shutup” Lisa here, That’s the problem, the boy is not Haitian. There are a lot of haitians in Miami, but that doesn’t make every black person Haitian and saying so makes it wrong and that is called discrimination. The boy is not Haitian, but Haitians shouldn’t be made fun of regardless or attacked by a teacher or anyone.

  43. koyote says:

    Just one more thing… hey Mom, do you think it might be remotely possible that your son started the argument, that he was in part responsible for the altercation and escalating it to the point that the teacher had to step in and diffuse it?

    Did you stop to think for a moment that your little sunshine may have provoked the situation and the teacher reprimanded him because of his actions?

    Perhaps, the teacher was a witness to the situation, and may even have some past experience with your son to understand what was happening and actually acted somewhat appropriately?

    Oh dear, your son was embarrassed because he was disruptive and antagonistic in class and the teacher called him on it and made an example of him because he was not acting appropriately?

    If he was just cast aside and called “haitian” for no reason, and placed in front of the class and labeled haitian with no cause or reason you would have a point, but even in the testimony of your boy he was involved in something that required a teach step in, and since the teacher was a witness to what happened that she may have made an example of the party causing the problem, ie, your son?

    DId you consider any of that? That would be a lesson in personal responsibility, again, you failed at this lesson… that is the biggest injury to your son, not anything this teacher did. You, in this case, are causing the most harm.

    1. Lisa says:

      Kotote, Lisa here, as a former school official in the state of new york I can tell you that you’re wrong Koyote. Regardless of who started the argument no teacher has the right to make an example of a student by using racial remarks as punishment. I know you addressed this letter to the mother, but I will like to give my opinion in the matter. Nobody really knows what happened so we cannot even say the boy was disruptive or not or if he started the argument. According to another post I read the other child was of white race I can only wonder why he wasn’t called Haitian too, but the boy with the black race was called Haitian.. Sounds suspiscious? I agree with you that it was ok for the teacher to difuse the problem, but not by again making a racial comment. Plus nothing should provoke someone to do anything. If I dress in an attire that looks provocative that doesn’t give a man the right to rape me, so the teacher getting provoked didn’t give her the right to call him anything other than his name. We are professionals in our field and patience and tolerance is 100% required to be teachers. Doing it in a corner or secretive does not make it correct neither, so I do not agree with you in your views. In our line of work we have to teach children that two wrongs don’t make a right. Both the kids were wrong, the teacher was wrong and now we don’t have any positive outcome, see two wrongs do not make a right.

      1. winoceros says:

        What racial remark are you talking about? I don’t see any alleged racial remarks.

  44. Charles Bucolicowski says:

    Thank you for this article. You have convinced me once again that moving out of Dade County thirty years ago was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Now please nuke everything south of Palm Beach.

  45. A. Levy says:

    Can you say “settlement”, as in $$$? And what of the school, the child, and his parents making Haitian a bad word? Is that not an insult to the people of that island nation?…… POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS A GREATER THREAT TO OUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY THAN IS TERRORISM…

    1. Lisa says:

      I’m German and I’ve been living here in America for quite some time so I know about the sensitivity issues of race, specially amongs black people. It is not an insult being called Haitian. IT IS an issue addressing somebody by their ethnicity just because you think that’s what they are based on their skin color, why she didn’t call him anything else? Why Haitian, she has a problem with Haitians? she did it as a way to punish him, very vindictive and there’s no need for that. Sorry for all the people that disagree with me but I understand the mother’s point.

      1. koyote says:

        This is where you missed the point. She did not call him “haitian” because of his skin color, she called him the name that he was calling another student, that the word was “Haitian”had nothing to do with his skin color. Second, I would be willing to bet that there is a little more history with interactions in this student and teacher relationship. He may have caused or instigated some issues before. We don’t hear any other part of the account, did she punish the other student as well?

        You are assigning the teacher with premeditated bias, for no reason, as her actions are fairly clear. Why HAitian, she has a problem with Haitians?”

        No, the reason she called the boy “Haitian” is because that is what he was calling another student. That part of this whole thing is quite alarmingly clear, as even the boy states that is why she called him “haitian”…

        Its like a Fox NEws recovery group in here, ignore the facts so you can assign blame, no matter how evident it is. Accept no responsibility for your actions, deflect and assign blame to others…

        I grew up in Germany too…

    2. Lisa says:

      David, Lisa here, he wasn’t punished until after he was called Haitian and told to stand up, so I see why he would be embarrased . First he had to stand up in front of the class which is perfectly normal, but maybe the whole class was laughing at him when the teacher called him Haitian. For some reason being “Haitian” is something people make fun of, so yes, I imagine the kids laughed at him which caused him to feel embarrased.

      Yes I agree with you that he was embarrased for the punishment, but if being Called Haitian was not an issue that bothered him he would of never told his mother he got punished. I believe is the name calling and not the punishment that made the issue big. I’m sure like many kids that he has got in trouble in the past in school so why there’s no news on that? because race was not involved. The teacher was unprofessional she looked for her own doom.

    3. Lisa says:

      The mother did not want the teacher fired, she is not vidictive. This was an awareness to parents to be careful who to trust around their children and how kids are not always safe where you think they should be saved. You are right she does have a case.

  46. David says:

    The reason he was embarressed was because he was made to stand up in front of the class. His being called a “Hatian” is only an attempt on his part to direct attention away from the fact that he was being called out and punished by the teacher. And people wonder why no one wants to teach?

  47. we-have-lost-it says:

    We have totally lost it as a nation – to call the comments ‘racist’ and then suspend the teacher over this? Grow up, Mom, and stop calling everything that ever happens to you and Junior as a racial slur. Sometimes people make mistakes or choose words poorly – but most importantly, get a life!

  48. Troy says:

    I’m confused. Was the boy Haitian or not? The story calls him an African-American. Which is worse? Calling an African-American a Haitian, or calling a Haitian an African American? Also, the headline is wrong. Being Haitian speaks to one’s nationality, not race.

  49. winoceros says:

    What’s wrong with “Haitian”? She was probably just showing both children how silly it is to throw names around. What a bunch of thin-skinned parents we have. Why couldn’t they just ask the teacher what happened and have the boys shake hands and be friends?
    What on earth is negative about nationality? This parent is an idiot, and has made her son into a victim for life. Congratulations.

  50. Joseph says:

    Since the news is involved with this school, this school is a joke. The kids there are not getting any kind of education. High school kids still learning how to add. Mr. Perez has the Dade county school system in his pocket. It’s all about getting our tax dollars and giving it to Mr. Perez. Every time their have been any legal litigation against any of his schools, they seem to fade away.

  51. Bette Clayton-Hager says:

    what is wrong with having a student talk about their heritage. He should have been proud to eay he was from Hatie not shameful!

  52. Craig Hunter says:

    I am appalled that a Haitian student was actually called a Haitian by a classmate AND a teacher. I sure hope this teacher is tarred and feathered and run out of town. Honesty has no place in the classrom when there’s a chance that someonle’s little snowflake may have his little feelings hurt.

    This story had huge holes in it. How was “standing up” a punishment? Did the teacher do anything other than confirm to the boy that he was, indeed, Haitian? Why did the young man not know he was Haitian? Did the teacher have a chance to explain that being Haitian was not a bad thing?

    Since the story made no attempt to sort out any of these things, we can definitely assume that the writer was attuned to political correctness much more than he/she was interested in finding out any real facts. All we know for sure is that a Haitian boy was called a Haitian, and his mother was evidently ashamed of that.

    The whole article was a slur against humanity. First, one had to assume that the teacher joined in on the verbal barrage rather than pointing out that the student was, indeed, Haitian. Did the teacher have a chance to let the class know that being Haitian was not bad?

    1. Thomas says:

      According to the news, which I saw, the student is not Haitian, the teacher called him Haitian, why? we would never know. What was the point of the teacher calling him haitian? we would never know. Why she couldn’t just call him by his name?

  53. Can't stop the ROLF says:

    What if the boys names was pronouced “Shen”. And the onyl thing the teacher was saying was “Hey Shen, stand-up”.

    But on a serious note, stop crying about it…the situation is still under investigation. You do realize that 9yr old children lie…and having just gotten into a name calling fight with his classmate, this could be his new learned word that he is using to lie with.

    1. Thomas says:

      If he was lying he wouldn’t had implicated himself… I believe he told the truth, the boy called him haitian then he called the boy haitian…If he was lying he would make himself look like he didn’t say nothing, he told the story as it happened.

  54. More to the Story!!!! says:

    I am sure we don’t know the whole story here. It is very unlikely that a teacher would say, “Hey Haitian, Stand up”….what the hell??? She may have said something like, “Yes, you are both Haitians”
    Also, we are talking about a 9 year old child here……How many quotes from him sound like they are his original thoughts??? You can tell he was coached as to what to say. No 4th grader is going to say those things on his own. None of them sit around feeling bad because they called someone a name. And, if the word “Haitian” was embarrassing, why was he using it to start with? His mother said the teacher had opened up something new to her child…..If that were true the child wouldn’t have been feeling bad for calling the other student Haitian and he wouldn’t have felt embarrassed himself.
    There is more to this story!!

  55. Critical Thinker says:

    The author as well as the parent of this child are stupid. First of all, why id being called a Haitian bad? Second of all, the child used the “label” to describe another student, and was described as Hatian by another student. No where in this article does it tell us whether or not the child is Hatiain. Who cares if he is? NO ONE!

    Obviously the mother is the racist! or I guess she is excessively nationalistic.. Hatian. really?

    This mother needs to instruct her son not to be such a whiner or if this is such a bad word, not to use it himself.

    The schooll board should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. koyote says:

      Actually, and some of you all should read this post too, the child and mother in the video both announce that they are not Haitian, second in the article it says that is a point of contention, being black does not mean haitian, though likely considering the area, neither is a requisite to the other.

      The Mother needs to teach her child that he should not be disruptive in class and respect the learning environment as well as his peers and teachers. The Mother should be teaching him that if he gets in trouble in school there is a price to be paid, even if it is just having to stand in front of the class because you were calling another student names and feel embarrassed because you got in trouble.

      The Mother needs to learn that perhaps her little angel is capable of not being a total sweetheart every minute of the day and may not indeed be perfect and perhaps should learn how to accept responsibility for his actions instead of looking for someone else to blame for his situation, which he created or helped create.

      Some of these posters need to learn to read and listen to the actual story and accounts given, and then apply the information appropriately. Some of them need to learn how to spell and structure sentences and paragraphs as well. Moreover, some people need to learn that not every situation involving different racial backgrounds actually involves “Race” or “Racism”…

      just sayin…

    2. Erica says:

      Name calling, name calling… it’s sad how even adults still use it, there is no reason to call someone stupid for expressing their opinion or exersicing their rights? you are refering to a child why call a child stupid? and this is coming from an adult’s mouth, see what the mother means?

    3. Erica says:

      Please respect the fact that you are talking about a child so please don’t call him stupid.

      First most I am Haitian, a teacher and a mother. The way I would of handled the situation would had been to stand both children up and tell the class where they are from , say 3 favorite foods from their country and 3 fun things they like to do in their country. The argument would had been history and problem solved, the boys and the class would be involve in a productive cultural conversation.

      The teacher handled it wrong, all wrong.

      The mother has a point in the matter; it’s all about how you handle a situation that makes a difference. Based on what I read and saw I feel the mother wasn’t upset by the Haitian name calling, but “shocked” as she puts it at how the teacher handled the sitution. Calling him Haitian and telling him to stand up would upset me too if done to my child, not because I’m Ashame of being Haitian, but because the term was not necessary in order for my child to be addressed. Her name would had been enough. The teacher needs to take anger management classes to learn how to deal with issues as such.

  56. CHYNA says:


  57. Zee says:

    When I first read this I was thinking what’s the big deal… Why would she get upset by that? Then I read between the lines a little bit. It seems that the child is attending a school on scholarship which means he’s probably the only black child in the school. The kids probably got into it and regardless of which kid was at fault the little white boy called the little black boy a hatian which is obviously because of his race. Even though the little black boy responded that the white kid is a hatian too the teacher should have never come in and singled out the little black kid and addressed him as a hatian. It seems like there are some underlying racial issues in that school. There are definitely more ways to provide racially fueled remarks than flat out calling someone a derogatory name.

    Also just as a side note to the person named Fred who commented “Wana bet on their welfare status.” You obviously have some underlying racism that you need to address yourself. There are more than AA on welfare. Get a grip and realize you’re part of the entire problem.

    1. wow says:

      Finally a smart person seeing the point.

      Racism is not always something you see you have to read between the lines. The teacher was wrong and when you’re wrong you’re wrong there’s no getting around it. Thee child got a scholarship for whatever reason and the mother must be a proud mom, parents do not send their children to school to be labeled and be taught that labeling is ok. Hatian is not a derogatory name is the labeling that makes it derogatory. Zed well said.

      1. ketola says:

        Why do you assume he is the only black kid at a private school? How’s that for prejudice?

      2. wow says:

        I never said he is the only black kid

  58. Missing the point... says:

    I’m Black (sorry, adopted… that’s what it says and gives no more detail) English, Irish, Scottish, and French…

    This is ridiculous. First, missed opportunity to teach tolerance on the schools part. Second, the outrage by the parent is, in fact, setting up Haitian as a derogatory term.

    I constantly get “you should learn your culture…” but I grew up in my “culture” and can claim no other as my own. Knowing your family history is important and I’ve struggled with my racial identify more than once but it needs to be taught that you are part of a community and that community is the immediate one around you!

    That being said… tolerance is also the understanding that certain cultures don’t traditionally get along and that said parent most likely experienced and picked up some of the values from their previous culture.

    It’s hopeful that school system can see this as a good opportunity to educate their community and handle it with grace.

  59. and_justice_for_all says:


    How I know more than others? Read my post to find out. Morals are learned from somewhere and usually everything starts from home, I’m not saying her family is racist I’m just speculating like everybody else here. The reporter doesn’t say the mother was offended with her son being associated with the word haitian, she simply says that her son has a first and last name. She’s totally correct; Don’t label people. The story is about labeling nothing else. Everybody is turning it into something else, why? Stick to the point and the principle of the story.

  60. Brian says:

    Brian see why this race thing is happening? why you have to talk about welfare just because the mother is black? You guys are making this mother and this boy’s point without even knowing it! that people judge because of the color of ones skin… Now she’s a freeloader too, why you say that? Jerk as well? You don’t know the woman. I guess color does matter afterall. I guess you think all blacks are on welfare and freeloaders too right? Amazing how everybody reading this post don’t say anything about hateful posts such as FRED’s and other hurtful ones I have read, but have a lot to say about a parent and a boy speaking their rights. We do have Rights right?

  61. Maria says:

    How about people calling cubans marielitos, or Mexicans wet backs. there are so much more to concern our self’s about. We need to relax and yes mom parents do need to talk to their children and see how they disrespect the teachers. At any point, what do they really want to get from all this money, I agree with the person that said all would have been forgotten already if the mommy had not make such a big deal about it.

  62. Maria Gonzalez says:


    do you have proof of anything you’re saying?

    1. winoceros says:

      Since I have no idea what you’re referring to, Maria Gonzalez, I’ll assume you mean my objection of people reading into the story what isn’t there.

      I don’t have to prove a negative, lady, you have to prove your assumptions. And you have a lot of them. There is only the child’s word that any of this occurred in this “story,” and that’s a gift of a term as it relates to journalism. I haven’t assumed anything. What I know is that some mother is so sensitive and thin-skinned and apparently sure that “Haitian” is a derogatory term that she had to call the news about it.

      A normal person might have, I don’t know, called the principal or something. But a professional victim, that takes a special kind of ridiculous.

  63. Maria Gonzalez says:

    Did you guys read the comment where the mother said she doesn’t want the teacher fired… I would! that will teach her a lesson! This mother just wants the teacher to learn her lesson, which is a good thing.

    If we don’t place criminals in jail how would they learn their lesson?

    If we do not talk to our kids when they do something wrong how would they learn their lesson?

    If this mother and student do not speak up how would the teacher learn her lesson?

    So we should just let the world run wild with no laws, no reprecautions, no nothing? Let everbody do what they want? Where are we living in the wild, wild west? Should I carry a gun and create my own justice?


    The mother took the proper steps she left it to justice to handle the problem, if it was me I would of handled the teacher personally.

  64. Thomas says:

    Being called Italian is not a problem; its how your child is being called Italian that becomes the issue.

    Does he get call italian by a teacher to addres him whe she wants to punish him in class?

    Children need to be called by their name not where they are from?

  65. Thomas says:


    “Rob” who said she was fired, do all of you know the teacher personally? The case in under investigation so nobody knows what is really going on and what the outcome is as of today.

    Don’t jump to conclusions you will break something that does not need fixing.

  66. Wake Up AMERICA says:

    What a complete waste of time! Get over it and stop being such a panty waste…especially since the boy was using the term himself…just rewards for his OWN actions. And people wonder why there are few good teachers out there…it is exactly because of BS like this.

  67. Edward says:

    I think it’s time we abandon the religion of non-racism!!

  68. ENOUGH says:

    People get your heads out of the sand. If you work in the education field in South Florida and are around minority children you hear this going on everyday between American blacks, Jamaican blacks and Haitian blacks. There is an ingrained internal distrust between these three groups of young people, all of whom look similar (their black skin tone) so they then attack each other by putting down the other, and the weakest is unfortunatley Haitians due to their poor nations bad image and stereotypes of Haitians that are in the United States. I hear it everyday, they are made fun of for being poor, uneducated, their accent, even their driving skills. Knowing this, you see where young people refer to being called “Haitian” as an insult. Where do you think these young people first learn about the differences in the cultures, or what a Haitian is?..better check the homes they come from, because theres your problem. A school teacher of Cuban descent (So I read on here) got between them, and attempted to break it up, and the whole scenario is being blown WAY out of context. If this woman is fired, I will be very disapointed in the school, in fact I demand she be put back in the classroom immediatley, and focus the cultural sensitivity lesson on these children themselves.

  69. CN says:

    So, is he Haitian or not?!

    What if the teacher called a Tennessean a “Tennessean” ?!

    The Horror !!! :-))))

  70. yo says:

    obviously this kid wasnt doing too well on his scholarship and his mum is trying to sure up his chances for college…

  71. MA Freedom says:

    This is a byproduct of a society in which race has been made such a taboo subject…that even the mention of it sends people into an uproar.

    It is not until the issue of race is brought up front and engaged in a realistic and productive dialog will any of the issues similar to the one above be resolved.

    Once again, the public acts like race doesn’t matter…until someone brings it up. And now there is a huge uproar over it.

  72. bonnie says:

    Let me see if I understand this! Now it is a racial slur to be called Haitian!?!

    Should all Haitians now be suing the school as well is this mother for making their nationality a slur?

    Maybe the teacher wasn’t even calling the student Haitian. Maybe what happened is, she came into the room, heard the second student say it and repeated it in a YOU SAID WHAT!?! kind of way and then punished the student she actually heard say it.

    Seems to me that the mother should have spoken to the teacher before going to the news. I’m assuming she didn’t since they didn’t mention that in the article or the video clip. The media would surely have mentioned it if she had approached the teacher first and gotten no response. (That would only have helped ratings)

    This whole PC thing has gotten way out of hand and we are making our children into a bunch of little crybabies by sheilding them from every little problem. They need to experience a little discomfort and ridicule as children so they can learn how to deal with it. If they don’t then we will be stuck with a bunch of socially stunted adults in a few years who wine, cry and sue over every little thing.

  73. larry says:

    So you want to tell me that you are not Happy to be HAITIAN. Believed me call me HAITIAN 3 times a day or if you want 365 days for all my life. Je suis fier d’etre HAITIEN.