LAUDERHILL (CBS4) – A South Florida mother of three has been arrested and charged with leaving the scene of a crash that left a 16-year-old girl hospitalized.

Jenifer Monroe, 31, is accused of hitting a teenage girl at a bus stop early Tuesday morning, while taking her three children to school.

Police spokesman Captain Rick Rocco said just before 6:30 a.m., Khadijah Williams, 16, was waiting for the bus on Inverarry Boulevard north of Oakland Park Boulevard when Monroe’s SUV jumped a curb, hit a median and then the girl.

“This is a busy intersection. Anybody that travels here every day knows that it gets congested at the traffic light. We’re not sure why she lost control over the curb but certainly it’s a sad situation,” said Capt. Rocco.

According to investigators, Monroe made no attempt to stop and continued driving.

lauderhillhitrun Driver Charged After Teen Hit At Bus Stop

A woman driving her three children to school struck a teenage girl and kept going because she wasn't sure what she hit, police said. (CBS4)

Lauderhill police tracked her down at an elementary school just a few blocks from where the incident took place. She was driving to the school to drop off her three young children.

Officers escorted the children to school then took her in for questioning.

“My information from our traffic sergeant is that she basically made a spontaneous statement that ‘Yeah, I thought I hit something’, but she didn’t know what it was,” said Capt. Rocco.

Williams was transported to Broward General Hospital where she was treated for a  broken pelvis and torn spleen.

“Is she responsive, able to talk? Yes that’s what one of the nurses said,” said family friend Darwin Perry who just left her bedside. “Like if you can still talk and move everything it’s gonna be ok. She’s talking, crying. How could someone do that to another human being. Just hit her with a truck and keep going? She is scared if you go and look into her eyes she’s scared to death. Really scared. It was bad that someone did that to her.”

Comments (12)
  1. m says:

    Stupid idiot (the driver). Pay atention to the road. Pull over if you need to =.

  2. keith says:

    Take away her license for life, and confiscate her car – sell it to pay the teens medical bills. And anything left, she should have to pay for.

    1. Glen says:

      The suv isn’t worth near what this girls medical bills will be. She should be made to pay restitution to cove medical bills & pain & suffering. How does a mother especially, drive away & leave the girl laying there.

  3. dmb says:

    you should always stop if something happens to make sure.
    That is just common sense and responsibility as a person.
    If you don’t feel safe to get out, make a phone call.
    Just be a decent person there aren’t enough out there

  4. D says:

    Guaranteed this woman was on something, or drunk at the time. Who the hell could not see a teenager in broad daylight? “Yeah, I thought I hit something?” She’s full of it! I hope they throw the book at her.

  5. S says:

    probably just off the boat and doesn’t know how to drive.

    1. sgt says:

      What boat is that you moron? The one from England? Jenifer Monroe sounds like white trash such as yourself…

  6. tired says:

    Another “self possesed” driver, probably talking on the phone and yelling at the kids and playing with her hair and looking at herself in the rearview and messing with the radio. GUESS WHAT? It isn’t mutti-tasking if you do them all half assed, and run someone down!!!!

  7. steve sanders says:

    The last inflatable raft to cuba is waiting for this piece of trash. Oh…I didn’t know I hit something”. This women is a total fool. It doesn’t surprise me that this has happened again, all we have in south florida are pieces of trash living amongest us.

  8. Clay Renoit says:

    She needs a reward for doing what everyone in FLA does. Thats run over people and keep driving…Look just a few days ago a dump truck ran over a trooper…I was so happy they found that rat. I was jumping for joy. For some reason people here in Miami thinks its ok to hit and run…I will tell you in any other state they will hang you if you hit and run without stopping…I think Miami has a class teaching how to hit and run …

  9. Sheri G says:

    accidents happen! and this woman is not one to leave someone suffering if she knew she hit them. yes she should of stopped to see if she hit something or someone but not everyone has common sense and she never has had common sense but a big heart. she is a hard worker and good mother.

  10. boo says:

    Now the girl is paralized for life. Just got the news from her famaly and my tears simply won t stop falling. She is just a child OMG!!! You hit something??? You keep on going??? Now this child s future??? It s the saddest thing for a mother to live through!!! Please keep this child and family in your prayers

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