MIAMI (CBS4) — Just about every woman wants long thick eyelashes, but achieving that look isn’t always easy. You can commit to permanent extensions or use lash growing solutions. Both are pricey choices. Or you can use a product that turned into an eye-opening experience for the women who tried it.

Luscious lashes are a fashion requirement for runway models. Even if you’re not on the runway, most women want the long lash look.

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“For women over 35, it’s a great age-defying little tip,” said makeup specialist Chris Lally.

One of her favorite makeup secrets is Diva-Derme lash extensions in a bottle.

“A very easy quick fix for short lashes,” said Lally.

Client Christine McLaughlin was ready to give it a try.

“My eyelashes are a little bit shorter than I would like and I would like them to be a little bit longer and thicker,” said McLaughlin.

It took Lally no time at all to make that happen. Lally applies a coat of regular mascara and then wands on the Diva-Derme extensions.

“There are fibers that adhere to your existing lashes,” explains Lally.

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A final coat of mascara goes over those fibers to achieve longer thicker eyelashes.

“Wow, wow, I love it, they’re definitely longer,” said McLaughlin.

It’s a dramatic before and after look.

Ricky Saienni is also lash challenged. “I have no eyelashes so I just want it to look like I actually have eyelashes,” said Saienni.

Even after a coat of regular mascara, Ricky Saienni’s lashes barely show. She brushes on the fiber lashes and adds another coat of mascara and sees a big difference. It is a professional look you can do yourself.

“I love it! My eyelashes look huge, my eyes actually look open,” said Saienni.

The ingredients in Diva-Derme lash extensions are cellulose, Panthenol and vitamin E. All the ingredients are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The lash extensions last all day and wash off with soap and water or makeup remover. One bottle costs $35 and contains up to 100 applications.


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Lisa Petrillo