MIAMI (CBS4) – Several major South Florida roads and highways will be temporarily closed to traffic Monday for the funeral procession of two Miami-Dade officers who died last week in the line of duty.

Afternoon road closures during the transport of the officers to their final resting place will begin at about 12:30 p.m. when the interment procession will travel north on Biscayne Boulevard to westbound I-395. When it reaches I-95 it will then proceed north to SR826 and then west to the NW 57th Street exit. It will then head south on NW 57th Avenue to the Vista Memorial Gardens Funeral Home.

A joint memorial service for Officers Roger Castillo and Amanda Haworth began at 11 a.m. at the Amerian Airlines Arena in downtown Miami, causing lane closures during the procession along NW 57th Avenue north to SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) east and parts of Biscayne Boulevard.

Gov. Rick Scott has asked that all government flags be flown at half-staff Monday in honor of the slain officers.

Castillo and Haworth were killed in a gunfight last Thursday when they tried to apprehend Johnny Simms on a fugitive warrant. Simms was also killed.

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  1. Mark says:

    Don’t you think that it would have been a bit wiser to have this procession after Monday morning Rush Hour? I feel for the family and all but if this was anyone else they would not be allowed to disrupt the lives of so many people. Now I will get flamed for this because I am “speaking out” against the police, but I would do the same about using common sense no matter who it is. Just a little consideration for others goes a long way, and in this day and age it is all about “Me” and to hell with others attitude that is our American societies biggest problem

    1. Shawn says:

      Regardless of what time they have the procession someone will complain. At least it was published so that people can take an alternate route or adjust their schedules. You are a perfect example of “it’s all about me”!

      1. Mark says:

        shawn this does not even affect me since I live and work in broward. Its not about me, its about common sense, 9 am rush hour traffic, 100,000 commuters, 10 am traffic 20,000 commuters. Would be nice to be considerate to all the people that have to get to work

      2. PhoneBill says:

        Seriously Shawn? You see nothing wrong with this? Why do they start at Vista to go all the way downtown just to return to Vista? That’s ridiculous.

        Just start downtown and end at Vista. This way you needn’t tie up traffic unnecessarily and they could have a longer ceremony.

        And NO, this isn’t about me either as I too live in Broward and will be far away. But I am from Miami, worked there for years and I understand what this will do to traffic.

    2. Money says:

      Mark & phonebill your ridiculous !! It’s amazing how ungrateful to the people that protect them . Both local and military , grow up I think an extra 30 to 60 min. of traffic is a small sacrifice compared to the one these officers made. Losers!!

      1. robin sanders says:

        Big difference between a soldier’s funeral from dying in combat versus when an officer dies on the job. Military funerals are attended by those that know the soldier. Police funerals draw every policemen from all over just to draw attention onto themselves. It is a shame to say it, and awfully harsh, but unfortunately true. I am not sure filling an arena with policemen that did not even know the officers that were killed serves no purpose other than to garner public sympathy and in turn increased compensation. Military funerals are always humbling events, the police should take a page and honor slain policemen appropriately. Hundreds of thousands of people stranded for a motorcade of people that did not even know either officer – not even JFK had same, not one soldier ever. Sorry, but this is a bit out of hand.

      2. Jonaus says:

        I don’t find him ridiculous. My nephew was murder in Iraq my family did not close I95 for two hours.

    3. jr says:

      Your comment is all about (you) ..where do you come from. Complaining before the event even takes place. What are you so important for? You are selflfish and really thinking about yourself,. Actually i fell into your trap, you wanted to ceate a stir. The only sad stir is that your are anonymous, and hide behind opportunities like this. You are free to comment. Please continue commenting and continuously show and tell your sad story.

  2. Robin Sanders says:

    Is it really necessary for every cop from all over Florida to attend? Who is paying for the arena and all of the travel expenses for the cops to attend? What happened to the two officers was a horrific tragedy – is it really helpful for so many to attend? Does everyone in the military stop what they are doing, rent out stadiums, close roads, attend en masse, all on the taxpayer’s dollar, when a soldier dies in combat? Is is ok to say the police go thru this process to draw attention to themselves? US soldiers are dying daily yet their funerals are humble events. How many policemen will say “we never know if we are coming home” or “it could have been any of us”? Please stop the sanctimony and honor the two officers appropriately – bring attention on yourselves with these spectacles serves no purpose.

    1. Ann says:

      I agree with you Robin 100%

    2. Andrew R. says:

      Robin, I attended the ceremony today as a member of a Fire Department Honor Guard. I was not paid to attend, and I paid my own travel expenses. So rest assured that not one dime of your tax dollars was spent so I could honor two heroes who died protecting ungrateful morons like you. By the way, the American Airlines Arena donated their time and space out of a respect for the dead which you clearly lack. Maybe you should do some research next time before you open your mouth. As my mother always says, it is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt. Sleep tight tonight knowing Florida’s cops and firefighters protect idiots too.

      1. A. J. says:

        Andrew R., before you start calling other people morons, perhaps you should pay attention to what you read.
        Robin’s comment is filled with QUESTION MARKS “?”
        That means he/she is asking a question, as he/she is unsure of the facts.
        Perhaps you didn’t like Robin’s questions, but to translate them into factual, presumptive statements as you did, most certainly does not exclude you from the ‘moron’ classification you enjoy assigning to others.

  3. dan says:

    How come they don’t do the same thing when a civilian is murdered?

  4. crime shame says:

    WHat happened to the 2 unarmed men Miami pd killed in overtown miami in the last 3 months

  5. Fly says:

    I see the point some of you are trying to make, but it makes me wonder what would you be saying if the slain officers were your family member. I agree with “Money”, grow up and don’t complain so much.

  6. Tom says:

    Fly, if one of those slain officers was a family member of mine, there is no way I would condone disrupting the lives of so many people not connected to them for such a shameless spectacle.

    If we are going to shut down traffic for them, let’s shut down traffic for everyone who goes before their time.

    Or, we can respect the fact that life is for the living and that bad things happen for utterly no reason.

    I feel terrible for the families left behind resulting from the insanity of that shooting. I am very grateful and humbled for the sacrifices made by that man and woman. Call me selfish if you want, but not enough to sit in stuck in my car for a considerable length of time watching a multitude of people, 99% who had no real personal connection other than sharing a similar job description with them.

    Put it another way, would you expect all those police officers to be so quietly respectful when you time comes around?

  7. Pepe Fields says:

    Seriously, can we please get back to the business of the county!!! Enought the road closures, interviews with the dade county state attorney, police rector, other cops who glorify these cops and say..oh, they never stole a frieght train and never molested anyone. These cops aren’t heroes, the true heroes are the congresswomen that got shot and the people that saved her and the other people involved in that horrible tragedy. What makes these cops heroes? How about the “pig” that was speeding this morning on north kendall drive and swerving in between lanes so they can get to the dunkin donuts for the hot de-caf and hot glazed. These cops couldn’t care less about anyone, except themselves and that’s a fact because they wouldn’t show up at anyone else’s funeral procession, only to write speeding tickets. It’s going to be a free for all in dade county today for all the criminals to commit crime, because all the cops will be in the AA Arena for 6.9 hours playing grab-ass with each other. The previous posts are absolutely correct and there are a lot of people in mi-jami that can’t handle the truth when you start saying true things, especially about cops, people get bent out of shape and defend the pigs. Instead of waving at the motorcade, I’m going to do donuts on the side streets.

    1. A. J. says:

      You are calling a politicians a hero?
      And just what significant act has she done in her lifetime to be deemed a hero?
      Get shot?
      Because if that’s the case, there have been thousands of drug-dealing, drug-addicted, lowlife “heros” over the years based on your criteria.

      Please, tell me exactly WHY a politician who got shot is a hero?

      1. Stout09 says:

        Hero is a word that gets thrown around too much. Cops don’t become cops to help people, if so then they would’ve become firemen, doctors or any other career that actually helps people, they do it for a feeling of power, maybe they just got beat up too many times in high school. It sucks that they were gunned down but that factor comes with thier job. Heros far from it! They were just doing thier job and just happened to get shot. and closing down a major interstate is the most idiotic thing to do on a Monday Morrning rush hour.

  8. Lawanda says:

    God Bless the families of the fallen officers and all those that commented. Have a bless day.

  9. Mark says:

    Unfortunetaly the point I was making if you read the original post is not about the event happening as to when it was happening. I said it makes no sense to have this happen at rush hour, wait an hour and make everyones life much better. Just talked with someone driveing on I-95 in broward, 100 – 150 police vehicles traveling south at 8:00 am with there lights flashing at high speed towards miami. People are panicking and trying to get out of there way. Real Safe for the public. Now get another report from someone about the Calvalcade coming down the turnpike with full lights, 2 black trucks with barbecue pits in tow for the “festivities”? Who is paying for all these people and the equipment that they are using. I dont get paid to go to funerals from my job. And I dont definetly use company equipment to do it on my own time. Dont you think in these rought economic times when we cant pay our bills we should be using our city and county resources wisely? The more I see of the event unfolding i agree with the “Spectacle” term. A show of force is the seeming intent rather than a tribute to the way these officers deserve to be remembered. BTW I have Police officers in my family out of the area and would never think of doing such a thing as this. When a fellow officer is gone they consider it a very private affair as if they were family and keep it that way.

  10. A.J. says:

    The directions are wrong:
    “Following the memorial service, at approximately 12:30 p.m., the interment procession will travel north on Biscayne Boulevard to westbound I-395. When it reaches I-95 it will then proceed north to SR826 and then east to the NW 57th Street exit.”
    –> From I-95, you must travel ~WEST~ on SR826 to get to NW 57th ~AVE~ exit.
    btw, I am great with directions and looking for a better job … or you’all can just hire me as a consultant.

  11. dimitri says:

    I don’t think you people get it. Most of you will never need the help of a police officer during a home invasion. But, god forbid, if you ever find yourself in a situation like the Petit family in Connecticut, you’ll be on your hands and knees in tears, hoping that lanes were closed for police officers to quickly respond and disarm the assailants. Although much of their time is spent patrolling and writing tickets, it’s that one day you need them that you’ll realize why lanes are being blocked today — to pay final respects to our officers.

    1. Mark says:

      What has this got to do with the vulgar display of using emergency lights and disrupting traffic to go to a funeral of someone they dont know, have never met or heard about befor. Solidarity? I feel solidarity with lots of people in my field, but we dont all get together when Joe dies. This is a show of force and leaves evryone at risk from the activity.Plain & Simple. This gripe was about the time of the procession not anything else, the others have gone off topic and started other ideas

  12. Ann says:

    You make it seem as if you are forced to do these things….you chose to do it, you chose to be in the military service. they choose to be officers, dont do the dirty work then, dont put your life at risk simple as that.

  13. Chris Ponce says:

    Many of you have left ridiculous negative comments. I hope a few people show up to your funeral when you pass away. I cannot believe how disrespectful many of you are.

  14. juan says:

    we have to be gratefull for those officers that put their live up front to proctect ours, the only thing i dont agree with the county is they said it will be impossible to use a swatt team to deal with these type of dangerous cases in a daily bases, but they rather spend all this money for this ceremony, not that they dont deserve it, dont get me wrong, just that they should value more their lives and instead of spend all this money trying to show their condolences, use it to put a specialize team to deal with those criminals, if this would of being done that day those officer could of being with their family now. RIP

  15. I'm not that crazy says:

    I’m not that crazy

    Most of us agree this is a tragic event, but as someone who has driven a emergency vehicle for 20+ years I would like to comment on the circus I, and several of my friends witnessed this morning between 0800 and 0900 on various highways in and around Miami Dade County. I know there are specific guidelines on when a law enforcement officer is authorized to use emergency lights and siren. Reporting to a funeral that had been scheduled more than 24 hours prior is not or should not be one of those times. I wish the News 4 Helicopter had been covering State Road 836 at 0830 this morning and seen the officers from Hialeah, Miccosukee, and Miami Dade I witnessed weaving through rush hour traffic at a high rate of speed with lights and in some cases siren in order to hurry up and wait for the procession to start two hours late for the fallen officers.

    I am sure some policies will be reviewed in the wake of these shootings. I hope they also review the way officers conduct themselves behind the wheel. I applaud FHP for restricting cell phone use while driving.

  16. Glen Hill says:

    At least a politican tries to do something good for our country, unlike these stupid ‘pigs’ that infest our community and do such fabulous work by writing speeding tickets that are false, molesting people, beating them up, speeding through the streets of miami like they are invisible…DUH!!! I see there were a lot of ‘pig’ defenders and that’s always the case when you get a lot of cops that try to intimidate people with their gun and badge, and all those cops
    are a bunch of thugs. I’m glad the community sees the outrageous disregard for the law that these thugs portrayed this morning by weaving in and out traffic with their lights on when the emergency was no where to be seen, only to get to dunkin donuts faster.

  17. Barbara says:

    I can’t believe I am even reading these comments. SO WHAT if the roads were closed for awhile! You should be concerned with why a 23 year old with a 5 page rap sheet for serious crimes was still on the streets!

    1. lisettica says:

      agree and why wasn’t this a S.W.A.T issue? I would never knock on the door of a criminal with a wrap sheet. That’s just stupid.