ST. LUCIE COUNTY (CBS4) – A Ft. Pierce man has been charged with animal cruelty after he reportedly killed his dog by stabbing it more than two dozen times.

Joseph Barker, 35, allegedly paid a friend $20 to drive him and his three year old pit bull to a canal on January 8th. The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office said once there Barker hit the dog several times on the head with a tire iron before throwing it into the canal. But when he saw that the dog was still alive and trying to climb up the embankment, Barker reportedly grabbed it and repeatedly stabbed it in the neck.

A family member who heard about what Barker allegedly did found the dog’s body at the canal and called police.

The sheriff’s office said Barker, who is currently jailed without bail, told investigators he did it because he was tired of the dog’s incessant barking.

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  1. bobbi says:

    how sick is this guy but get this before he killed a dog he has no bond but if he had killed a humane being he’ed get bond? whats the matter with this picture?????

    1. J-bird says:

      i’m pretty sure he wouldn’t get bail if he paid a friend to drive him to a canal and kill a person. The real difference is that the “friend” would also be jailed as an accomplice? Why is that not the case here? His friend is an accomplice to animal cruelty.

      1. CalDre says:

        Why aren’t all you cow- and pig-killing meat eaters in prison without bail? What makes a pit-bull so special? Pigs are actually much smarter and nicer ….

      2. Pullio says:

        CalDre: Cuz pigs and cows taste SO Good!!!!

      3. Taste Like Chicken says:

        Dog actually taste quite nice, thank you very much.

        In China the Saint Bernard is one of our best, very sweet and tasty indeed.

        Don’t knock Dog until you try it people.
        I would invite you all to some of the nicer restaurants in China, Korea and many other finer Asian nations who enjoy Dog on the menu. Cheers.

      4. johnny b says:

        Hey CalDre: why aren’t all you baby killers in prison?
        Bottom line; it was his dog. He can kill it if he wants.

      5. johnny b says:

        Oh wait! It was a Pit-bull. They are not even dogs! They should ALL be killed!

      6. Sarah Hall says:

        CalDre, go back to your PETA office, you aren’t wanted here

      7. Sarah Hall says:

        Johnny B, ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? I own 3 dogs that most would call “pit bull” type dogs, and they are, hands down, the best dogs. I bet you didn’t know that the actual American Pit Bull Terrier was bred specifically to NOT be human aggressive, did you? Take my advice and choke down some facts on something you choose to speak so strongly against.
        Oh, and BOTTOM LINE, its illegal to STAB YOUR DOG TO DEATH!

      8. PITBULL MAMA says:

        CalDre really? do you own one? I can guarantee my pitbull is smarter and nicer than you////dont judge my pit and I wont judge your kids….

      9. PITBULL MAMA says:

        Johnny B and Taste Like Chicken are the epitome of ignorant, you need to be sterilized and poster children for birth control…..

    2. tubaman says:

      that’s right bond.i love it

    3. Sam says:

      Why is it ok to kill a chicken, or a cow, or a pig – but not a dog?

      1. John says:

        Because dog meat is too strongy to be good eating…

      2. John says:


      3. JJ says:

        You can’t torture a chicken, cow or pig. DUH. Dogs are humanely killed every day. There is no excuse for what he did.

      4. cora says:

        Sam, it is too bad your mother didn’t have an abortion, we already have too many idiots in the world.

      5. Michael says:

        AMEN CORA!

      6. madbradwilson says:

        because thankfully, in a CIVILIZED SOCIETY pets are viewed differently than chickens, cows and pigs. the real question is, why aren’t people who don’t pay taxes not okay to kill? since we are being ridiculous….

      7. Donna says:

        Is this the way chickens, cow, and pigs are killed, moron?

      8. MAKE MY DAY says:

        We just happen to “EAT” those particular animals!!! But – you raise a good point!!!

      9. Chiquelitz says:

        The only reason a dog barks all the time is because he’s lonely or bored. Do you believe that a man who would beat an animal w/ a tire iron ever gave this poor animal any affection or any care? This guy is a pathological murderer who should be incarcerated for the rest of his life.

      10. CalDre says:

        @JJ “You can’t torture a chicken, cow or pig. DUH.” You are hopelessly clueless. You need to visit a factory farm, and also a kosher meatpacking plant, and you will see that these animals are treated far worse than this dog. Not to mention veal, where the animal is severely abused its entire life just to you get a bit more enjoyment when you eat it (after killing it of course).

      11. James says:

        Sam, Man has been eating animals since there was Man! Nature made it that way! You really think modern Man is above nature? Are you really that stupid? really?

      12. Connie says:

        Because a dog is a pet, brought into the home under the expectation of being fed and loved. It isn’t a farm animal, raised for the purpose of food. Do you REALLY not understand this, or are you just an idiot?

      13. corey says:

        Silly vegitarians… If God didn’t want us to eat animals, why’d he make them out of meat????

      14. John says:

        Why do you care that I eat animals that have been eaten for thousands of year? Why prosecute people on this… the world would love it if you and all other vegans would shut up.

      15. alio says:

        Sure we eat animals designated for food killed humanely. Killing a dog like this man did is inhumane and riles the pet loving population. The first thing I think of when I hear these sick stories is to hang this guy by the gonads until castrated by himself.
        His type needs a daily reminder the rest of his life to be kind to pets. See how much of a man he is after this type sentence. ha ha. He deserves no less.

      16. J.R. says:

        Your an idiot…the meat that are feed to humans are killed for consumption….and hopefully killed humanely…

      17. jj says:

        Caldre you are the one who is clueless. Please point me to the farm who can legally beat an animal, drown it then stab it to death? Factory farms are disgusting but it is regulated to prevent animal cruelty as much as possible. They can be shut down if they are caught. Do some people still do it? Of course because some people are gross look at all the comments excusing this pos’s actions.

      18. Sweet Meat says:

        Why is it ok to kill broccoli or peaches, but not a dog? Vegans murder more innocent vegetation than McDonald’s makes burgers. They should be stopped! Why is it ok to kill cockroaches, but not dogs? If you want to be “one with nature” then stop eating.

      19. CalDre says:

        @Connie. “Because a dog is a pet, … It isn’t a farm animal ”

        And that makes a moral difference, exactly how? Because you like one more than the other? Well obviously this guy didn’t. What makes your dietary preference so important, you pompous moronic irrational hypocrite? The purpose someone brought an animal home makes a moral difference as to how you treat them? Really?, Obviously you have a personal preference, but so does every hypocrite and killer in the world. I really despise hypocrite meat-eaters – either you respect mammals, or you don’t, get off you high-horse, idiot.

      20. Mark says:

        Because dogs aren’t bred as food. Cows and chickens are. Meaning if we didn’t want them as food, those animals never would have been here in the first place. Also they don’t kill cows and chickens by beating them over the head and throwing them in a ravine and then repeatedly stabbing them in the neck. PLUS Dogs are kick ass! Pigs are cool too, but they taste awesome!

    4. Greg says:

      Unable to experience empathy. Another sociopathic serial killer in the making?

      1. CalDre says:

        If you want to see true animal torturers unable to experience empathy, visit and see where your pork chop or bacon comes from .

      2. theTruth says:

        Vegan wackos like CalDre need to experience a pack of wild hogs before they open their pathetic pie-holes. Pigs left to themselves don’t dance and play video games all day…

        City slicker know-nothing… see I can call people names too…

    5. brickabracka says:

      animals have their own personalities, cats, dogs, chickens, goats, cows, pigs, doesn’t matter, they all feel the pain of death. and the so called painless lethal injections…..anyone ever see the face of an animal dying from lethal injection?
      sadly there is a moment of pure agony when the animal passes, and the animal is terrified as would you be.

      The bottom line is humans are the most inhumane creature on earth. Theres some strange and horrible things in the animal kingdom, but nothing compares to the sheer heartlessness of some people.

      1. Lab Rat says:

        I have held my beloved pets – both cats and dogs – while they were euthanized.

        There was not any terror or agony, just a peaceful passing in my arms.

      2. tnmccoy says:

        I suppose you’ve never seen a lion kill? Animals eat animals and they don’t do it ‘humanely.’ Man was given dominion over the Earth and all the flora and fauna. He kills animals for food and protection. While some idiots are just that when it comes to animals, most are not. Stop trying to equate animals with humans. You miss the point of life. Life can be and is brutal at times. Consider abortion. That my friend IS the most inhumane decision man can make. It’s murder pure and simple. And those poor babies feel pain—lots of it. Man is unique and special in this World of ours. We should start acting that way.

      3. Kelly says:

        Yeah, because lions, tigers and bears are totally vegetarian and would never dream of eating animals.

      4. Richtellindatroof says:

        Such bullhockey. Humans have treated many an animal to the lap of luxury, never have I heard of cats or dogs being so spoiled in nature. Let’s face it, you have an agenda to demonize man for the sake of environmental politics and that is a far greater evil when you attack your brethren.

    6. jm says:

      you’re exactly right.
      this guy is messed up.
      talk about self absorbed and arrogant. who was he to decide this dog should die a brutal death just because the creature was barking?
      and secondly, you’re exactly right again- the fact that this guy is in jail with no bond for killing a dog, but he’d be offered bond if he killed a person- this is messed up.
      silence the people who love creatures more than people

    7. scumbuster says:

      It’s a pit bull, big deal. If it killed a kid you all would want the owner jailed. Well, he destroyed the dog B4 a tragedy occured.

      1. Harry Armstrong says:

        Completely agree. The story doesn’t give enough details but if my pit attacks my kids, guess what, the pit is history with extreme prejudice.

      2. Connie says:

        Ah yes. The little man syndrome is on display here. This is a civilized society. WE don’t beat our dogs to death with tire irons or stab them in the neck until dead. The dog didn’t bite a kid, according to the owner, yes? So, your point was? Little man syndrome — “I’ll kill anybody that looks sideways at me, my woman or my kid.” Yep, sure.

      3. Anthony says:

        How did a story of a demon possessed psycho turn into a human rights discussion? They say one in every six Americans has a mental disease. That’s clearly evident here on this forum!

    8. Ironmaan says:

      The guy is a sick man and should be punished.

    9. brendre says:

      They should throw him down an embankment.

    10. Ike says:

      This guy deserves a second chance…after all the president just praised the owner of the Eagles for giving Michael Vick a second chance. Vick electrocuted strangled and drown several dogs with his bare hands and look how he has turned his life around. We should all be more presidential!
      Seriously I hope there is a special place in hell for anyone that tortures animals
      and those who excuse it

    11. Jerry says:

      I sure he didn’t use the words ” incessant barking.” He probably wouldn’t know the meaning of “incessant”

    12. bobby-baby says:

      Bravo and god bless him!! I’d pay his bail myself if I could.

      It’s time somebody did something with all of these damn barking dogs.

      I don’t mean when the dog barks for a reason. I mean when they just incessantly bark and the owner either isn’t around (and doesn’t care when you tell them) or is around aqnd doesn’t care.

      I used to live in Long Beach and next door was a fat potato shaped slob of a woman from some banana republic who’s dog barked NON-STOP at NOTHING for hours on end. I have the video to prove it.

      Ruined peoples sleep and made life miserable… but, oh you have to have at least three complaints to do something. So if it’s mainly barking outside of your window you have no recourse; right? Right. “If you don’t like it, move” this fat blob said when we asked her to control the dog.

      Anybody know where I could get a tire iron?

    13. Pandoraah says:

      Humans can help themselves. Animals cannot. This sick freak must have been at fault for the dog barking also. He needs to be hung by his genitals.

    14. Jesse Locke says:

      You’re exactly right my friend. However, I do feel pity for the poor dog. Give humans the same kind of justice that pets now get!

    15. brito6162 says:

      the reason he didn’t get bond was not that he killed a “dog” but the judge saw that he could kill a human just as easy with his defective mental processing system. That is how many battered women get killed when the assailant is out on bail or jst simply realeased after the Macho judge just puts out a restraining order.

  2. Corinne says:

    Anyone who kills a defenseless animal or abuses any animal. should get life imprisonment or the death sentence. Evil people like that are a threat to society and need to be kept off the streets. Our laws are far to lenient in the abuse of animales. It is heart wrenching to see the abuse of animals, and we need to have stronger laws, and enforce them, or they will repeat this monstrous cruelity on another animal.

    1. Dave says:

      I agree Corinne…string ’em up on the town square right along with child molesters, murderers, rapists, etc. There no freekin’ better!!!!

      1. SliderX says:

        Yeah that dogs life is far far move valuable that a human life, string him up.

    2. Bobby Sue says:

      Would you agree that we should jail every “humane society” employee that sends helpless dogs, cats, and other helpless critters to the gas chamber?

      1. Rosanne Boyer says:

        All he had to do was take the animal to any vet and they would put the dog down for a small fee. His “crime” was taking his rage out on the animal. Obviously not a man at the top of the food chain.

      2. JJ says:

        Viciously beating a dog, trying to drown it then stabbing it to death does not = getting a shot and going to sleep. Are people this stupid?

      3. Paula says:

        Would you rather a dog or cat live in a small cage indefinitely, get killed by another animal or starve to death? That’s what happens to animals every day too. What is more humane?

      4. ranchoazul says:

        Rosanne their are plenty of vets that will not put down a dog that was worse than this one. I had a dog that bit someone & killed another dog. The vet would not put him down & neither would the shelter. Not until he bit someone else and the court got involved.

      5. samihami says:

        No, but how about the irresponsible owners who create the problem by not having their pets spayed/neutered? Seems like they should be held responsible for perpetuating a problem that should not exist to begin with.

    3. Pablo says:

      U R insane. It’s property. So flushing your goldfish down the toilet= death penalty. Try worrying about human beings instead of dumb (& sometimes dangerous) animals.

      1. tubaman says:

        thats right idiot.animals need someone to protect them

      2. St Frank says:

        if we disregarded all “dumb (and sometimes dangerous) life”, what would happen to California and New York? Come on, domesticated animals deserve our protection.

      3. Davey says:

        Animal worshippers are crazy. This dog is this guys property and he can do with it what he pleases

      4. woodNfish says:

        Terrible waste of meat. He should have eaten it.

      5. Samantha says:

        I am not a animal worshipper I cook the deer my husband kills and farm pigs, bunny’s and goat. I hope to be able to raise and a turkey this year for thanksgiving. This said all the above animals on my farm live a good life while alive and are killed quickly and humanly. This guy is a evil person capable of evil deeds and deserves to be jailed. We sale our baby pigs and chicks we do not want as that is the correct thing t do-as him giving the dog away or this is a thought him actually teach his dog-would have been the correct thing.

      6. Jane Anderson says:

        If we stop worrying what people do to animals, then there will be not be any more people left to worry about.

      7. ANIMALAURA says:

        Haven’t you EVER studied psychology????? The man who did this to a dog will someday do the same thing *or worse* to a child or another defenseless being. It is about CONTROL…. IT IS A KNOWN FACT. ASK ANY PSYCHOLOGIST!!

      8. Glenn says:

        You are right on here Pablo. We worry more about animals rights then Human beings…….Do any of you realize how ridiculious you sound. There are better ways to deal with an animal then the wat this guy did. But, we should always understand that a animal isn’t a human and laws should stop over glorifying this area before we become totally out of touch with reality!!!!

    4. MB says:

      In stead of holding them accountable, we more often than not re-elect them to public office.

    5. Dog Lubber says:

      I agree whole heartedly.

    6. blaine says:

      let me guess: you’re the type of chick who thinks partial birth abortions are great fun? You’re the type of chick who has no problem viewing a child as an “inconvenience’ and as a mere “bundle of cells,” but a dog is something to be placed on a pedestal. What this guy did was de trop, but it’s a DUMB ANIMAL, not a human being. Creatures like you care more about dumb animals than about other human beings (particularly children)

      1. MrMac says:

        its just a dumb animal. why are all you teabaggers trying to make this about a woman’s right to decide if she wants to give birth? this story has nothing to do with criminalizing mothers who have an abortion.

    7. Deb says:

      They don’t put to death people who kill, multilate or molest innocent victims. They don’t even put them in prison for life and, many times, they only serve a few months or years just to repeat their crime.

      I’m not saying the guy doesn’t deserve a long prison sentence. I’m just saying people need to be held accountable and we need laws that fit the crime. Kill or rape someone, or kill your dog because you’re too lazy to take them to dog training…go to prison for life, or perhaps a death sentence that will be carried out in a matter of months, not years.

    8. Someone says:

      Hey all you meat eaters – what’s the difference between killing a dog, and killing pigs, chickens, cows, etc? They were all defenseless animals until you got hungry.

      You said ‘any animal’. Think about it..

      1. madbradwilson says:

        and i would ask you to think about your statement…. seriously think about it. if you can….

      2. Glenn says:

        Hey Someone……When I read your comment the only thing that comes to mind is, How did the human race survive this long with Idiots like you in the world, Man has been eating the animals that GOD has provided for us ….since like, the begining of time.

      3. Nick says:

        We eat meat to survive. Just like every other omnivore or carnivore on this planet does. This main tried to club, drown and then stab a dog to death because he was annoyed! Do you really not see a difference???

    9. Willy Bamboo says:

      I eat beef and i never give the critters a chance to defend themselves. “Pow” right between the eyes. They never knew what hit ’em. I admit, taking them apart in little pieces and grinding the dear things up into hamburger is a bit gross. About your death sentence for me Judge Corinne – you might want to hurry. I’m 65 and Big Guy upstairs is gunning for me also. I’ll bet he gets me first!

    10. bobia says:

      I hope you mean to include Michael Vick. If so, I agree.

    11. dogtrainer says:

      then how do you feel about abortion when a human being is killed? a baby? but you call for justice for an animal that does not even know what it is? animals eat, run and breed.
      justify that.

      1. Your ignorance is overwhelming. You are 50 years out of date. Researchers are coming to the conclusion that we have judged wrongly to boost our own egos. Animals are conscious sentient beings who suffer. Amd ,many are fully aware of themselves and others.

        I find it scary that you are a dog trainer.

    12. George says:

      You’re really sick in the head if you would kill a person for killing a dog.

      1. Donna says:

        It depends on whose dog it was….

    13. I agree but if you bothered to investigate the way meat animals are treated, you would d become a vegetarian. Factory style “farms” treat their animals almost as badly.

    14. bambam0099 says:

      Hey Corinne, should shut down PETA because they KILLED over 90% of the animals they took in? What about the animal shelters that KILL animals when they can’t find people to adopt them? What about pet owners that MUTILATE their pets by “spade and neutering”? How dare you keep a pet locked up in your house under your control simply for your selfish pleasure…SET THEM FREE to live their own lives.
      You animal rights activists are all whacked in the head.

    15. bobbybaby says:

      But when that animal makes life miserable for all those around and the owner (unlike this guy) refuses to do anything, then what?

      We need stronger laws that protect PEOPLE from animals that bark incessantly.

      I’m not in favor of killing dogs wantonly but I can kind of understand this guy. Of course I don’t know why he didn’t just dump the thing at a shelter somewhere.

  3. langley says:

    true, what he did was evil, but why stop there? Why do people protest animal cruelty–become outraged even–but defend people who murder unborn human beings?

    1. RAM says:

      Because UNBORN humans are called fetuses! A fetus can’t sustain its own life! It’s dependent on a person. That person has the FREEDOM to choose whether or not they want to bring another life into this world of ignorant control freaks. I assume you’re a man, like me, and frankly abortion is none of our business unless we’re asked for our opinion. Please keep yours to yourself and keep the discussion germane to the topic. Bible thumpers are really starting to annoy me.

      1. langley says:

        People who irrationally deny the humanity of fetuses (btw, that would be Latin for “offspring”) have annoyed me for a long time. Emphasizing the word “unborn” does nothing for your argument, as that is the very point. It’s a bit like saying, “Humans in a retirement community are called elderly!” By such a comment I suppose you somehow think that makes them less human? That would be called ‘begging the question’. In point of fact, the fetal stage includes viability, though that’s an old 1973 non-sequitur anyway. You’re also begging the question asserting that people have the right to kill dependent humans just because they’re dependent (so can parent kill their toddlers when they get tired of changing diapers all the time?). Calling ME names is also irrelevant drivel; we call this “ad hominem”, a logically fallacy of attacking someone because we don’t have something meaningful to say. You’re also begging the queston as to whether men should have some say in the matter. Would you also argue that people who didn’t own slaves before the Civil War should have no say in the issue of slavery? Should I ignore the plight of my neighbor if she gets robbed because it’s none of my business? I’d say this is particularly germane when we have people in this forum who actually want to throw the guy in prison for life (don’t make me laugh!) or give the guy the death penalty. I’d say those people need to get their ethics straight…. What hypocrisy! You want to defend a dog, but not an unborn human being. I love it.

      2. Cato says:

        In keeping with the logic, I believe from now on we should refer to nursing home residents as ‘the undead’. It is much easier to kill the enemy once you have dehumanized them. Dogs, babies, enemy soldiers, first we must alter our vocabulary, then proceed with the killings. As Woody Allen once said “You can go years without sex, but you can’t go a day without rationalization.”

      3. Farmer Bob says:

        Sorry to point this out, but there is no need to “dehumanize” dogs, except in the minds of their owners and others of the many weak-minded sects that abound in this country today. Dogs are, in fact, dogs, and not humans.

      4. Maggie Fanelli says:


      5. bob says:

        UNBORN humans are called health food in china why don’t you go have some or if you don’t have the stomach for it give some to your dog……Ram

      6. Rufus Levin says:

        Idiots annoy me…and you are CLEARLY the head of that class.

      7. Maggie Fanelli says:

        It’s obvious you’re ashamed to be an abortion-supporter, otherwise why would you attack those who make a very valid comparison? You’re tired of the “Bible-thumpers” reminding you what a cold, damaged, half-person you really are. BTW, any cool new tats lately?

    2. Lester Spratt says:

      I hate to tell you this, RAM, but newborn infants can’t sustain themselves, either, and are “dependent” on other humans.

      1. Jekyll Isle says:

        Should we kill all those that can no longer sustain themselves too or become dependent on others?

        I hope you answer yes, since you will get there sooner than you think

      2. Osamas Pajamas says:

        I support the right to abort — but a newborn can be supported BY SOMEONE ELSE through adoption — so there’s CLEARLY no right or reason to killing a newborn.



  4. Ken Inman says:

    REL TRUST, You could tell this is a white guy just from the name Joseph Barker? Perhaps if you would like to see a racist you should look in the mirror.

    1. fairpoint says:

      Rednecks have to be white?

      1. HankS says:

        How a non-white can get a “red neck”?

      2. fairpoint says:

        It’s more of a figure of speech than an actual description, isn’t it? I live in east Texas and I know several blacks who identify themselves as rednecks.

  5. Noxasa says:

    There are ways to do things in civil society. He could have just taken it to the pound and dropped it off saying it was a stray. Let them put it down. I hate dogs that bark all the time as I used to live next to one. That dog barked about once every 20 seconds from 8 in the morning to 9 at night. Eventually I had to get animal control involved because the owner wouldn’t do anything about it. The dog was eventually taken away, yay!!!

    1. kat says:

      The poor thing just needed some love and attention. It’s not the fault of the dog if its owner pays no attention to him. Some people just shouldn’t have animals.

    2. So, was the problem the dog or the human? I say the human.

  6. Hank Warren says:

    So the gov’t kills 10,000 birds and no problem but this guy kills a dog and faces long time jail. Absurd laws regarding animals, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.

    1. John says:

      Dogs are man’s best friend. Birds are dinner at KFC. That’s why I don’t care about birds. But I do care about preventing cruelty to animals. Dude get should get life at Alcatraz.

      1. kat says:

        Birds are necessary for eating bugs, pollination, and they’re pretty to look at.

    2. Jekyll Isle says:

      America Deceived is a deplorable book that should be burnt & then banned for the sheer stupidity of it

      1. Marcus says:

        Absolutely agree. 9/11 Trig Troofers are insane crazies. It’s people like them that insult people who just want to see Obama’s birth certificate and all his other sealed records.

      2. Anyone who wants to ban any book cannot talk about sheer stupidity.

    3. madbradwilson says:


  7. R N says:

    The guy should dissapear off the end of the pier!!

  8. mh says:

    and yet, if this story were about the pitbull breaking loose and maiming a child, each of these comments would be calling for the death of the animal.

    Save the outrage for real travesties.

    1. J-bird says:

      What do transvestites have to do with this story????????

    2. Russ says:

      If people were calling for the death of the animal, it would be to have it euthanized humanely, not savagely beaten to death. Try to understand the difference.

    3. Dog Lubber says:

      No I wouldn’t. I would blame the irresponsible owner for not properly securing the animal. I have owned several pits and never once did my dogs so any aggression toward a child or adult. They have a bad wrap because of the owners who train them to be mean. You can take a toy poodle and turn it into a monster.

    4. joh adams says:

      killing a defenseless animla w a tire iron isnt a travesty? are you a moron? or jsut stupid

  9. John says:

    I don’t think he intended for the dog to suffer, but was just inept at putting an animal to sleep. He should have used an ax or machete. Cleaner and quicker.

    1. leslie says:

      John I have a feeling you really are just that sick.

    2. OK. you are just a troll. Don’t anyone bite on this. He is baiting you. And if he really is that stupid there is no point in talking to him.

  10. jamesleetn says:

    If he had paid a vet to euthanize the dog you would have heard nothing.

    1. bobby Sue says:

      Vets who “euthanize” animals should go to jail. Don’t you think?

      1. Jekyll Isle says:

        How about abortionists?

        Should they go to jail too or is a child’s life less important than a dog’s?

  11. DickWiggler says:

    he should get a MEDAL
    i HATE pit bull dogs !!

  12. MrMac says:

    Good riddance. All dogs with jaws big enough to do serious damage should be eradicated from the planet. I was bitten as a child and still have the scars to prove it. I fear for innocent children who do not know to fear dogs. Get a cat and save yourself the headache from the barking and save yourself and unsuspecting kids from being disfigured … do not get a large dog…they are dumb animals and do not deserve you love and affection.

    1. MrMac says:

      am i? or am i someone who was scared for life by a dog?

      1. lisa says:

        How does one get scared for life by a dog? Maybe by the dog that did it, but why all dogs.

    2. fairpoint says:

      I got scared by an 18 wheeler once.

      1. St Frank says:

        haha eradicate all 18-wheelers – how dumb to make an over-arching call on 1 experience.

    3. Doglvr says:

      Boohoo, a doggie bit you and now you want to kill them all. Not all large dogs bite. I have a pit bull and it does love me dearly. Maybe if you weren’t so ignorant about dogs you wouldn’t be such a scared little oathetic wussy.

    4. john adams says:

      comments like these are why there is racism in the world, one bad experience so all large dogs should be killed, what a moron you arej

    5. Marcus says:

      MrMac, you’re right on the money. It’s always pit bills, rottweiliers, and dobermans (big, mean dogs) that attack, mutilate, and kill humans.

    6. Anyone making such a generality based on one experience with one dog has “scars” alright but the one’s on your body are the least of it. The problem is not dogs. The problem is your twisted view resulting from your trauma.

      I hope we never change the world to suit everyone’s fears and traumas. It would be totally devoid of life.

    7. Donna says:

      God made this animal for some purpose, not to be inhumanely tortured and executed….So you, yourself, were hurt as a child, but you still feel no compassion for an innocent animal that, as far as we know, never hurt anyone….You are sick, and you don’t deserve love or affection, and I doubt you have it….

    8. Nick says:

      I’m also afraid of spiders, flying, haunted houses, etc. Are we do eradicate everything from the planet that people are afraid of or have once cause injury? I fell off my bike many time. Should we get rid of all bikes and the ground? A hamster bit my finger, KILL THEM ALL!

      You aren’t that bright are you?

  13. Dog Pro says:

    There are so many ways to humanely stop a dog from barking excessively. No need to bash the dogs skull with a steel bar…regardless of breed. I hope the Guy gets “euthanized” in jail.

    1. Loppyshingers says:

      Would you say the same if he had killed a baby? How about an unborn baby?

      1. john adams says:

        thia aint about abortion stupid

      2. Marcus says:

        You’re right Loppy. These hypocrites that cry crocodile tears over poor vicious dogs could care less about 50 million babies being murdered since 1973.

      3. Give it a rest. We;re talking about animal cruelty. Go beat your drum elsewhere.

      4. Janet says:

        Why don’t you shut up?

  14. snap_out_of_it says:

    I can understand being upset with the barking…I’ll leave it at that. I do tire of reading about problem pitbulls and/or their problem owners. I wonder if he’d be charged if he’d just cut the dog’s spine with scissors at birth like late-term abortion “doctors” do. But clearly this guy should have been aborted himself then we wouldn’t have him or the dog causing trouble.

  15. Les says:

    Yes, the guy’s a nutcase. He could’ve just shot the dog in the brain, no pain, no bark.

  16. Larry Campbell says:

    This man is obviously mentally ill. Luckily we have found out that he is mentally unstable and a danger to others with the victim being a dog and not a human.

    1. Loppyshingers says:

      Obviously? We don’t know the whole story.

  17. bob tarasiak says:

    sad, howver even sadder is the fact Americans have murdered almost 50,000,000 babies sine 1973! yet dogs get more publicity than innocent babies!!!!!!!!!! Hey, Koreans eat dogs, don’t get me wrong i love my dog, but humans are more important.

    1. JBZ says:

      can you imagine if those 50 million unwanted children wold have been born? The crime rate spike, the welfare burden the food stamp burden the tax burden….

      1. Marcus says:

        You don’t know that. Why should they be murdered in the most vicious, evil, subhuman way because some selfish slobs don’t want them? Please don’t waste time mentioning rape or incest because they constitute way less than 1% of all abortions. 99% plus are for convenience (read: selfishness).

  18. Benjamin Napier says:

    If it was his dog, he has committed no crime. Chattel may be dealt with as the owner sees fit. Beating and killing a dog, while repugnant has the same result as taking said dog to the vet and having it euthanized. There is no way to nicely kill anything. I have had to shoot several dogs in my life. Most of them mine. If I had no firearm, I would have broken their skull or cut their throat. If it were a fight, what ever that would work.

    1. Ron Reale says:

      I suppose the thought of just sitting behind your vehicle while it is running, and letting the dog get gassed peacefully never occurred to you?
      This cretins actions are exactly how serial killers start out, and turn into Michael “Dogkiller” Vick, (may his back be broken in a tackle, and he live in excruciating pain for the rest of his hopefully short life).
      Ron Reale

    2. john adams says:

      stupid, it cruelty to animals and its not the same thing

  19. Benjamin Napier says:

    And, A pitbull is no different than any dog. The breed is not good or bad, it is the owner that causes the problem.

    1. MrMac says:

      dogs are dumb animals. it’s not the owners fault. most pitbulls respect their owners. the problem comes when the dumb animal thinks a small child is something to eat.

    2. hester says:

      To hit and stab any living thing is a wicked messed up thing to do, it shows a blatant disregard or disconnect from humanity. If the dog was incessantlybarking, that is because it was not being cared for or trained properly. Dropping the dog off at a shelter should have been the obvious solution. Most counties have animal controll do they not? It suffices to say that he will probably not get the kind of time he deserves. Look at Michael Vic……

  20. Freedomyo says:

    Cruel and stupid, but IT’S A DOG! The only thing the guy is guilty of is littering. Animals have no rights, people.

    1. Janet says:

      You must be a terrible person….I bet your mother wishes she had aborted you….

  21. Duh Man says:

    i HATE pit bulls
    a barking, eating machine..
    good riddance

  22. steve says:

    Hasn,t this inbred buffoon ever heard of a 22 pistol. What an idiot.

  23. bumblefoot2004 says:

    Man named “Barker” can’t stand his dog, who is also a “barker.”

  24. Chicago Nick says:

    So the punishment in a perfect world would be a cage match between the nut and the pitbull’s relatives… Is this lowlife related to Michael Vick? (Somewhere down the line probably yes ….)

  25. ronald says:

    No excuse for this kind of sick behavior. this guy is mentally unstable & should be locked up. someone that would be so cruel to a beloved pet dog is also capable of stabbing a person to death. they usually start with cruelty to animals & worse. people like this have no empathy for other living things & it’s very sad.

  26. Richard Patton says:

    This is just stupid. How about all the people who kill cows? How about those who eat them? Or chicken eggs – that is an unborn animal you know – killing babies. Yeah – it is ok to shoot a deer with a bow and arrow but you can’t put down your own dog? I think people living in cities are simply disconnected from real life – it is like they live in a fantasy land.

      1. john adams says:

        dont encourage idiocy, this isnt the same thing what a bunch of morons

    1. Loppyshingers says:

      Well put. You’ll notice that because you used clear logic, the bleeding hearts have no response. I think what we’re seeing here is the result of people believing that humans are nothing more than a sophisticated beast. Thanks to Darwin, the “progressive” people of today believe that an unwanted baby has no right to life, and no means of killing the baby are too brutal, while the violent killing of a dog is a crime worthy of the death penalty.

      1. Marcus says:

        Loppy, comment of the day! I couldn’t have put it better myself.

    2. Nick says:

      For starters, the eggs we eat are not fertilized eggs by a rooster. Chickens produce eggs without them being baby chickens. Yolk, is not a baby chicken. We kill cows, chickens deer etc to eat, for sustenance, to survive. This man killed a healthy creature because it annoyed him, not because it was sick, or he was going to eat it. There is a huge difference. And the manner at which he went about it is deplorable. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard. It wasn’t justified. I kill someone trying to harm me, fine. I kill someone because the annoyed me, not fine. Use the same logic.

  27. Gina says:

    Was this a fighting pitbull? Because owners of fighting pitbulls frequently torture and kill their dogs like Vick and that dirtbag DMX who I thank God does not have a career anymore. Virtuall all fighting pitbulls are tortured and killed, a few lucky ones survive for breeding purposes.

  28. Red Ruffansore says:

    It was Palin’s fault, Bush was busy.

  29. Alan says:

    So he didn’t want to pay to drop it at the pound and he didn’t have a gun to do it quickly. The dog was his property. He tried to put it down as effectively as he could, he just wasn’t immediately effective. I don’t see how this is cruelty. Life’s rough; get over it.

    1. jim says:

      where is a pit bull when you need one

  30. Nick says:

    Yeah, he should have just taken it to the vet to be euthanized. It’s a dog. You all are making judgments on this guys character without knowing all the circumstances. Why does the dog need to die? Dog owners don’t just kill their 3 year old pet for no reason. Saying that he should go to jail for this is just ridiculous. Our society has become so feminine. Men, just think how your father/grandfather would have handled the situation of a dog that needed to be put down. They wouldn’t bring him to a pound to find a family with a loving home blah blah blah. He would have taken care of it. Period.

  31. Scooter says:

    It was only a dog !

  32. leslie says:

    This is one sick dude. And what kind of person drives him there and watch’s it happen. Damn there are people in this world who should never be allowed to enjoy life. I hope this person dies a painful death. What a piece of crap.

  33. Chang says:

    I’m Chinese and this offends me. This is food and very good tasty dish. Think of charging the person or company that processed your t-bone or (no pun intended) eye of round. Silly this is a very tasty animal. Don’t knock it until you try it..

    1. Alan says:

      Now there’s diversity! To each his own.

    2. Janet says:

      Go to a chinese site, loser….We don’t need your input, you barbarian…

  34. $HANK$ says:

    RAM, here is what you wrote, shorter version. Because UNBORN humans are called fetuses! A fetus can’t sustain its own life! It’s dependent on a person. Bible thumpers are really starting to annoy me.

  35. Dog Lubber says:

    This man deserves to receive the same treatment this defenseless dog received. But instead of killing him just leave him deaf. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about him attacking any other animal or human because they were too loud.

  36. Hogbreath says:

    So Barker didn’t like Barking?

  37. Cody says:

    The only fitting punishment is to feed this subhuman parasite to a full-grown pitbull. Weed these scum from the gene pool.

  38. Bigpoppa says:

    Screw that dog. Pit Bulls are killers waiting to happen. He did the right thing by mitigating his liability. He should have just used a gun though.

  39. Coco1977 says:

    As an animal lover and owner of a 3 year old pit bull this makes me so sick. Pit bulls can be such loving dogs. Some people don’t deserve animals or children. It disgust me how human garbage can mistreat an animal or a human with such disregard. Animal rights is different than animal cruelty. You don’t abuse God’s creatures. He should suffer in the same manner as this poor creature. If he can dish it out then he can take it.

    1. ShambaLamba says:

      So when a Pit Bull kills a child, is that childs family entilted to eat the Pit Bull ?

    2. Duh Man says:

      an eye for an eye is ‘justice’ ???
      TWO wrongs DON’T make a right !!!
      law under YOUR rule is called SHARIA
      and homie don’t play dat islam BS !

  40. blaine says:

    if he’d killed a new-born infant like literally millions of american women do each year, he might have received a commendation (but, then again, he is male, so the legal system would surely treat him far more punitively than it does any woman).

  41. blaine says:

    @Lester Spratt:

    don’t worry about “Ram,” dear sir: the guy is basically another of the under-educated eunuchs that our vaunted education system is churning out these days.

  42. charles says:

    It is cruel to beat the dog the death. He should suffer the consequences for animal cruelty.

    But be clear, he could have taken the dog to a vet and had it euthanized. No questions asked. Or he could have taken it to the pound where they would put it up for adoption and after no one adopted it they would euthanize it. It’s not killing the dog that’s against the law. It’s how he did it.

  43. Richard Schulze says:

    Was Michael Vick driving the truck or swinging the tire iron?

  44. David Dean O'keefe says:

    Langley speaks for me

  45. nostudme says:

    Put this idiot in a cell with Vick. 2 a-holes.

  46. Marjorie Caldwell says:

    I think he and his friend should have been placed in a large kennel with 20 pitbulls [and so should have Michael Vick]. The worthless piece of flesh could have purchased a bark collar for under $50.

  47. Ricardo says:

    This would be a great way to curb population growth. Anyone who kills an animal should get the death penalty to use the logic from some of these people here. Let’s see…

    1. Hunting should be outlawed and anyone caught killing a game animal should be executed.
    2. No more killing of chickens, turkeys, hogs or cattle. If you do, you get the death penalty.
    3. Kill a rat or a mouse? Forget about because you could be brought up on charges. Don’t laugh, This has happened in the past.
    4. Kill that mole in your front yard digging up your turf? You gonna die.

    I agree that the way the guy decided to end the dog’s life was inhumane, Shooting the dog or taking it the vet to be euthanized would have been more humane.

    1. I agree. It would be a great way to curb population growth. And, it might leave the planet with a few animals on it.

  48. Red Joe says:

    He would have been smarter to drop the dog at the Humane Society so they could put it down, uh, humanely. But since this guy was one of those idiots who own a pit bull, he couldn’t do the rational thing. I think pit bulls are a man-made abomination, so I have no sympathy for its death. These dogs are monsters, and the people who own them, breed them, and force them to fight are monsters as well.

    1. tina says:

      My sister and her family have owned many pitts in their lives. They are loving animals. Don’t put your blanket remark on people who actually do the right thing. Not everyone forces them to fight. They love them, they are members of their families, they are loving and beautiful animals when done right.

      1. Daniel says:

        your sister is just lucky that the pitt bulls never snapped, these dogs are crazy….

    2. Because we created monsters you have not sympathy for them. Man, that’s messed up. All the sympathy should go to them not the idiots who created them.

  49. perseus317 says:

    If the dog was a problem, I’m sure that a local animal shelter would have taken it and evaluated whether it could have been adopted by someone else or if it had to be put down. If the latter, then the shelter would have done it humanely, rather than in the sadistic way described in this article. A dog may be property, but in a civilized society, people are still expected to treat animals with a certain degree of care and responsibility.

  50. SAGE says:

    GOOD! I’m tired of hearing all this CRAP about animals…think if you gave that much attention to needy kids in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jennifer says:

      One who celebrates the death of one innocent because there are others suffering as well is nothing but an ignorant excuse for a human. It is too bad people like you exist.

    2. Why is this a dichotomy? Have you ever heard of logic?

  51. leslie says:

    I often wonder what a dog who would love you no matter what must be thinking when the person that is supposed to care for them is stabbing and beating them. That poor dog must have thought when he was trying to get back up that the human who he loved was coming to help him, instead this dogs last vision was his owner killing him. When I walk my Rotties and one of them gets a thorn and they look to me for help. They lift their paws and they wait for me to help them. I don’t get it, I really don’t. I don’t understand the cruelty weather it be to animal or human .

    1. Rufus Levin says:

      sorry to let you down. dogs don’t THINK like humans.

  52. eugene says:

    everyone is an idiot except for us

  53. Jennifer says:

    Those of you who defend this man’s actions because of other injustices being done to humans are no better than those committing these atrocities. Your ignorance is painful.

    1. langley says:

      illogical: fallacy: ad hominem and poisoning the well. “Atrocities” is a bit strong for killing a dog like this, but “evil” would suffice.

    2. EnoughAlready says:

      You are so right, Jennifer

  54. jennifer says:

    @ Davey

    Here;s to hoping someone believes you to be “their” property and beats you with a tire iron until you die.

    Animals are not “property” and he could have had the dog humanely euthanized.

  55. Moose says:

    Corinne, I have a better. Let’s cut him up and toss him into a pen full of rabid animals and have them tare him apart slowly. Maybe we can get Michale Vick to do it. And for Jekyll Isle, can we start with You?

  56. Darrell Johnson says:

    You hurt with my dog’s and Ill shoot you b4 you can blink a eye, with no remorse what so ever!

  57. Darrell says:

    You mess with with my dog’s and Ill shoot you b4 you can blink a eye, with no remorse what so ever!

    1. Rufus Levin says:

      Darrell, you are a psycho….go check yourself into a mental clinic, and do not attempt to fly a commercial airline, the TSA will have you for lunch.

      1. Janet says:

        Rufus……You are a weakling sissy who only cares about one thing, yourself…..Happy flying, and enjoy the crotch squeezes….That is right up your alley….

  58. George says:

    Animals are property. Period.

    1. Rufus Levin says:

      Wait until Congress forms a Congressional Dog Caucus….and they will get voting rights if they vote Democrat.

  59. country bumpkin says:

    The question is the legality of animal abuse, we have laws in place to prevent this type of behavior.
    He didn’t eat his dog, he killed it in a heinous manner proving a lack of civility, any one that has an ounce of intelligence knows this guy needs to be evaluated for mental competency.

    To any of you psychos on this board advocating this type of behavior and defending this guy, please do not get an animal ., and do your self a favor if you do don’t act like this if you value your freedom.

    1. Rufus Levin says:

      Get rid of your rat traps, and do not kill raccoons or possums that destroy your property. Learn to love feral hogs, kiss a snake, feed a bat.

  60. bob says:

    The thing most important about this is. All…… OK almost all of those all upset about this have not commented on the doctor who has dismembered children born alive
    and he cut there spinal cords to kill them you know .It anit a baby till I say it so. Humm ………….poor fido……

    1. Nick says:

      I agree, that Dr. is a horrible person, and I don’t believe in abortion. BUT, this is an article about a man abusing a dog, this is not the article about the abortion Dr. that is being charged with murder. Don’t come here judging others for taking up a cause they believe in because they don’t comment on the cause you believe in.

  61. al swerengen says:

    after having been attacked by one many years ago, i can’t really sympathize with the pit. i know, i know, no bad dogs only bad owners, but why do bad owners line up for this particular breed? perhaps they both oughtta be clobbered with tire irons.

  62. DeeDeeMao says:

    Isn’t ther a nice big island somewhere where we can send people who torture and kill animals small and large as well as weaker adults and the elderly and helpless children and so on and so forth, and lets let all of these people who do this stuff go live together and create their own society with it’s own rules or lack thereof and separate them from the rest of us who never do any of these sort of reprehensible atrocities towards anyone or anything.

    Antarctica is available isn’t it?

  63. sheila says:

    May this guy rot in hell and remember Dog spelled backward is God.

    1. Rufus Levin says:

      and ttub deah spelled backwards is butt head.

  64. Keith says:

    I say kill all dogs and then reward the person!!!!!

  65. Abe Brown says:

    I will go love on my Pitbull all the more tonight. She’s my angel.

    1. Tony says:

      Pure Coward he should rot in jail,freaking loser.

  66. Pete says:

    You can learn 100s of ways to kill a dog in Mike Vick’s new book ” My 100s of ways to Killing Dogs”.

  67. travis says:

    I have more respect for someone who kills a deer and eats it.
    this guy just beat & stabbed his dog to death because it barked too much.
    that is stupid & ignorant & just plain cruel.
    he should have dropped the dog off at a shelter or let someone adopt it.
    the dog did not deserve to die like that.

  68. Steve says:

    I say we give him a little community service and then let him go back to playing for the NFL. Oh wait, wrong guy. Seriously though, what’s the difference?

  69. Rocky Balboa says:

    Maybe it was self defense. Or maybe the dog chewed off the face of a 4 year old child and needed killin

    But as hunters say, this guy should have eaten the dog after he killed it. Dog actually is quite tasty if it’s cooked right. Have eaten lots of it in SE asian countries…they know just how to prepare it, with all the right seasonings. And it is low fat so good for your cholesterol.

    1. DevNull says:

      This is a fact, ESPECIALLY in Vietnam where actual DOG FARMS exist solely for the purpose of slaughtering dogs for meal time.

    2. jj says:

      People in China eat baby soup, should the US put that on the menu too? Like to think humans are evolving not dragging their knuckles back into the trees.

  70. dean says:

    this is sick and disgusting

  71. Osamas Pajamas says:

    If he killed a pit bull, give this guy a frkn medal!

  72. David B says:

    it was a pitt bull

  73. ron says:

    my cat eats catfood and his breath smells like fish

    1. Rufus Levin says:

      put him in a sack full of rocks and throw it in the lake. best remedy for cat breath.





    1. Rufus Levin says:

      Kinda over the top comment. Do you belong to the Westboro Baptist Church by any chance??

  76. Kenny West says:

    There was a case in Reno a while back where a parent abused a child to death and got a 7-year sentence. About the same time, a man shot two dogs on his property and got 13 years. Society now placed more value on dogs than people – sickening.

  77. soma says:

    Why couldn’t he have taken that sweet little baby puppy to a shelter? This makes me so sad…

  78. Sam says:

    I doubt that anyone who killed a human being in such a brutal way would get bail. This creep has proven he’s violent and deranged and therefore a danger to be kept off the streets.

  79. Douglas Dailey says:

    Unless he can play football. Then the Eagles can draft him and Obama can call the owners and thank them for giving him a chance. Too bad the dog did not have a chance.

  80. dude12341234 says:

    Wait, his last name is BARKER? How ironic.

  81. Joe says:

    I hope they stab this dude two dozen times and throw him in a canal to bleed to death. Bet he was an “oppressed” minority too. They’re such law abiding, peace loving people.

  82. Henry Thoreau says:

    Why didn’t he just bring him to the SPCA. They would have killed him in a nice way. It’s a shame.

    But on a more serious note, there is a way to kill animals humanely. And you don’t kill animals simply because they annoy you. There is no humanity in that. You are no better than an animal if you kill something because it makes a sound.

  83. SSW says:

    The guy should go to work for PeTA. They love killing dogs.

  84. Emily Litella says:

    People who do this kind of thing are sick and should be… Oh! It was a Pit Bull? Never mind. 🙂

  85. ridiculous says:

    Oh the poor little pit bull. I love pit bulls, they’re so sweet.

    They kill and eat babies but other than that they’re just darling.

  86. JS says:

    Dogs are chattels. Reportedly, this was his dog. If so, he can kill it if he wants. In any case, it is evident he was trying to dispatch the dog quickly and botched it, so he went with the knife.
    Holding him without bail? Now that’s inhumane.

  87. woody says:

    Michael Vick likes this story

  88. Pub says:

    Does anyone see the irony in a man named ‘Barker’ killing his dog for ‘barking’?

  89. Big Willy says:

    It’s just a dog

  90. benth164 says:

    Hello all you sniveling pleople. Our economy is about to crash, no matter what you are told, and if it does, you will eating that dog instead of just leaving it on the river bank.
    Humans need protein and after the crash there won’t be enough to go around, and people will do whatever they need to, to get some. Bon Apetite.. I am sure dogs taste better than squirel or cats……

  91. CC says:


    1. Rufus Levin says:



      He wasn’t making money off of gambling for dog’s fighting, fool. He was sick of the barking noise. You have NO CLUE what actually drove him to kill the dog…it might have bitten him or someone else also.. Vick was a dumb rich Jock that made money on the deal of others fighting dogs.

  92. Rusus Levin says:

    Next time just poison the dog quietly and toss the carcass into someone’s dumpster on the other side of town, or in the countryside. Use your head…the animal loving bleeding hearts and courts will punish humans for anything that their “sensitivities” just can’t take. As a result, humans have no rights, but animals, fish, birds, trees, and grass are protected from HORRIBLE MEN that want to “abuse” them. This nation would still be a wilderness if the pioneers had belonged to some Sierra Club Green bunch of fools organization.

    Bring back REAL humans and let them run this namby pamby nation…we are limp wrists today.

    1. Herbert Rex Shanahan III says:

      You are my hero.

  93. Howard says:

    The guy is in jail for the way he killed his dog, not the killing itself. You can kill your dog legally for any (or no) reason by taking it to the vet to be euthanized.

  94. ricardo maxwell says:

    Pit bulls and their owners Same old story. Who is more dangerous or are they an equal threat to society? I say it’s a toss up.

  95. Joe says:

    We judge societies based on the way they treat their animals This individual is a savage who would do the same to a human being and he should be locked up for a long time!

  96. yaron says:

    I’d like to see some serious jailtime and mandatory supervised non paid animal care provided as well afterwords.

  97. Bystander says:

    He should have suctioned out it’s brain or stabbed it’s spine with scissors, both acceptable methods of disposal.

  98. Nelson says:

    This guy has issues. If he didn’t want the dog he should have taken it to the pound. I do not equate the killing of an animal to that of a person. I”m sorry those of you who are calling for life in prison or the death sentence need to get a clue. The guy should be fined and serve probation with some community service in an animal shelter. Although the brutality of this (if it really happened the way it was reported) does show some serious anger and rage issues that this guy needs help with.

  99. Alan says:

    Anyone who clubs a pit bull or any chronically barking dog is a friend of mine.

    1. James says:

      Hey Ignoramus…Pitbulls are not naturally mean animals, They are tortured and taught to be that way. You Sir, are a complete and total Idiot.
      Maybe someone should do the same to You as You are irritating and annoying…eh?

    2. Herbert Rex Shanahan III says:

      AND chronically barking seals.

  100. ST says:

    In jail for being a dummy and choosing OPTION 1.
    Option 2: take it to vet to be put down.
    Option 3: take it to the other side of town, drop it off and call animal control.

    He is in jail for being dumb. At least he is out of the gene pool for a while.

    1. jj says:

      Does the dog’s owner represent ALL humans. Maybe just some of the low class ignorant people commenting here. Pitbulls are wonderful dogs. Sad part is the dog would have happily gone home with him after being attacked, they are very loyal.

  101. DogLover says:

    Pit bulls are satanic beasts that do not deserve to be called dogs, and as such, they can and should be dispatched in any way possible. If I ever come across a loose pit bull, it’s a dead pit bull.

  102. James says:

    Here was an innocent Animal, completely trusting His Owner, murdered by Him, a complete Sociopath Who should do Prison time for this cruelty. He didn’t just stab his Dog…He stabbed it over and over and over! They Guy needs to be taken out of Society!

  103. ellison80 says:

    pit bull dogs are nasty creatures
    from philip

  104. qpressng says:

    He surely needs a pshyco-analysis!

  105. scolby35 says:

    What’s the big deal? Let’s award him a few endorsement deals, maybe he can play in the pro bowl and kids and adults can wear his jersey.

  106. Rodent says:

    Stupid people. Just tie it to the back of your neighbors SUV.

  107. Kelly says:

    Not a fan of pit bulls. About 20 years ago my neighbors pit bull attacked my 2 year old daughter leaving her with some scars on her face….luckily there happened to be a pediatric surgeon visiting the er that night or it could have been worse. Having said that, unfortantly this breed attracts thugs, so no wonder they have the reputation they do. This jerk is an example. Poor dog didn’t deserve what happened to it.

  108. mercy66 says:

    I have a friend that i work with he has a dog loves to bark at people all day long so he bought a collar so when the dog barks it will get a electric shock to the neck.when they go to bed they just turn it off.I guess its better than a knife to the neck.I can’t stand pit bulls but would never do something like that because a dog barks that’s what they do.SHAMEFUL.

  109. jj says:

    People who proudly claiming what’s wrong with eating dog, what’s wrong with eating people then? In the same region of China that eats dog they make baby soup. Is that ok too? The unborn fetuses don’t go to waste and provide protein and other health benefits(so they believe).

  110. ramrose says:

    one clean bullet to the head would have been the humane way to euthanise the dog. I wonder what the dog did?

  111. sarah says:

    I sure hope this man does not have kids!!! He would sure go off when they cry!!!!
    The dog just wanted some attention from him.

  112. jj says:

    Was it even legal for him to own one? I thought these dogs were banned from this area because people were deemed to stupid to own them.

  113. Mark says:

    Fine, we can suck the brains out of newborns and get away with it but if you kill a dog you’re arrested without bail.

  114. Matt says:

    So I wonder if after he serves his time he’ll be able to get his old job back (only if he was with the NFL, as a player, not anything else) and I wonder if he did get his job back, would Obama call his employer and thank him for giving him a second chance (again .. only if he was in the NFL))?

  115. cocogirl says:

    What a sick, sick sociopath. I think the same should be done to him……I’ll gladly volunteer!!!!!

    1. Ben says:

      You are calling HIM sick??
      Do you not grasp the gravity of what you just said?
      How have we managed to breed out comon sense, intelligence, and logic from the human race?
      I don’t agree with the way that he killed the dog, it was cruel, but you people are going overboard here. To quote an earlier poster; People who live in cities are out of touch with reality.
      Personally, I think you should be locked away before you get a chance to do something stupid and harm an innocent bystander!
      That is the same level of logic that you are using … IDIOT

  116. Vinny says:

    He should’ve just buried it in the ground up to it’s neck and ran over the head with a lawnmower.

  117. KMandingo says:

    Man-kind? Perhaps we should rename our race.

  118. Quilvio says:

    It’s Sarah Palin’s fault.

  119. tinala says:

    The trouble with this is, this guy really enjoyed torturing this animal. He could have taken it to the pound where, if not adopted, it could be humanely euthanized. He chose to make it suffer

    1. Herbert Rex Shanahan III says:

      I didnt see in the article where it states he enjoyed this. Quit putting your lame assed emotions into your argument. You sound pretty dumb.

  120. Johann Skjelland says:

    It’s people like this that drive me to finish my advanced degree and reinstitute eugenics. We need to progress as a species instead of regressing.

    1. Herbert Rex Shanahan III says:

      WOW, you sound like elitist cur. Advanced degree? A BS in art does not count as Advanced. Nor does earning degree advance you an any way. Progress would be denying you any further education so you can no longer spread you disease of eugenics. Progressives need to be bred out. Lets start with you. I love golf and am quite adept with my 9 iron.

  121. EnoughAlready says:

    I’m tired of people posting off-topic. Anti-abortion people can relate abortion to any topic. They could link abortion to an article on chocolate, shoes, hairstyles, or any unrelated thing

  122. Kadmike says:

    First of all, this dog wasn’t killed for his meat. Secondly, if he was sick of the barking, give the dog away to someone who wants it. It just makes me sick to hear that humans continue to treat defensless animals this way. Only a coward can feel macho beating a dog. And, yes, his friend is just as guilty to drive him and watch the brutality like a sissy. Kudos to the family member who brought this coward to justice. It’s so senseless!

  123. Alex says:

    The only real crime is the wasted dog meat. Gonna kill the animal, better eat it. I mean nothing worse than taking it away from its home, ripping it up in the air, cutting it up, and putting it in water, all while it struggled to communicate STOP… Wait, that sounds more like a carrot. Animals are for eating.

  124. Jeff says:

    This should just be a private property issue. The dog is property, it does not have autonomy or rights.

  125. Farmer Bob says:

    Animal “lovers”, like the aristocrats of old (and new) seem to have no problem in valuing their pets, and the “rights” of their pets, above the worth of a human being and the rights of a human being. Is this guy a nice guy? Maybe not. Or maybe he is, and his doggie just drove him nuts. But no bond? And there are a number of respondents here who think he should be killed or imprisoned for life. They seem to be capable only of empathy with an animal, apparently sharing its mentality. The mentality of the pit bull – which after all was bred to jump up and grab a bull by throat and suffocate it and then receive a pat on the head and a cookie from its “animal-loving” owner – inhabits many human psyches as well. Any human who would kill a man for killing a dog is no better than the man who killed the dog, at best. It obviously takes very little provocation to bring out the homicide in such hominids’ hearts.

    1. Sean Patriot says:

      I think he should be shot in the face or thrown into a woodchipper feet first. Lemme guess, you’re pro-choice too right?

  126. jp says:

    How many dead fetuses does it take to equal a dead dog?

    1. Herbert Rex Shanahan III says:

      By weight or volume?

  127. Deport All Dog Owners says:

    People who own animals *are* animals. There are male and female wimps all over the place who are too timid to push you off the sidewalk themselves so they let their dogs do it. It’s funny how they’re always grinning when they tell you, “He doesn’t bite.” The bared fangs of their precious mutts make them feel big. If you pound the stuff out of the owner, it’s assault. If you pound the stuff out of the dog, you find out it has rights; but when these misanthropes’ alter egos lunge at you and slather their drool all over you, you have no rights. You just get grins and see the owner’s teeth.

  128. Sean Patriot says:

    These “people” need to be shot in the face or thrown into a woodchipper head first.

  129. Renee says:


    Silly vegitarians… If God didn’t want us to eat animals, why’d he make them out of meat????”

    Hey Corey – and what do you think YOU are made of?


  130. Sean Patriot says:

    If he’ll do this kind of an act to a dog, he will also do it to a human being. Turn his head into a freakin canoe.!

    1. stroganovsky says:

      Unlike you, he might know the difference between killing a dog and killing a person.

  131. stroganovsky says:

    This really wasn’t cruelty to animals. It was a fair fight: The dog had teeth and the guy had a tire iron, and the guy won. Hurray for our side!

  132. Shawn says:

    Clearly most of you folks have never spent any time around an actual dog that represents one of the many “bully” breeds, be it an American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Boxer, whatever. They are incredibly faithful and trusting dogs; have been known as “nanny dogs” for over a hundred years because of their devotion and protective nature toward a family’s children. The fact that this piece of garbage took this young dog out to the woods, probably exciting the dog to no end, looking forward to an adventure with his owner, then proceeds to torture and sadistically kill this poor animal is beyond disgusting. I hope this guy meets new “friends” in his jail cell that proceed to beat HIS brains out against the iron bars when they find out what he did.

  133. Paul says:

    People weep and stress over dogs being beaten, but these same people will call killing a baby “The Right To Choose”. How sick is that? I love animals and I don’t condone cruelty, but at least I’m consistent in my ethics regarding human beings.

  134. Anita says:

    This was a bad man and he did a bad thing. But has no one noticed the irony of his resigning vs. His last name?

  135. Robertf says:

    If he really wanted to cruelly kill his dog, he should have sent it to China, where they take helpless dogs and SKIN THEM ALIVE before eating them. The Chinese believe that when you torture the dog before eating them, it makes them mighty tasty!
    Then they sell the dog’s skin and fur to ignorant Americans for belts, shoes, bags and other products!
    Mighty efficient those Chinese-makes me sooo hungry just thinking about them torturing animals like that. Oh about the guy killing his pitbull-castrate him, the guy, not the dog.

  136. Ben says:

    The dog was annoying. He didn’t want to pay some stupid vet bill to put it down. Why is everyone so sensitive about this? You all eat hamburgers.

  137. dean says:

    But can he play football?

  138. Ben D says:

    Yet in the most common act of cognitive dissonance, we eat meat, from animals raised in agony.

  139. Retired Marine says:

    What if he would have said “My Pitbull attacked me”? Would it have been alright for him to kill ith then?

    Semper Fi

  140. Ron Mexico says:

    Are we absolutely sure we know exactly where Mike Vick or Ron Mexico was when this happened?

  141. huckledude says:

    This man is demented of course. He is also likely a loser in several dimensions, one of which he tried to address by having a dangerous dog in the first place. If he was determined to kill the dog, he could have shot it cleanly, or taken it to a dog pound, where it likely would have been put down.

    People who treat animals like this are only a short hop from doing it to people. Would you let a child of yours spend one nano-second with him? Of course not.

  142. Pkpost says:

    It was a pitbull. Make him pay a $50 fine and be done with it.

  143. Pit Hater says:

    It was a Pit Bull. He should get the Nobel Peace Prize..

  144. Leon Jones says:

    I’ve never heard a pitbull bark.

    1. Zeus says:

      You never live next door to one.

  145. melton says:

    Pit bulls are mean and vicious. Who cares?

  146. gag says:

    Its that damn George Bush, again!

  147. Farmer_dude says:

    Something you all seem to miss is that the guy attempted to humanely put down the dog and after putting the carcas into a water source to avoid having to bury it he discovered that he was not strong enough to do what he thought he had done. so he finished the botched job which had left thye dog injured but alive. Yes he should have known to take it to a shelter for them to offer to someone else first according to today’s mainstream values but it was not always so. I can remember the qoute from Robert Heinlein “when the time comes you have to shhot your own dog, when the age or infirmity sets in the dog is just suffering and trying to get someone else to do it is not the same, the debt is owed”. Please excuse my paraphrasing as I do not have the original text in from of me here. The court will decide if he is guilty of intentional infliction of harm for rage sake or just not very good at killing a dog. Either way he is still liable for poluting a waterway by attempting to dispose of an animal carcas.

  148. Max says:

    I am glad he did this to Pitbull. I have always hated his singing and thought of doing this to him as well.

  149. The Jesting Poet says:

    Breeding pit bulls should be outlawed, the only reason anyone keeps a dog like that is to have a lethal living weapon as a pet and intimidate people. They have no proper use in society and even the cops typically use German shepherds for their police dogs. Foul tempered large dogs should be allowed to live out their final generation and become a dying breed in lieu of more affectionate and less intimidating breeds.

    As for this behavior, I can’t really say it was right to do. It was indeed a cruel act from a cruel subhuman. The sheer betrayal, much like Brutus and Julius Caesar, Et Tu my master? Then fall pit bull… it brings a tear indeed, how very sad.

    Oh how I hope he drops the soap…

    1. Farmer Bob says:

      Right, the penalty for killing a dumb animal should be sodomy and rape at the hands of one of your don’t-ask-don’t-tell boyfriends. A poet should appreciate the irony: We’ve got as bunch of losers calling for punishment that is far beyond the “crime,” if it is one. Possibly your own sadistic impulses could use a little examination.

  150. rednosepitbull says:

    Bottom line is there are many ways to get rid of an unwanted pet, regardless of breed, other than beating it to death and dumping it in a river. You’d have to be insane to do what this guy did, and I hope he gets locked up for a long time or at least longer than Micheal Vick.

  151. Me says:

    It’s just a stupid worthless dog. Who cares.

  152. Old Toad says:

    I have only fired a fire arm at anything once..two Pit Bulls running at me ..Wish I had killed them …Talk about a species that needs Extinction..just next to Rottweilers..their “owners” are Idiots..Drug Dealers, and fools who let their dogs loose at the edge of town…..Animal lovers don’t love the brown tree snake or the cockroach, rat , or flea, Malarial mosquito…Jerks !!!!

  153. Joe in JT says:

    If you think that’s bad you should see what he did to his wife when she wouldn’t stop talking.

  154. ihatedogs says:

    Should have just shot the stupid dog. Glad the dog is dead. That is one pit bull that won’t be attacking anybody. Yeah, yeah, I know you animial rights nuts … pit bulls are only violent of they are trained to be … take that BS somewhere else because I am not buying it.

  155. Deb B says:

    The fact that people are discussing whether or not this disgusting act of violence against a living creature is acceptable is disgraceful. What this man did to this poor animal begs the question: Should he get the same treatment as punishment? I applaud the judge who gave this piece of garbage, waste of a human being no bail. Ghandi said, “We judge a nation by how it treats its animals.” I’d say that between what this monster did combined with some of the inane/insane comments I am reading in this blog lead me to believe that we have failed.

  156. g-mon says:

    It seems that most of you have very tiny IQ’s, the article concerned a man who beat and stabbed his dog. It resulted in a rather gruesome death for the dog. For all of you who seem for one reason or another to be in defense of this lad who’s dog barked too much for him , perhaps you might encourage he and his friends to move in next door to your home. Introduce him to your children(perhaps baby sit for them) and congratulate him for his acts of bravery and heroism. For all of you responders who felt that an inhumane act of depravity occurred, you shall be called human being.

    1. Herbert Rex Shanahan III says:

      and you shall be called D-Bag

  157. Geoff says:

    He’ll end up playing for the Philadelphia Eagles

  158. Herbert Rex Shanahan III says:

    Here is the recap… That guy should be killed… You are an idiot… Abortion… GWB… pets are precious… pets are meat… dogs think… fetus… Vick… football… Ghandi… murderer… shoot it instead… property… not property…. hug a tree… kill em all… i feel sorry for you… you are no better than your pets. I did see one mention of Palin and plenty of left and right BS. Dont equate animals to humans. I am waaaay more advanced than animals.

  159. g caldwell says:

    Good riddance. One less pit bull. But he should have just shot it and not tortured it.

  160. e dog says:

    yo johnny b ur an idiot!!!

  161. sixgunsteve says:

    Like other folks have already mentioned, he should have taken the dog to a Pit Bull rescue or turned in to the SPCA. Yes, we kill other animals for food, but they are not beaten half to death then stabbed a couple of dozen times to finish the job. Animal cruelty, for cruelty’s sake should be punished. However, read the Lewis&Clark Journals, they ate dog quite often. Matter of fact, it is mentioned several times that the men on the exhibition preferred dog to other meat that was available to them.

  162. Corey says:

    Cruelty? Hardly… iI see no clear evidence of intentional torture. It seems from the story that he was just either too poor or just cheap. He needed a friend to drive him to the canal. I’m guessing he couldn’t afford a car, or a gun to euthanize the animal in a economical manner, let alone pay a vet. Should he have given it to a shelter? Perhaps… still the outcome would have likely been the same.

    There’s one thing not mentioned here regarding “animal rights” (the concept is truely absurd when looked at logically). What right does an animal (non-human) have to life? We cannot torture animals, yet we can euthanize them, slaughter them for food, and enslave them for our entertainment as long as were nice to them? Animals (non-human) have no rights… they are property. Simply put, property cannot hold rights.

    I’m not saying everyone should start kicking thier dog, but I am saying this should definitely not be a crime. Nobody’s rights were violated except perhaps disposing of a carcass on a property that he did not own or rightfully control.

  163. Smartski Smartguy says:

    Just a stupid dog. A brainless pitbull. Some cities ban ownership of pitbulls. There is a reason for that.

  164. Tim Hagen says:

    Fine with me. In fact, good job!! Pitbulls suck anyway. It’s just an animal get over it.

  165. J says:

    Outlaw pitbulls, problem solved.

  166. DogLover says:

    I Googled “pit bull,” and of 1,115 resulting news articles in the US over the last month, I viewed the first 30 articles and found 14 headlines of interest:

    Pit bull attacks tot and is shot.
    Pit bull bites 7-year-old in the face.
    Arrest made in pit bull attack of child.
    Pit bull attacks 4-year-old boy.
    Deputy kills pit bull that attacked Fla. woman.
    Texan not charged in pit bull death of grandson, 2.
    85-year-old woman mauled by pit bull.
    Jackson man arrested in connection with Monday’s pit bull attack of a 9 year old.
    Trooper shoots pit bull after it attacks its owner.
    Oroville Postal Worker Bitten By Pit Bull.
    Violent Pit Bull incidents continue in The Bay Area.
    Recent pit bull attacks have officials worried.
    Aberdeen Police Request Pit Bull Ban.
    Pit bull sought after puppy attacked, fatally mauled in St. Paul.

    Any questions?

  167. dmcginity says:

    Philadelphia Eagles may want to check into how well Barker throws a football…. just their kinds of guy in Philadelphia.

  168. PITBULL MAMA says:

    I have to say Johnny B and tastes like chicken are the epitomy of ignorance you need to be sterilized and poster children for birth control…dare someone to touch my pit, you wouldnt get your hands back trust me….