WEST PARK (CBS4)- Two men have died after being shot during an armed robbery in a West Park warehouse Friday.

Broward Sheriff’s detectives are searching for a third man believed to be involved with the crime that witnesses said ran from the crime scene shortly after the firefight ended.

The shootings went down after two men entered a warehouse in the 5800 block of SW 25th St at about 10 p.m. and demanded money from the two men inside the facility.

One of the armed men pistol-whipped one of the victims who was visiting with his 4-year-old son, and then turned his gun on the other victim who used his own pistol and opened fire.

The intended robbery victim shot the would-be robber dead, but was wounded in the exchange of bullets. He later died of his wounds at Memorial Regional Hospital, according to BSO Spokesperson Veda Coleman-Wright.

The names of the victims are being held until identities can be confirmed and next of kin notified.

The child came out of the ordeal with no physical injuries, but his father was treated for lacerations resulting from the pistol-whipping.

It is not clear if the person seen running from the warehouse is armed or not.

BSO asks that anyone with information regarding this crime call BSO Homicide Det. Scott Champagne at (954) 321-4210 or call Broward Crime Stoppers, anonymously, at (954) 493-TIPS (8477).

Comments (11)
  1. bruh says:

    jah knwmi don r.i.p leroy u was a gud youth

  2. jonny quest says:

    Leroy was my best boyfriend I ever had. I luv you man.
    The ‘hood ain’t the same without your chronic !

  3. Jay says:

    Two quality responses, sounds like a fantastic guy that deserved to be gone an make this hell hole a little better.

  4. niha says:

    wow my dad was robbed wednesday in the same area. had to be same men

  5. Mark says:

    Too bad I wasn’t there as Leroy, a.k.a. Chronic would have a few more holes in him, the criminal piece of garbage.

  6. Mark says:

    Of course, I am assuming that Leroy is the robber but if not, then I apologize.

    1. Cassandra says:

      I don’t know who “Chronic” is but Leroy was my cousin my best friend and my confidant so please don’t disrepect his memory. He was a family man that Loved His Family and we love him too so be careful what you say about him. He has children, and multitudes of family and friends that will vouch for his character. Leroy Rest In Peace we will never let you or your memory be misrepresented.

  7. Dawn says:

    No, Leroy was the victim. He was a wonderful brother in law, and a kind and gentle person. This is a total injustice. And, the story is wrong, he was shot in front of his four year old son. Total garbage did this to him and our family. You all should think before you speak of what you don’t know.

  8. monique says:

    Leroy was afun lovin person love his jamaican culture . I remeber gettin his jamaican play,bashment ganny and he would laugh, my favorite image was his smile , hurricane ivan he was out in the storm videoin and havin fun o my god, u will b miss leroy badly , a man who love his children, R.I.P leroy

  9. YAGA says:


  10. mckenzie says:

    R.I.P my good friend,we never and don’t want forget you.Trust me i continue looking out for your youth dem.It a pity you didn’t squeeze one pon that red boy.And for all you bloggers who don’t know Leroy watch what you writing because they rob us of a great one and you not helping so chill.nuff respect to the kitemon.luv u mi brethen…

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