It’s been a busy 24 hours.  Thursday’s shooting in Miami (Liberty City) was the type of day everyone fears.  It’s was just plain awful.  I thought I’d post some behind the scenes photos from our coverage here at CBS4.

Photojournalist Ralph Murciano and engineer Scott Ogren watching the 6 o’clock package being fed into our studios.

I have never seen this many live trucks in one spot.  News stations sent 2, 3, even 4 trucks to the scene.

Our team comparing notes and getting caught up on their blackberries.  I’ll be honest I hate the blackberry… but I’m not sure where we would be without it!

1163636665 HDnyn L Behind the Scenes of The Cop Shooting

The team watching all of the stories being sent back to home base.

Two minutes before six.


Here is where two officers were shot and killed, along with  gunman Johnny Simms.  They were serving a warrant when Simm’s mother cracked the door open.

They asked for Johnny to some out.

Johnny told her to open the door.  When she did he started firing.

The trash in Liberty City.

Today we profiled Renita Holmes, a Liberty City activist who is not a preacher, politician, or friend necessarily of the police.  In fact some call her crazy.

“Yeah.  I’m crazy about the people I’m doing it for.” Holmes told me asked when asked if she was.

One thing is for sure Renita Holmes is as real as it gets. “I got no choice.  Either I get swallowed up in this ole bloody hole or I teach my kids how to survive and swim.”

Renita believes the influences in Liberty City are a big contributor to what happened Thursday  “My image is based on a rap song or a rap sheet.  That’s the power of influence around here.  And know what if adults let a bunch of rappers or rap sheets make their kids and their image… they should be the children.”
She starts imitating someone playing on a gaming remote control. “All they do is sit there and say kill, kill, kill, kill (toke a joint), kill kill.”  What else is there to do when no one will hire you.  She explains “Hungry people will steal.  Hungry people will survive.  Hungry people.  And scared people will hurt you.”

And scared people kill.  Like Johnny did Thursday morning.

Thanks for stopping by.  Check out our six o’clock show for more on Renita and what she believes is happening in Liberty City.


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