MIAMI (CBS4) — A homosexual North Miami Beach couple has officially adopted two brothers in a case that overturned Florida’s three-decade ban on gay adoptions.

Martin Gill and his partner were the boys’ foster parents for six years before the adoption was finalized Wednesday.

Gill and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the state, calling the ban unconstitutional. The 3rd District Court of Appeal agreed in a ruling last year. The state decided not to appeal.

Gill said he is thrilled they are “officially a family in the eyes of the law.”

The prohibition was enacted in 1977 and court records indicate it was the only law of its kind in the United States.

The Department of Children and Families changed its forms so adoptive parents aren’t asked if they’re homosexuals.

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Comments (12)
  1. Dave says:

    What a shame this country is going to hell. I don’t have an issue with being gay or not. And I do understand that they may be better parents than some male female couples. But you tend to become in part like your parents and how you are raised. And at a young age they don’t know how or what defines a couple.

    1. Yanely Arrieta says:

      Actually Dave,
      I disagree, I am nothing like my parents and I think a couple is not defined by sex but by love…and they have done studies that prove children raised by same sex parents have the same chances of being gay themselves as those raised in “hetero” homes.

      1. Joel says:

        perfect answer.

    2. Joel says:

      Sorry but your point of view is very ignorant.

  2. Jessica says:

    You know people automatically assume gay poeple sexually. They are not intimate in front of them. They are a loving normal couple like anyone else. The child learns how to treat other people first and foremost from thier parents. Why is this Country going to hell? For homosexuality?? How about that there are kids in this overindulgent country that go to bed hungry….we can’t treat our children, eldery, or servicemen with the quality and respect they deserve. Homosexuality is the least of our problems.

  3. Joel says:

    DAVE, Sorry but your point of view is very ignorant. I agree with Yanely

  4. alex says:

    Yanely and Joel – Dave is not saying anything against GAYS… Hes saying they can probably be better parents, but if you say your born gay a child is grown into gay at such a young age. Just as they say.. He was from a bad family – Kids pick things up, and Im sure gay parents arent going to stop being gay around their children.. If your gay your gay… My brother is gay, but I dont agree in adoption.. Sorry.. Im all for marriage, but children I cant.

    1. Jeff says:

      I was raised in a two parent(male/female) household, attended church every week and received plenty of love and attention. I still grew up gay. To say that kids raised by gay parents are more likely to become gay is ridiculous because the overwhelming majority of gay adults grew up in heterosexual households. Going by your logic then those gay adults should have turned out straight.

  5. alex says:

    You are taking it the wrong way. I agree that Gay is something your born with.. Im not a homophobe… Please I dont want to come across that way, but I dont think adopting is the correct thing to do. Get Married have fun get a dog, but just like two guys and two women cant have kids they shouldnt be able to adopt. Its not right for the child… Even though gays would be better parents than half the idots out there with kids.. You know what… I change my mind.. I rather have Gays take care of kids than not have anyone at all.. I just had a change of heart…

    1. Jeff says:

      If your change of heart is genuine then good for you. There are people who also have issues when it comes to kids of one race being adopted by couples of a different race. To them I would say the same thing. What matters most is providing these kids with loving homes.

  6. Amelia says:

    Hooray for this judge!! I’m from the Panhandle and let me tell you… this will be a long time coming as far as acceptance goes up there.

    Thank goodness these children will now be able to be adopted into stable and loving homes. Atty Gen Bondi will never back down on this as long as it’s under her control, obviously, but hopefully the FL Supreme Court will uphold this sensible ruling…

    1. Joe Trevino says:

      I think it is wonderful no matter how what color,race is in over lives at least we know the adopted child will have the same love to give and care for them as an individual and yes….we all were children at one time and all we wanted was love and attention from our parents. Peace in all and we sleep better at night knowing a child is safe out there in this crazy world.