MIAMI (CBS4) –  It seems that ever since the start of the new year, there are higher prices at the check-out counters on top of increased credit bills from holiday shopping.

Rising production costs and higher gas prices are hurting everyone’s New Years’ budgets.

So can beat the higher costs without breaking the bank?

First, keep a sharp eye out for bulk food bargains and discount coupons on items you need to buy. Also consider better meal-planning by basing your nightly dishes on weekly specials.

While tempting, don’t buy something on sale that you may not really use.

With unleaded regular gas already approaching $3.30 a gallon you can stretch your mileage by taking extra weight out of your car, clean out the trunk, make sure your vehicle’s well maintained and keep the tires properly inflated.

Let’s face it, monthly electric bills are always a problem. To save a few bucks, over the winter turn off your air conditioning and open the windows. If it gets too warm or muggy, turn the a/c back on but turn up the thermostat. You can also save money by lowering the water temperature in hot water heaters.

Looking for more ways to save? Check out these websites: – finds sales on your favorite clothing and designer brands – rent high fashion dresses for a fraction of the sale price – for all your online coupon and discount code needs – for online bargains and coupon codes

  1. Narcissa Gomez says:

    I start saving money waay before the holidays by going over my bills, cutting them down, and then doing the holidays on the budget I can afford – I don’t want to deal with lots of bills in January. The easiest way to save money and quick one that I tolds my mom about – ctting down the cell phone bill. You might not realize how much you spend, but take a look. I travel often during the holidays and the roaming charges killed me on the occassional 3 minute check in call I would make. I recommend picking up a prepaid phone like Tracfone that cost next to nothing (like $9 at KMart) for travelling and ditching a contract and you can save quite a bit in December and January.

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