CORAL GABLES (CBS4) — The Catholic Priest caught locking lips with his lover on the beach is now recalling that fateful day in his new memoir “Dilemma”.

Father Alberto Cutie spoke before a packed crowd Saturday night at Books and Books in Coral Gables.

“This book is not an attack on the church,” Cutie told the crowd.

The book details the day paparazzi took the snapshot of him kissing in the sand. He said that photograph and the controversy that ensued fast-forwarded his decision to leave the Roman Catholic Church and become an Episcopal priest.

Episcopal priests are allowed to marry.

Today Cutie is married and the couple recently had a baby girl. His wife sat proudly in the front row as Cutie explained his journey.

“I love what I went through for one reason because it got me to the place where I am now,” Cutie said. “Which is a place of happiness and peace and a place of dedication to God and a place of humanity where I am able to love my wife and openly love her and not have to have a hidden secret relationship.”

Cutie said he still loves the Catholic Church, but now recognizes it has too many rules that he disagrees with.

“It tells people that are remarried after a bad marriage you can’t receive communion,” he said. “It tells people who get their tubes tied or who get a vasectomy or who use contraception the pill or anything you are committing mortal sin, which means you can’t receive communion, either.

“There’s too many things that people are told,” he said. “Homosexuals that live in good, honest, monogamous relationships are told you are intrinsically disordered. I don’t think God creates anybody intrinsically disordered.”

Cutie said his scandal in the sand was not the only reason for leaving Catholicism. He said it is a decision he had been wrestling with for years.

Some of those in the crowd Saturday night also wrestled with Cutie’s plight. Many were eager to hear his explanation.

“I think he had a difficult choice to make, and he’s a human being,” said Ernie Sardo, an audience member. “Unfortunately he made the decision to leave. But it was his decision to make.”

Kathleen O’Neil said she’s followed Cutie for years and always supported him.
“I think he’s very brave,” she said. “I think he has a lot to give to a lot of different people.”

Cutie told the crowd that he does not encourage others to follow him away from the Catholic religion. He said people should only make that decision if they, too, struggle with dilemmas about the faith.

Cutie refused to take questions from reporters at the event.

Comments (6)
  1. Joe says:

    Cutie is a hypocrite and a phony. Funny how he only decided to leave the Catholic Church AFTER he got caught. The Catholic Church is the Catholic Church. If you don’t like the rules, don’t be Catholic. That’s what he did. That’s fine. But it’s not that simple. Generally, Catholics try to live within the rules. No one is totally compliant. It is up to each person to do what they feel is the right thing to do. But if you are a Catholic priest and you break your own rules, don’t blame the church. Just be a man and move on. I’m as disgusted with the church as anyone else with the terrible scandals and awful abuse some of the clergy has committed. Whether it is Cutie with his affair, or a child molesting priest, it is all hypocritical and Cutie knows this. Enough already.

  2. maria e. velazquez says:

    I am a good christian, but I have had enough with father cutie, CNN has a nack for presenting over and over the father interview, I do hope the Episcopal church is happy with him, where he really belongs, he looks good with the make up for sure he deserves his wife and the cute last name.

  3. S. Fernandez says:

    Cutie has found his happiness and God bless him and his new family. I am not a Catholic and don’t know Cutie but I know a child that did assist Cutie church and he made a whole lot of diffrece in this childs life. This child has pass on and I thank Cutie for guiding him to the right path. Lets stop the nonsense and remeber how many lives he has helped. Keep your eyes in the heavenss Cutie and remeber that Jesus wen’t through much worst. I’m sure you and your wife has a space in heaven waiting for you. Your book was great!

  4. HCC says:

    It is interesting how those who can’t or don’t want to follow the Church’s teachings and customs believe it is the Church and not themselves that must change. Sad.

  5. bernadette pantano says:

    Never once did he say I.’m sorry. Leave the church and then do what ever it is you feel is right. He seems like he likes all the publicity. I wish he had done it with more grace.

  6. gabriela carolina says:

    Cutie needs to man up. I have read the book. It is an attack to the Roman Catholic
    Church. Very low class attitude to write this type of book. I will not pay .50 cents for
    his book. He is not important anymore. I also do not agree with a lot of things
    from the Roman Catholic Church. Is his new Church perfect?. I do not think so; they
    accepted someone that lies and bites the hand of those that provided him with
    a good life for many years. He has not really apologize for any wrong doing.
    I thought he was intelligent; I was wrong.

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