BOCA RATON (CBS4) – The New Year brought about resolutions for everything from saving money to getting healthy. The “New You” could benefit from a medical procedure that promises to attack areas that may be a little too big without ever going under the knife.

Paula Forman had the procedure that is an alternative to what some doctor’s consider a risky surgery. Forman explained the procedure that puts a patient under a laser beam, instead of using a traditional vacuuming procedure.

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“You lay on the table and feel nothing; you get inches gone,” Forman said as she described the non-invasive Liposuction treatment at the Centers for Body Contouring in Boca Raton.

“You come in, relax, go to sleep for twenty minutes and walk out two days later looking slimmer,” Forman told CBS4’s Jorge Estevez.

The machine works with lasers powered by a machine called the Zerona, and there is no cutting during the procedure. The machine does not remove fat cells like traditional liposuction it drains the fat out.

“It liquefies the fat with in it and makes the cell porous and then the fat seeps out of the fat cell,” said John DiLorenzo, Managing partner for Centers for Body Contouring.

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The fat then passes through a person’s body naturally; unlike traditional Liposuction where they remove the fat cell completely, which experts have said can lead to complications.

“If you remove your fat cells from your stomach and you over indulge, the fat has to go somewhere. The most dangerous part is that it can go around your organs,” said DiLorenzo

In addition to the lasers, the Centers for Body Contouring is one of the few centers in Florida that uses another machine called the Reaction, which serves as a suction and gives off a radio frequency to stimulate the blood flow and encourages the draining process.

People who use the combination are excited over the results.

“I have seen family that hadn’t seen me in a week or so and said you are looking slimmer so it is obviously working,” said Forman.

According to the Center, patients get the best results when they go for two weeks every other day. The price varies $1900 dollars to $3500 dollars.

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For more information about the program call 1-865-NOW-SLIM or 1-561-859-4925, or click here.