MIAMI (CBS4) – If you have circled April 15th on your new 2011 calendar as the new tax deadline, you’ll need to grab the white-out. This year, there will be a few extra days to get all of the paperwork done.

Because of changes in the federal tax laws, the IRS has been urging taxpayers to hold off filing complicated, itemized returns until at least the middle of next month. The IRS said it needed more time to get all of the programs updated.

But, as CBS4’s Al Sunshine reported Tuesday, the IRS just announced it was delaying this years’ filing deadline until Monday, April 18th. That means everyone will have an extra 3 days to get their tax returns on the way to Uncle Sam.

Officially the agency says it’s granting a 3 day extension because of the Emancipation Day holiday that is observed Friday, April 15th in the District of Columbia.

If you use an EZ file form, the IRS says it can process your return without any delay.

This is also the first year all paid tax preparers have to be registered with the agency, so make sure the tax preparer you choose is accredited.