MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – This is the first installment in a series of reports called, “New Year, New You.” The goal of the series is to give CBS4 viewers a chance at shedding some inches, working out, and achieving a good balance for their mind, body, and spirit.

This story is all about working out while keeping your joints from feeling the impact.

Kangoo jumping has been around for a while, but now a South Florida woman has made it a corner stone of her weight loss plan. It has worked so well for her; she has also founded the Center for Medical Weight loss on Miami Beach.

The Kangoo workout involves shoes that come with a bouncing plank contraption. The shoes help absorb 80 percent of the impact to your joints.

For Gabi Rose, the workout changed her life.

“I was very heavy. I was a size 26 and weighed 260 pounds,” said Gabi Rose, founder of the Center for Medical Weight Loss.

Rose’s weight made her asthma unbearable. One day she had to pull over her car in the middle of a severe asthma attack and found she didn’t have her inhaler.

“I thought I was dead. I called my husband I said look I am going to die. My kids are in the car. This is where you can find me,” said Rose to CBS4’s Jorge Estevez.

Rose survived and changed her life, dropping 130 pounds and creating weight loss center on Miami Beach.

“We incorporate the medical aspect, the physical aspect, and the eating aspect. It is everything you have to change your life,” said Rose who is helping her patients change their lives with among other things the Kangoo workouts which can be the perfect way to jump start a new year’s resolution

“I got my body back, my health back, and my heart back in shape because of the shoes,” said Rose.

The secret is to have a low impact workout, to maximize your exercise without maximizing your pain.

For more information, go to The Center for Medical Weight Loss

Comments (4)
  1. gena highfill says:

    where do you purchase the shoes? i have knee problems and running is out of the question. I think with these shoes, i can do cardio workout again

    1. Laura says:

      You can purchase them on their website: I believe, or on ebay (like I did last year). I have had these “shoes” for over 10 years (just got my second pair last year, they do last!) and they are amazing! Expensive, but so worth it.

  2. Jeanie says:

    Jenny Where do I sign up? would like to purchase the shoes and
    would like to get some help from Gabi: I have problems with my knees and back
    severely overweight, and ashmatic. Running out of options:::

  3. Rita feinberg says:

    I ant to buy the cd of this segment

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