MIAMI (CBS4) – For many couples, the one topic that is almost always going to spark an argument is money. Whether it’s a joint account or simply just avoiding the topic, money is tough to talk about, but there are ways to compromise without compromising the marriage.

Dana and Bobby Winesky have been married for 22 years and say the key to their happy marriage is they don’t fight about money.

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“We’ve always just kept it together,” Dana Winesky said. “I guess that means you have to talk about things a little bit more when you keep it together.”

But, not all couples approach the financial issue that way. A recent survey found 91 percent of couples find all kinds of reasons not to talk to their partner about money.

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Almost half of all young professionals are now keeping the money separate. But that’s not helping relationships. Seventy-two percent of those young professionals said discussing finances leads to arguments. But if you ask couples of all ages, only 45 percent fight over money.

“I would say that most couples may have worked out their money thing because they’ve already had the conversations about where they want to go,” financial advisor Dana Levitt said. “They’ve already created the joint vision.”

The Parish family said merged finances have worked for them even though Kevin Parrish is more impulsive. They said it comes in as a good series of checks and balances.

“I do think the hybrid approach works great because then you already have the conversation,” Kevin Parrish said.

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That way, whether it’s for a new electronic gadget or a designer outfit, each person can keep a little money to spend judgment free which will help keep the arguments about money to a minimum.

Lisa Petrillo