MIAMI – (CBS4) – Police say a North Miami widow plotted to avenge her husband’s death by shooting a man she suspected in his death. 

Two years have passed since the fatal shooting, and now Janepsy Carballo has been arrested in the shooting death of her husband’s suspected killer, Ilan Nissim. Nissim was never formally charged with the crime, but was being investigated, police said. 

Carballo, 33, faces a first-degree murder charge. She appeared before a bond court judge Thursday who denied her bond. 

Police say on May 20, 2008, Nissim was found shot to death in her house. Carballo told police that he had entered her home forcefully and that she was forced to shoot him. 

But a police investigation revealed that Carballo had called Nissim to her house at 13365 NW 12th Avenue to bring her with some “For Sale” signs. 

Instead, police say that when he arrived she had Nissim help her move sound equipment from one room to another and then she told Nissim she was “ready” and pointed the gun at him. He pleaded for help and she replied “Orly (her husband) asked for help too, [expletive],” the police statement reads.

Carballo’s husband Orlando Mesa was shot while walking in front of the Claude Pepper Park right outside his home by NW 135th Street on April 20, 2008 with his 2-year-old boy still in his arms. A car driven by two men pulled up and shot at him, hurting his boy as well. The boy recovered, but Mesa did not. Police never arrested anyone in his murder.

Comments (3)
  1. Folly says:

    She should get a commendation for doing the job the cops didn’t do.

  2. tom says:

    Justice served,however its not the cops fault,the laws protect the criminal and you know that. now the victim is going to have to go to prison,thank the judges and the government for protecting the criminals more than the victims.

  3. Brian Vanhook says:

    only a matter of time……she gotta pay the piper now!!!!

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