By David Sutta

MIAMI (CBS4) – The holiday rush is down to the last 24 hours and Toys “R” Us knows it.  The store, open around the clock. is filled with last minute shoppers.

CBS4’s David Sutta found some shoppers are more lost than others.  Shopper Phil Acosta was asked “What’s today’s date?” He responded “the 24th?”  It’s OK.  He is under a lot of pressure.

The last minute rush is turning into a bit of a nightmare for some.

“My son really wanted Rex from Toy Story that walks but I can’t really find it.” Marlis Lambert said as she scanned the toy store shelves.

Lambert, like her comrades, had her kid’s lists to Santa in hand.

“None of the things I am looking for I can find.  I guess the others beat me to it,” she said.

Nationwide, it appears to have been a fantastic shopping season.  Consumers spent 5.5% more this past weekend than they did last year, and online we are spending even more.

Tuesday alone online spending was up 23% more than a year ago. While sales may be up, apparently South Florida is still coming off as a scrooge when it comes to holiday giving.

The Daily Beast website came out with their top ten cities who donate and spend the least during the holidays.  Miami rounds out the top 10.

Maria Diaz, another last minute shopper, disagreed about now spending money on the holidays.

“I’m spending the same like last year.” Diaz said.

Over the next 24 hours stores are hoping to be busy.  Last minute shoppers should be prepared to improvise.

“Some things are out but you get what you get.” last minute shopper Alex Guvera advised.

And if you’re looking for Rex, Marlis Lambert snagged the last one.

Sutta found it and gave it to her.

She snatched it right out of his hand and smiled.

“Yes! Look Becky. Thank you,” she said.

There is some good news. Consumers have one more day left before the shopping frenzy comes to a halt.


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