NORTH LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – The father of a 7 year-old girl struck by a hit and run driver says his daughter is now in a coma.

Pierre Moise is asking for prayers as his daughter lays in a hospital bed at Broward General Medical Center.

Meanwhile,  Broward Sheriff’s investigators say they have found the white and black Acura Integra that struck Francesca Thelemaque Wednesday afternoon as she walked with her mother to the North Lauderdale bus stop.  The two were going to the Swap Shop to do some Christmas shopping.

When rescue workers arrived shortly after the accident, they found Francesca not breathing and without a pulse.

BSO found the Acura Wednesday night after it was abandoned near a Lauderhill warehouse. Investigators said the damage to the car was consistent with having hit a small child.

Moise said he couldn’t believe what happened.

“That’s crazy. that’s crazy. I don’t understand that,” said Pierre Moise. “That’s my life…that’s my daughter. I spend my life with family.”


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  1. Me says:

    I am fortunately back in the United States and not in South Florida for the holidays. I watched the news for the past two nights and wow, what a surprise! No murders, shootings, hit and runs, road rage shootings, bank robberies, drive byes, and all about the community in regards to the holiday season. LOTS of traffic here, but no road rage, everyone speaks English, and I am in heaven. This poor, poor 7 year old is in a coma because of some third worlder who has the mentality that 80% of South Florida has. It was probably an illegal with no license.

  2. me2 says:

    Couldn’t agree with “me” more. Third worlders belong where they were born. This country is overpopulated with too much trash already. The smart third worlders should fix their own countries. We have enough problems of our own. Adding them just adds more.

  3. jorge says:

    brillant comments . you both must be in breds … why even comment to these statements ..

  4. Victoria says:

    That’s the best you ignorant people can come up with? First of all we don’t even know who was driving the car. For all you know is could be a WHITE AMERICAN (Gasp!) yes we do have full-fledged Americans in south florida as well. Secondly, the people that where affected by this driver is from Haitian descent, so should we send them back because YOU say so? Do the world a favor. Have a happy holiday season and don’t be so bitter and miserable. Also, I hope the little girl pulls through for the sake of herself and her family. Sincerely, An American born descendant of a “Third world country” Whoop Whoop!!

  5. Phil Landers says:

    I am an honest to goodness caucazoid and Victoria is right. Me 1&2 are shooting from the hip and Jorge is a really bad speller with various punctuation issues. His sentence should read as so “Brilliant comments! You must both be inbreds. Why even comment on these statements?” There, that’s better 8-D Sincerely yours: The Gringo Cracker!

  6. marie cherelus says:

    im happy they found the car and now all they need to do is get the hand prints and take them to jail to go live in sacrifice for killing my lil causin and her daddy’d dream

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