TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) – Unemployed South Floridians may qualify for extended benefits under a new order signed by Governor Charlie Crist. To find out if they qualify, Floridians may visit the agency’s Web site.

Crist signed an executive order that lets some unemployed Floridians receive benefits under a federal program.

Friday’s order follows President Barack Obama earlier in the day signing a law that extends eligibility dates for the Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Extended Benefits programs by about 13 months. The new law provides an extension of full federal funding for benefits through January 7, 2012.

Agency for Workforce Innovation Director Cynthia R. Lorenzo said eligible Floridians will be notified by mail, and payments will begin next week. People who believe they are eligible can check the agency’s website at http://www.floridajobs.org starting next Wednesday.

AWI estimates the executive order will benefit about 250,000 unemployed Floridians.

Comments (4)
  1. joe caprice says:

    too bad i was denied unemployment by the tower at port royale.they discriminated against me,and won.the unemployment referee and the uac,in tallahasee ripped me off.

  2. Mike says:

    It’s pretty sad that I can’t find a job and don’t have health insurance. I was born and raised here in the US and my neighbors don’t speak English, have about 20 kids, drive brand new Mercedes and BMW’s, and deal drugs. They are living the American Dream.

  3. yve says:

    seriously? who does that? leaving comments about what people do have…. go to school, better yourself and stop being so racist and false. Have some integrity in yourself and learn that life isnt about what people have or dont have. Just cause they have 20 kids or dont come from this piece of crap state we call america … because just with your comment shows no uniification… this isnt a united states anymore. and with people like you that dwell on what they should have rather going out to get it… You should realize that maybe having 20 kids gives them the drive to better themselves, to obtain a life we all deserve. Please find me in any of the statues, laws, or anything in the declaration of independence that states only white people or americans can live a great life?
    Take this time to go to school, get a degree so that you can recomment on how you have a great job! dont be so mediocre!

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