MIAMI (CBS4) – As thousands of college students across South Florida graduate this month they are faced with what may be one the most daunting challenges in the last four years – finding a good paying job in a struggling economy.

For many their dream job will have to wait. The latest numbers show the unemployment rate for people with a college degree is at five-point-one percent, the highest it’s been in the last forty-year.

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“It’s not looking very bright and it’s unfortunate because we have a lot of individuals who are graduating and it’s a great accomplishment but unfortunately its bringing a lot of stress and anxiety,” said Yisell Cirion with Florida International Unversity’s Career Services.

Jordan Wiener earned his undergraduate degree but went back to school to earn his Masters Degree at FIU after he couldn’t find a job. Now, two years later he’s experiencing that same dilemma all over again.

“I don’t know, it’s tough, I’m going on the internet, I’m making phone calls to headhunters and nothing really comes up,” said Wiener.

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Not only are the graduates competing with thousands of their peers for the few available jobs, they’re also in competition with a large number of experienced workers who have been laid off. Career experts say the graduates will have to think outside the box to distinguish themselves and land their resume to the top of the pile.

“Networking is very important. They need to make sure they are expanding their network,” said Cirion, “Most of the time, unfortunately, it’s about who you know rather what you know.”

FIU graduate Ozelle Martin wants to be an entertainment lawyer. While the job outlook is grim, she said she’s optimistic because she feels like she’s positioned herself to compete in today’s tough job market.

“That’s why I went into strategic communications because it’s a hybrid of Public Relations and Advertising,” said Martin, “It’s positive for me, I’m very optimistic.”

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Cirion said some sectors including healthcare technology, engineering and business are seeing some stability and new job openings.