SOUTH MIAMI (CBS4) – The holidays bring a certain warmth to many couples. But what about the single people?

Do they feel any pressure around the holidays to be dating somebody?

Gustavo Hernandez does.

“I feel it sometimes cuz I’m single and stuff,” he told CBS4’s Natalia Zea.

Leslie Ponce feels the pressure too.

“It’s hard to be home alone, you have to have a date on New Years right?”

Her fellow single friend Anne Donaudy disagrees.

“I don’t think you have to have a date, you just have to have a party to go to.”

But many people who are in relationships have their own quagmire of holiday questions. Like, at what point should you bring home a boyfriend or girlfriend to meet mom? Hernandez waits a long time.

“Has to be the right one because (my mom) is the judge, jury, and executioner.”

“I’m usually right, I’m usually right,” added his mother, Maria Luisa Futerfas.

And how about that festive, and sometimes awkward office party?

Newly single, Alexis Undorfer says avoiding humiliation is key.

“(You take him) when you know he’s a decent person and he’s not gonna embarass you.”

And there’s the all important question…what exactly do you get that girl or guy for the Holidays? Especially if you just started dating.

“Jewelry always works…It can be big jewelry, it can be little jewelry, but jewelry always works,” laughed Ponce.

Heather Undorfer who has a boyfriend agrees. “I think that jewelry could be new or old relationship.“

Lou Holtzman is in a serious relationship but says holding back at first is important.

“Something simple, not like jewelry which can send the wrong message.”

According to Men’s Health magazine if you’ve only been dating a short time your best bet is to give them tickets to something that you can see together, like a play or museum opening. If you’ve been together at least six months the magazine recommends getting your girl a gift card to a lingerie store, and then go shopping with her. So when does Men’s Health say you should buy your lady jewelry? When you’ve been dating at least a year.

We asked singles, and couples their best advice on dating during the holidays.

“Buy your girlfriend a good gift!” insists Heather Undorfer.

Her cousin Alexis offers this advice.

“Don’t try too hard, don’t look for it if it’s not there, I think people try to rush into some things during the holiday just so they have somebody, so don’t settle just so you have somebody.”

Let’s all make sure we enjoy this holiday season, by ourselves, or with loved ones; Because you never know when the holiday music will stop…for good.


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