AVENTURA (CBS4) – A South Florida woman who was left with scars after a laser hair removal experience has filed a lawsuit against the clinic, but the clinic said they followed proper procedures.

Stephanie Brito, 27, said she wished she never felt the pain she experienced following a laser hair removal procedure at Body Oasis Beauty in Aventura. Brito said after looking at herself she now feels like “a monster.”

“I just want to go back in time, and not go there, and not do it,” she said.

Two weeks ago Brito said she thought she was getting a deal when she found a coupon online for six sessions of laser hair removal, a $500 value, for just $100.

She said she scheduled her appointment at Body Oasis Beauty, and as soon as the procedure began she felt pain.

“Excruciating pain,’ she explained. “First, I was feeling like it was on fire.”

Brito and her attorney Spencer Aronfeld filed a negligence lawsuit. Aronfeld said Brito’s skin was not properly prepared before the procedure.

‘In this case, going over there on that day, with no preparation and no physician examining her is just wrong,” Aronfeld said.

Brito’s reconstructive surgeon, Doctor Alberto Gallerani, said Brito’s skin color may have made the treatments more difficult since darker skin may confuse the machines.

“Instead of it going to the hair, it actually goes into the skin,” he said.

Gallerani said the laser is very powerful.

“And it has a huge amount of energy,” Gallerani said. “And that energy is transferred and absorbed by the pigment, and therefore causing the burn.”

Brito said the physician, Doctor Amaryllis Pascual, was not at her clinic when the burns occurred.

But Pascual denied the claim. She told CBS4’s Gio Benitez:

“I sympathize with her. This never happens to us, so it was a big deal. We made sure the machine was calibrated. I want to make this right.”

Pascual said her team used equipment specifically designed for Brito’s skin tone.

  1. anonymous says:

    I, too, have had problems with this office. And the times that I was there for office visits, the doctor was NOT there, as well ! Good luck on your law suit. They are so not professional.

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