MIAMI (CBS4) – An American Airlines passenger allegedly caused a flight out of Guatemala to be put on lockdown as it traveled to Miami International Airport on Tuesday.

According to American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith, the passenger was in first class on flight 982 and became involved in a verbal disagreement with a flight attendant.

Smith said the flight attendant asked the passenger to sit down and the passenger refused. The passenger then followed the flight attendant into the forward galley where he allegedly poked and shoved the flight attendant, American Airlines said.

It was at that point the pilot of the flight put the plane on lockdown and asked all of the passengers to sit down. The passenger eventually complied with the pilot’s order.

The American Airlines flight landed safely and the passenger was met by TSA, Miami-Dade Police and Immigrations and Custom’s Enforcement. The incident and the passenger will be handled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.