MIAMI (CBS4) – Every person without a home has a story to share, like Ron Williams, who says he fought for his country in the Vietnam War. But decades later, Ron finds himself living on the streets.

Like more than a thousand people at the Miami Rescue Mission on Thursday, he’s here for a simple Thanksgiving meal.

“It’s very special to me,” said Williams. “That’s what I fought the Vietnam War for. So that everybody could be happy and maybe have a piece of the pie.”

“If they don’t get that meal, they wouldn’t be able to have any meal at all, and that would be very sad,” said Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado. “It’s unfortunate that we only remember the homeless on Thanksgiving Day. But this is a problem that we’re facing.”

That’s why the Miami Rescue Mission cooked 200 turkeys Thursday to feed the homeless of South Florida.

“The whole thing, though, is to let them know, hey there is help, there is hope, and don’t give up,” said Marilyn Brummitt of the Miami Rescue Mission.

“This is the highlight of my career because here I’m feeding people who really need to the food, and I’m giving something back to our community,” said Calvin McFadden, head chef at the Miami Rescue Mission.

McFadden and his team have been cooking turkeys all week.

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