MIAMI- (CBS4)- The woman characterized as the “beauty bandit” for issuing bounced checks for creams, facials and botox was back in jail Friday and this time she was the victim of a bureaucratic mix-up.

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Maria Chrysson was arrested Thursday night following miscommunication between her and her probation officer over her change of address. The judge and her probation officer were in court Friday and agreed to dismiss the violation of probation affidavit. She is expected to be released and remain on probation for the next two years.

Chrysson sat in an inmate box wearing an orange jump suit until the mix-up could be cleared up.

“She doesn’t look very good in orange,” her attorney Daniel Lurvey said followed by a smile. “As you can see, she doesn’t like that. Apparently staying the night in jail is very unpleasant and there was miscommunication as to where she was going to be staying.”

Chrysson who accepted a plea deal for bouncing checks to pay for creams, facials and Botox had entered a no contest plea in mid-September.

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But her legal woes aren’t over yet. She still faces charges of grand theft in Broward County.

According to Fort Lauderdale Police Department, Chrysson went into Shino Bay Cosmetic, Dermatology, & Laser Institute to get a facial cosmetic procedure in February. She allegedly gave an ID that said she was “Laura Owens Cugno,” and received procedures that totaled $3,292.20.

“I worked for almost an hour-and-a-half, I was very close to her face, I created those cheek bones she is wearing,” Dr. Aguilerra of Shino Bay said.

She left the facility to go to a bank ATM to get money, but never returned. She was identified by six staff members of Shino Bay and Lauren Cugno gave a sworn statement that her id was used without her knowledge or consent, according to FLPD.

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Her next court date there is in December.