Posted by CraigSetzer
 Tomas Turns Toward Haiti

Wednesday Afternoon Hurricane Hunter Plot

After nearly dissipating, Tomas has begun to come back to life.  Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters found a broad circulation about 300 miles south of Haiti and thunderstorms developing around the circulation.  The aircraft flew a rectangle pattern looking for the center but once they found it, they were about the track it and send information regarding it. 

Specifically what they found was a cyclone lacking a core.  This is good news in that it would take some time for Tomas to get the core back together and rapidly strengthen.  While it’s not out of the question, it is unlikely Tomas will become a hurricane before it reaches the northern islands of the Caribbean on Friday.  The bad news is Tomas will probably be a slow moving storm and bring torrential rainfall with flooding and mudslides to Haiti.


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