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Top Tips To Shed Weight

July 2, 2012 9:00 AM

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(Source: ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images)

(Source: ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images)

obesity Top Tips To Shed Weight

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Lots of people want to drop a few pounds and look better for swimsuit season. While the thought of joining a gym is just not happening for some people, there are a couple of things that can be done to help you lose weight.

food seafood Top Tips To Shed Weight

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Enjoy The Meal

The more you see the more you eat! According to Harvard Health Blog, by eating slower your body will have more time to let you know when it' full. By chewing slower and taking time to enjoy your meal, you give your brain time to process a series of signals which indicate you’re when you are satisfied. This small step can go a long way. You might be surprised to see how much less food you need to feel full.

water Top Tips To Shed Weight

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H2O Never Tasted Better

According to Reader’s Digest, treat yourself to some orange juice in the morning, but after that stick to water. Soft drink lovers consume an extra 245 calories a day. That’s almost an extra 90,000 calories a year, just on soft drinks. By switching to water you can save yourself money and about 25 pounds worth of calories a year. Doesn't that taste better?

exercise Top Tips To Shed Weight


Work It

Yes I said it! Exercise. While this may be hardest part of losing weight for many people, there are many ways to do exercise. You just have to find what you like. Look into what classes your local gym has to offer. According to WebMD, you can even start with something small like walking or working out on an elliptical machine. Move around! The more exercise you do, the faster you will see results and feel better. Remember exercise and a healthy diet go hand in hand for weight loss.

smaller portions Top Tips To Shed Weight

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Lighten The Load

One of the biggest secrets to cutting calories is smaller portions. According to WebMD by just reducing your portions by 10 to 20 percent, you can lose weight. Don’t panic! You do not have to cut your portions all at once. You can work your way towards smaller portions by cutting a bit each day until you have reached a portion that leaves you satisfied. According to Brian Wansink, PHD, author of Mindless Eating, use smaller bowls, plates and cups so food will look more plentiful, making you feel less deprived.

buddies Top Tips To Shed Weight

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Buddy up

Don’t go at this alone. If you know a friend who has a similar resolution then buddy up! Feeling a major craving for junk food? Call your buddy for support. With this system, you will be less likely to cheat. You can even invite him or her over and cook some healthy meals together!

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  • Carol

    You know what really gets to me when people speak about losing weight they never mention CHEWING YOUR FOOD. That what teeth were designed for they are there to decorate your mouth.

    If you would chew your food at the very least ten (10) times and that would burn the fat in the food and your stomach wouldn’t work so hard and it would pass through your system so much easier.

    When I had lose weight that that was the very first thing the doctor told me and I continued doing it and I never regained the weight I lost but that is so simple and doesn’t cost a thing.

    It is a great idea that works and everyone should try it and they would be amazed at the weight loss.

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