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South Florida’s Best Nude Beaches

April 3, 2012 9:00 AM

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(Source: CBS)

(Source: CBS)

For some, it makes no sense to have sun, sand, and a bathing suit. If you’re among those who prefer to dispense with clothing when you head for the beach, South Florida offers some limited ways to enjoy that freedom, including the only official, legal, nude beach in the state of Florida.
haulover beach South Floridas Best Nude Beaches

(Source: CBS)

Haulover Beach

10800 Collins Avenue,
Miami, FL
(305) 947-3525

There is only one, official, legal, clothing-optional beach in the state of Florida, and this is it. The pristine white beach is among the best in South Florida, but only part of the mile-and-a-half stretch is set aside for those who prefer to sunbathe unclothed. That area, at the north part of the beach, is clearly marked to prevent people from being surprised by their neighbor on the sand disrobing. The entire beach is protected by lifeguards, and it also offers a host of amenities including various shaded picnic facilities, beautifully landscaped sand dunes, and concession stands. The beach is ideal for surfing as well as swimming.

south beach1 South Floridas Best Nude Beaches

(Source: CBS)

South Beach (Lummus Park)

Washington Av@11 St
Miami Beach, Fl.
(305) 673-7577

When people think of Miami Beach, this is the beach that comes to mind. Located in the heart of South Beach nightlife, hotels, and clubs, this not an official clothing optional beach. However, the large number of European visitors has led to a high tolerance for topless sunbathing, so it’s not unusual to see bathers in various stages of undress on the sand and in the water. All-over nudity would likely get you in trouble, so be a bit discreet and you can likely come close to an overall tan. And who knows, with the high number of film and commercial shoots in South beach, the person on the sand next to you working on that tan might even be a supermodel.

hobe sound refuge South Floridas Best Nude Beaches

(Source: USFWS)

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

13640 Southeast Federal Highway
Hobe Sound, FL 33455
(772) 546-6141

Located on Jupiter Island about 90 minutes from Miami, Hobe Sound is a quiet beach enclave, home to the multi-million dollar homes of celebrities. Because of the type of neighborhood, Home Sound tends to be a bit more off the beaten path, and parts of the beach are secluded. While it’s not legal to disrobe here, naturists report discreet nude bathing is generally tolerated, especially in the area of the Wildlife Refuge. Even though Hobe is not officially designated as a nude beach, naturists can enjoy the island’s isolation in peace, provided they use the proper precautions.

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    • Liz

      I too am a nude beach lover of Haulover beach. Heading they today. It’s the best beach in southern Florida.

  • bob martin

    now you know where the beaches are ,, if you don:t like nude than don:t go

  • mimi

    Ive been there the only thing i really dont like is all these ancient people disrobing its not a pretty sight and a couple of more things that ide rather not say

    • Jerry Pilato

      we are all beautiful in our own way…you must be one judgmental person~!! No one says you have to galk/stare at someone..but hell you are probably perfect in every way….

      • John Rinaldi

        YEAH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>look…over there Jerry>>>>>

      • Mike


      • gobbins

        Rhymes with caulk !

      • andy

        Actually, the proper word, “GAWK”, rhymes with “Hawk”. I mean, if we want to get technical.

    • brutus

      What does it matter if they are old or not. True nudist take on the attitude that non of that matters. The whole point of a nudist beach is not the eye candy but the freedom to be yourself and be naked. I am 35 and in excellent shape by the way.

    • Mianta

      Mimi dear,
      The idea was never to disrobe to please your or others sight!!

    • Gary

      Poor mimi. Does this person hope that she/he will never get ancient?

      • George

        Well said, Gary! I plan to get prehistoric if I can get away with it, and my looks be damned! I just don’t understand why this nudist beaches issue should be another “hot potato.” Isn’t it enough that these beaches are legal?

    • Donald

      True naturism is not intended to be pornographic. So while we all can appreciate a nice nude body, enjoying the freedom of clothes is the primary purpose — not gawking at one another. Of course, we all have our own reasons for going to nude beaches. Live and let live.

    • Ben

      The whole concept, purpose and idea behind being nude, is to be free and natural without all the sexual undertones and judgement. It is one of the most sexless and real activity that a person can engage in. Ask yourself…. when I get that age, will I still enjoy being nude on this beach.

    • nudedal

      Well with your attitude I hope your body will stay young but your mind grows up. Not all of is are perfect like you but we have the rite as you to disrobe if we desire. It’s also unfortunate that your parents never taught you any manners. People won’t know how opinated and inconsiderate you are if you keep your mouth shut. This i also send to most young people and any one else that feels this way.
      I love being anywhere I can be nude and free.

    • jose

      you’re going to be one of those ancient people too one day! just enjoy what you have before gravity gets it! lol

  • Margie

    I live 5 minutes from Haulover Beach. I love the fact that there is both a nude portion of the beach as well as the part where bathing suits are worn. They don’t bother me, I don’t bother them. Nudists have always seemed uninhibited, and proud of their bodies. Maybe we have something to learn from them..

    • Mike

      Here’s a funny thing about idolizing “nudists”. We are all nudists. It’s just that some of us nudists have a better sense of propriety about where and to whom we allow the admiration of our glorious bodies. Not everyone appreciates my glorious body like someone special I know does. Neither would I be so bold as to think everyone else should. :)

      • Jay FTL

        Well, aren’t we full of ourselves.

  • Dar

    the best thing about real naturalists is they are not about checking your body out – they actually look in your eyes when talking to you and your body is respected.

  • June

    Pfffffff…. put your clothes on.. disrespectful.

    • crystal

      haha thts funny

  • Robert

    HAULOVER BACH…They need to start arresting those males that play with their privates when you walk by them. I was there early one morning and there was some lude act going on at the north end. The local law enforcement needs to go undercover on this beach.

    • deskboy

      How are they gonna go undercover? That is why the bad guys do what they do!!!


    • Bobby

      Yeah I see that freak every morning when I do my morning jog. He hangs out next to that lifegaurd tower and wacks off.

    • morning in haulover

      HAHA!! Best comment here!

  • Tytlie

    It’s a delightful beach. prople are repectful except for the gays who are trolling. If it bothers you, don’t go and save your $5 fee.

  • M


    • George

      I agree 100%. I don’t have what it takes to be part of public nudity. I respet those who do but lewd acts in public can’t have any valid legal justification. I think children should be especially considered. i don’t know about that undercover law enforcement (covered in what?) but maybe surveillance cameras and even presence of uniformed police might deter a lot of these goings-on. Am a prude, hmm? So what? Respecting people for what WE are can’t be a one way street. What we want others to be, maybe a projection of what we are, isn’t always what others are or want themselves to be.

  • Rob

    The north end of Haulover is not a good for surfing….do your homework

  • Charlie

    What, is there now a fee of 5 bucks????? Is used to be FREE to go to that Public Beach!

    • Jay FTL

      The 5 dollars is if you use their parking lots. The money goes to maintain the beach and facilities.

      • George

        With respect to one and all, at least there’s no fee for any bananas, limes or margaritas. Not being a nudist, yet respecting the right of others to be different, I wouldn’t be surprised if fees in this or any other item of interest, depends a lot of the hullabaloo given to it. Nothing like a freebie but these fees make sense to me!

  • Jerry Moorehead

    Haulover is the best beach in the world!

  • bo

    has anyone seen the man with the balls hanging to his ankles at haulover

    • morning in haulover

      Bo, so why are you watching me?

  • Cathy19

    Gets rid of all stress, just the sun warming my entire body. its best to shave all parts of the body and get a real tan all over. love it!

  • Koka

    I woulldn’t change this beach for the world… IT DE-STRESSES ME and I feel welcomed by everyone – young and old. We’re all human and the human body is an ART.. regardless of shape or color.

  • Mel

    Someone should stand at the entrance saying: you OK, you not today… then only the ones I like can come in. By the way the guy with the balls by his ankle is OK. At least he HAS balls. Me, personally, I’d rather be all covered up.

    • Misha

      Clothing is a market – but nude is a given birth right. Don’t be anything less than yourself.

  • George

    Nice that public nudity’s treated so naturally nowadays. A darn shame to miss out on this. I guess I just feel as natural wearing swimming trunks or cut-off jeans. I wouldn’t feel exactly comfy going to a nudie place to see naked people either.

    • Jay FTL

      Try it, you just might like it!

  • Changed to Worse

    I am a 60 year old German citizen who became a US citizen by naturalization 10 years ago.

    Due to the strong religious background of the US society and due to the prudish past the attitude towards nudity is different from other parts of the world. In France topless for woman is normal everywhere, on most beaches at the oceans people are nude or dressed – nobody cares, in Scandinavia nudity is normal anyway (By the way: You are, of course, not allowed to wear bathing suites in a sauna for hygienic reasons) and even in the former communist East-Germany nudity was more often present than not. In West German public baths, away from the oceans, most girls go topless.

    Imagine all this in the US, 15 year old girls running around nude or topless – it would cause an uproar of biblical dimensions.

    The reason for the difference is the attitude/education. If you see nude people everyday – like me in the first 50 years of my life – I can assure you it becomes so normal and usual that the first few years in the US were terrible for me, I felt really annoyed. Not to mention the utmost uncomfortable feeling of having a piece of cloth between my body and the surrounding water. Yak.

    People using the nude beaches are the normal ones; the others have been brain washed: They see a connection between nudity and sexuality which is simply ridiculous for differently educated people. This, however, does not make them bad people.

    • Donald

      I’m now 50 and I’ve thought for a very long time that every American child — at least in my generation and before — was raised to be squeamish when it came to issues regarding sexuality or our bodies. Parents and children always dreaded the “talk” — when parents had to explain sex to their children. I used to think this awkwardness was universal. As I became an adult I began to realize that all that embarrassment was so unnecessary and not universal. At times, we Americans are so prudish regarding sex yet we’re great consumers of pornography. Our squeamishness regarding public breastfeeding is part of the same complex.

  • tom

    haulover,, well they say you can surf,, no you cant,, beautiful dunes,,not walking dunes,,shaded picnic ,,well its right on busy collins st,,,

  • Rich

    I go naked at McArthur! :-)
    No one is there during the week!

  • Jay FTL


  • Moby

    If man was meant to be naked, he would’ve been born that way. Oh, wait a minute… he was…

  • AlinFLA

    Took the kids to Hobe Sound NWR to check out the beach this June….was a Saturday and we were three of fifteen people on over a mile of beautiful beach. Let them run ‘au natural’ for the last 20 minutes of our visit (which they really enjoyed) – will have to go back again. So different from our usual trips to Hollywood Beach. Note that the NWR is undeveloped, so no showers at all. The park ranger was very knowledgable – especially about the sea turtles that nest on the beach (will do an evening Turtle viewing with the kids next year!). Great place!

  • dave

    I love the nude beach. I love looking at breast bouncing in the open and some women fall asleep so I get close and stare at their privates. This beach is open to all even those that have never seen it or been close to one. I love it !

  • john c

    i think it is great john

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