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Best Hot Dogs In South Florida

January 19, 2012 9:01 AM

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hotdogs41 Best Hot Dogs In South Florida

(Source: AP)

Whether sitting at a baseball game or lounging on a beach, there’s nothing that finishes off a lazy summer day quite like a perfect hot dog. But just because hot dogs are quick and easy doesn’t mean you have to settle for any old wiener. Instead, try one of these raved-about spots. No matter which one you choose, these affordable and delicious dogs will add the finishing touch to any day.


(Source: AP)

Arbetter's Hot Dogs

8747 SW 40th Street
Miami, FL
(305) 207-0555

This Miami staple has been around for ages. Their classic hot dogs, gooey cheese fries and on-point chili keep customers coming back. Loyal customers regularly come from far and wide to satisfy their Arbetter’s cravings. Their friendly service, simple menu and retro vibe add to the charm of this place. Plus, hot dogs are only a dollar after 6 PM.

Pincho Factory

9860 SW 40th Street
Miami, FL
(305) 631-2038

Pincho Factory is a new, world fusion restaurant that combines the owners’ Palestinian and Venezuelan heritages. While their menu also offers ‘pinchos’ (something like a Hispanic kebab) and hamburgers, their unique hot dogs are something worth trying. Aside from traditional hot dogs, they offer the special Pincho Factory dog made with ground beef. But, what has many raving is the “That’s What She Said” dog, a medley of potato sticks, sauces, cheese and bacon all on a foot long hot dog. Eat your heart out!

Hot Dog Heaven

101 E Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL
(954) 523-7100

The traditional Chicago style Vienna dogs at Hot Dog Heaven in Ft. Lauderdale keep customers coming back. They stick to the basics with fresh Vienna dogs, poppy seed buns, yellow mustard and bright green relish. Definitely not a gourmet kind of place, Hot Dog Heaven is no-frills and all about serving up a delicious, Chicago style dog.

Hot Diggity Dog

(Source: AP)

Hot Diggity Dog

2641 Griffin Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL
(954) 523-7100

While small and easy to pass by, make sure you don’t miss the great hot dogs and steak sandwiches at Hot Diggity Dog in Ft. Lauderdale. Locals just keep coming back to this spot for its consistently great New York and Chicago style dogs. You can have you meal in their cozy outdoors picnic table area or you can grab your dogs to-go from the drive-thru. Cheap and casual, Diggity’s is the perfect place to enjoy a laid-back meal.

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  • cindee

    NO. Willie”s Hot Dog stand around Coral Reef Drive is the BEST!!!

  • Niki Ullery

    I am fron Chicago and love those damn dogs. I have been to all the places in the Broward Area and I like Hit Diggity Dogs the best. I am disappointed when the dog is topped perfectly, but is only warm inside, Theirs are nice and hot.

  • Booger

    Gerbers Stage Two does me… I can’t eat handfuls of salt that pass for food anymore. By the way, get yer blood pressure checked…

  • Henry Alvarez

    sorry A.C.’s Icees in Coconut Grove Park Sabrette dogs ny style and the best lemon aide.

  • Ako

    Not only are the weneirs great (I too am pushing for a breakfast dog), Katie has a fantastic selection of beer and has the knowledge to help you choose one or six!

  • ken

    nothing like a Nathans hot dog and frys.

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