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Top Spots For Local Liquor And Brews In South Florida

January 1, 2014 9:00 AM

Schnebly’s Redland’s Winery (Source:

Sometimes for the sake of finding the exotic, far-reaching, unique experiences in life, we forget that the best things are usually in our own backyard. South Florida is so large and nuanced that you may turn the corner and find a new area to enjoy – with a tasty drink no less. To truly take advantage of your own town, the old saying reigns supreme, “think globally, drink locally.” Here are some places to do just that.

Abraxas Lounge
407 Meridian Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 534-9005

Fans of Abraxas Lounge typically herald the bar as being delightfully un-Miami-Beach: prices are decent, selection is near-unending, seating is plush and inviting and you can actually hear the person speaking next to you. Craft beer lovers will appreciate the over 100 bottles available and 10 rotating taps that call to the devotees of the newest and most adventurous brews, including standards such as Sierra Nevada, newly distributed brands to the area like Sixpoint and Sweetwater and, of course, northern neighbors and fast-rising stars Tampa’s Cigar City. Abraxas also features specialty kegs and tastings with local homebrewers and major start-ups, like Wynwood Brewing Company, Due South Brewing and Fourth Age Brewing.

Schnebly’s Redland Winery
30205 S.W. 217 Ave.
Homestead, FL 33030
(305) 242-1224

What at first was an experiment in “agro-tourism,” Schnebly’s Winery (and more recently, Brewery) has developed its sustainable farming idea into a full-fledged weekend getaway to the Redlands for many locals. Tours of the land and facilities are popular and enjoyable after sampling the wine flight featuring exotic flavors including lychee, avocado, carambola (starfruit) and guava. Beer also carries fruit influences such as the Big Rod (coconut) and Gator Tail Ale (guava).

Titanic Brewery
5813 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33146
(305) 668-1742

Titanic makes no big deal that it has been Miami’s only brewpub for over 20 years because it doesn’t need to. Long before craft beer became the juggernaut it is, Titanic was inspiring those who wanted to combine good locally brewed beer, food and local music. It remains one of the few places hosting open mic nights for the blues and jazz community, offering musicians and music lovers alike a sampling of its six standard brews (ranging from a popular English brown ale, a German-inspired pale ale and an amber rye ale) for just $6.

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Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery
2621 N. Federal Highway
Boca Raton, FL
(561) 368-4643

What at first was a craft tap room/lounge, The Funky Buddha lounge began to gain national attention for its own beers like inventive explorations and combinations such as the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, which currently ranks on the popular site Beer Advocate’s top 250 beers list. Funky Buddha took the hint and expanded, adding a brewery and tap room location that had its grand opening on June 1. One can expect a plethora of ideas and styles from Funky Buddha, cementing Florida’s place on the craft beer map.

3190 Commodore Plaza
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
(305) 442-3377

With an eco-friendly, uber-localized slant, LoKal focuses on fresh meals derived from Florida’s farms. With that said, local craft beer is also a priority. The restaurant falls in step with national holidays such as American Craft Beer Week, featuring brews from Cigar City, Due South, Florida Beer and Miami Brewing Company (Schnebly’s). Lokal also hosts tastings of soon-to-be breweries such as Doral’s Most Wanted Brewery.

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